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Haunted Port Richey and New Port RicheyHAUNTED HUDSON FLORIDA

We have included both cities here because they are side by side and encompass a specific area of Pasco county that sort of blends together. When we think of haunted New Port Richey, most people think of the Main street area. This is largely because of the ghost tour there. In reality although there are some ghosts in the old buildings on Main street, it is not the most haunted area at all. The ghost tour is there because of the historic aspects of that area. Certain places such as the Richey theater and a couple of other buildings have documented activity. Many other shops and restaurants boast of a ghost to get on the tour, to stir up business. We have had reports from three people who worked at a local nursing home there about activity but nursing homes always seem to have activity because of the death rate at such facilities.The real haunted areas of New Port Richey lie in the less traveled and more rural residential neighborhoods. For example, we have had some calls from Forest hills. Many calls come from Moog road and the area around Grand blvd. from Moog road to Troublecreek road. Anclote road from Troublecreek down to Oscar Hill road in Tarpon is very active as well. The area on the west side of the bridge near Hooters and Catches is another very active location. Many of the old homes there by the river are haunted, including on that belonged at one time to a country music star.

 There was once an old theater in the Southgate shopping center that was active, but it has long been torn down. The area near and around the West Elfers cemetery is active. We have had cases in Gulf Harbors. It seems that the west side of New Port Richey is more active than the East side. Although we have had one report of a spirit being seen near East Elfers cemetery, we have not seen a lot of activity there. In fact it seems to be one of the most peaceful cemeteries ever. The only odd thing about it is the fact, that there are so many wind chimes in that cemetery. It is as if, everyone decided to put them up everywhere and now they play an endless symphony when even the slightest wind blows. There was an old superstition that wind chimes drive away ghosts. If this is true it is working at East Elfers cemetery for sure. Is there something we don't know about that served to move people to hang up all those chimes there? The Seven Springs area near Veterans Villas and Veteran's Villas brings in it's fair share of ghost reports as well.

As for Port Richey, it has more paranormal activity than New Port Richey. The Starkey Park area is the most notorious for hauntings. It seems that the more rural the area the more activity seems to be present in Port Richey. The area of Port Richey that borders Hudson is the most active. This could be because Hudson itself is so active that the spirits spill over into this area of Port Richey. The prize for haunting in Port Richey goes hand down to the Embassy Hills subdivision, where we have documented and observed some serious infestation hauntings. We believe this is largely because of, part of the subdivision's homes are built over the Old Stark cemetery. Lack of respect for the dead's final resting place often results in spiritual unrest. We need to stop building over cemeteries in Pasco county. Many cemeteries in Pasco have been built over. To see this for yourself. go check out the lost cemeteries on the list at Pasco's cemetery website. The demand for revenue from the county has brought about the practice, of many cemeteries being bulldozed and built over with lavish homes, that bring in big tax dollars each year in property taxes. We have never had reports of a still existing, haunted cemetery in Port Richey. In Port Richey the far east side near Golden acres has shown activity, and the far west side near the river has also shown activity. Colony Lakes is now reporting much activity also as we have had calls to go out there on investigations all in the same location, involving three homes on the same street.

We are still working on this page and will be adding to it as information becomes available. Make sure to check this out if you like this: