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Hostile haunts profile statistics

  You know that we all have own own ideas of what causes hauntings, especially hostile haunts. I am always doing case studies and recently I decided to do a comparison study, on hostile haunts to see what they had in common. I took 25 truly "hostile" haunt cases and compared them to come up with statistical references, and here is what I found. These results might surprise you.

Out of 25 cases these are the stats:

17 couples were married 8 of them happy, 9 of them having some tension between them, 7 of which were fine, until the haunting started and then they started fighting.

8 cases involved someone in the home on prescription meds for various reasons

15 of the cases had children ..12 had teenagers, 7 had small children also, 3 had only small kids, or toddlers.

18 own their own homes the others rent

7 cases involved someone in the house with emotional or mental problems that were being treated

The spirit's focus was on the following family members: They focused on the following...Notice that married women seem to be the most common focus in these hauntings.

single women- 5 married women-14 married man-4 single man-2 the kids-12

Other criteria: 

9 cases had a recent death in the family

15 cases showed family member spirits present at the home, 14 cases featured these family member spirits in addition to the antagonist spirit, and 2 cases in which the family member was the antagonist.

There were 2 cases involving a suicide spirit and two involving a murder victim spirit.

10 of these cases were actually motivated by a spirit wanting revenge for something

12 cases featured people who are afraid of ghosts and anything paranormal

Only 8 cases were dangerous hostile hauntings by non-related spirits just terrorizing for the hell of it.

3 cases had someone in the home who is a sensitive to spirit.

Religious backgrounds varied as follows:

11 cases were Christian people

5 cases were Catholic people

1 case were Mormons

2 were other religions and

6 were not religious at all or undecided as to what they believed.

Local hot spot details are as follows: 6 cases were in Hudson Florida, 6 in Holiday, 4 of the Holiday cases were in the Anclote area. 4 in New Port Richey, 1 in Port Richey,2 in Largo, 1 in Clearwater,1 in New Tampa, 2 in Oldsmar, 2 in St. Petersburg.

17 of these are in Pasco county, with Hudson and Holiday tied for the lead in the most hauntings of this kind. 5 are in Pinellas, and 2 in Hillsborough county.

So now we can deduce the following:

People who are married, with kids, and own their own homes are more likely to be the victims of a hostile haunting. Faith and religion does not seem to deter a haunting at all. Medication may cause some hallucinations but was not a major factor as real hauntings were taking place at these residences. Spirits focus more on women and children than on men. Spirits that are predatory also seem drawn to the people that harbor the most fear and paranoia of ghosts.Spirits sometimes focus on one or two people and leave the others alone.There are many reasons for this, but I am not going to address that in this article. To learn more about spirits agendas and motivations you can find in my book..."Never Forever dead." Fear escalates any haunting which is not benevolent. Hostile spirits and hauntings in general cause tension, that sometimes cause couples to argue and drift apart. 

 I took these 25 cases for the study, as they are cases that were the most hostile over the past five years. I wanted to see what they all had in common. This is what I found.


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