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Haunted Spring Hill

People ask me all the time about haunted cities and Spring Hill is no exception. I always say that anywhere people have ever lived and died is haunted to a point, as spirits are everywhere all the time. Spring Hill is no exception to that rule and to be honest, we spend a lot of time there resolving hauntings every year. Hernando county has many areas that seem to be active. Weeki Wachee is also an active area. Most folks from the area seem to think that the Spring Hill cemetery is very haunted. In reality, if you go looking for ghosts and harass the dead, just about any cemetery may produce activity. The kind of activity at a cemetery is never usually produced by some benevolent or enlightened spirit, but more so by some predatory, or parasitic entities as that is what hangs out at graveyards. The Spring Hill cemetery has become somewhat of an urban legend among teenagers and novice ghost hunters. I have heard many stories about the place, but since our team are not cemetery stalkers, I can not attest to the validity of such claims. There are residential cases that we have taken in Spring hill however that were truly quite extreme as far as activity. Spring Hill drive has been one of the most popular areas where we get cases all the time. Shady hills is another active place from what we have seen. Plumtree avenue has also shown us some action more than once as we had a few cases out there. Judging from our experiences in Spring Hill and the fact that we do get a lot of cases out there, I would have to say that the city does have it's share of restless spirits. It is not as bad as Hudson, but is about as active as some areas of New Port Richey and Port Richey. Some of the cases that inspired this book came from this town and it's neighboring towns: