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Haunted Tarpon Springs ?

People have asked me time and time again about Tarpon Springs, since it is a very old town. Truthfully, since I worked in Tarpon Springs for many, many years, I spent a lot of time there. Now you would expect such a quaint old town to be home to many ghosts. I do know that there are spirits present in the historic section of the town, on Tarpon Avenue and in the shops on Tarpon Avenue. The Meres building is a very active place. I have done investigations there, at some of those shops. I also have done cases in the Anclote area of Tarpon Springs and can say that it is an active area. Unlike some of the other cities featured here in the "Haunted" town sections Tarpon Springs has not shown to be haunted to the extreme by hostile spirits when compared to other towns. Now, Tarpon Springs is a very ethnic Greek community, and it's people tend to have a very private society. Most of the folks who live there may not be the type to call in a paranormal specialist, but would rather call in the priest from the local church. We have had cases there but they have been few when compared to other areas. I do know of other locations in Tarpon Springs that are haunted but I can not relate them here as they are private residences, some of which are well known buildings owned by very private people. I have no doubt that Tarpon has it's share of spirits but I have not had as many calls from there as I have from other cities, in fact I have had less from Tarpon Springs than anyplace else. I believe this to be because there are many very religious communities there of all kinds and the people who live there are just not the type to call anyone but a clergyman in to help. 

  The worst haunting I personally witnessed and investigated in Tarpon Springs was at the old Rocking Chair theater that once stood in what is now the Publix shopping center on US 19. This one was off the charts and I was called in by the manager at the time. The haunting had escalated to the point where customers were starting to notice the activity and an employee was impaled in the leg with a fork. Since the theater closed and the building was renovated, I have not heard of any activity there. I have had reports of spirits sighted in some locations such as sunset beach, Tarpon avenue, by the Bayou, and of course at the infamous Rose cemetery. The Rose cemetery is not the place to ghost hunt. First of all the police patrol that area all the time at night and will arrest you for trespassing folks. I have gone to residential cases next to the Rose cemetery, and ventured into the cemetery to track the haunting offenders, in an attempt to find out who they are etc. The Rose cemetery is a very unsettling place with much very hostile activity. I do not advise anyone to go there, to play around and ghost hunt. The spirits there are angry and do not welcome any attempt at communication or interaction. People have been physically attacked in Rose cemetery, so stay out of there, and let the dead rest in peace. The Tarpon Springs Police Dept. has a zero tolerance policy for trespassers and is getting fed up with the would be ghost hunters going out there. Cycadia cemetery is not only a quiet ,peaceful place but also even more patrolled by the Tarpon PD, so don't waste your time there. I knew the caretakers of the Cycadia cemetery for many years and not one of them ever reported any spirit activity there. A caretaker lives on the premises, at all times and also patrols there.

If you ask any member of the older Greek community in Tarpon Springs if Tarpon is haunted, they will tell you, that ghosts don't stay in that town because the St. Nicholas cathedral is there and also there is a holy shrine there. Tarpon Springs is a very holy place it seems, and they also hold the annual Epiphany ceremony there. Supposedly all of these things have kept tarpon Springs free of hostile spirits. That is what I have been told anyway. With the exception of the Rose cemetery area, I have never had a case in that city where I found a "hostile" spirit, so, I have to give their claims some thought. All the spirits I have met at my cases in this city have been nice spirits, go figure...