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The Hooded Entities

This is a topic that seems to have so much interest, that I had to write about it. I had planned it for quite a while but time did not allow for it and then I got side tracked with other things. I was inspired to write this page, sooner than I planned by my friend Alan. Alan has a truly open mind and we have many interesting discussions. Thank you Alan for getting me back on track. Now as I was saying, the hooded entity seems to be a great topic of discussion and speculation in the paranormal community. These hooded entities show up everywhere from cemeteries, to lake sides, to people's bedrooms, and yet almost every story you hear from someone who sees one is that it was an evil presence. They say things like "It stared at me" and in the next breath they say"I could not see it's face because it was shrouded in the hood or it was too dark etc. Now if they could not see it's face how do they know it stared at them? This entity may have not even been aware of their presence at all for all they know. It may have just been passing through? The reason that everyone fears these hooded entities is because of the association with the Grim Reaper and his hooded cloaks and robes right? Much like the image below, we have been conditioned to associate him with this style of clothing and in the dark, and afraid, when any entity may seem to be black , well ...this is usually the first conclusion most folks draw.

But let's look at something that can and should also be considered:

The Grim reaper is not the only person that wears this type of clothing. Back in the old days almost everyone had a hooded cape to keep them warm and safe from the elements in medieval times. Even Red riding hood had one?

Priests, monks and saints had them: Like saint Benedict, Monks, and saint Anthony, and of course the Virgin Mary.

But wait, Uh Oh, even "guess who" had else one........................................

Still we always tend to associate anything with a hooded cloak or robe to be either demonic or some other evil thing. When you consider that most spirits display as dark shadows, it only makes sense that the robe will look dark also. So in that case maybe not everything is as it seems. We need to open our minds on this just as we do on many other things to be objective about these entities. Some angels also were known to wear hooded robes. It is a style of clothing associated with many religious icons of all kinds folks. In our culture, other groups wore hooded robes also like the KKK and the Masons. There are so many possibilities of a spirits identity, so why associate the robe with just evil, and dark entities.We need to see how our culture has conditioned our thinking and our fears folks. WE do not know what the quote"Hooded entities " are really, so let's not always jump to the worst conclusion.

 " If you change the way you look at things...the things you look at will change." Quote By Wayne Dyer


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