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How can an EVP be transmitted to a recorder?

How can an EVP be transmitted to a digital recorder?

Before we can even approach this question with possible considerations we have to understand how sound works. First we need to look at how sound is transmitted, by something as simple as an AM/FM radio.

Let’s imagine a sound wave produced; let’s say by a trumpet, with a frequency of 5 Hz - 20 kHz. That sound wave is now a pressure wave traveling through the air.

The electrical wave traveling through the microphone wire is analogous to the original sound wave.

The electrical wave is used to encode or modulate a high-frequency "carrier" radio wave. The carrier wave itself does not include any of the sound information until it has been modulated.

The carrier wave can either be amplitude modulated (AM, top) by the electrical signal, or frequency modulated (FM, bottom).

The signal is transmitted by a radio broadcast tower.

Your radio contains an antenna to detect the transmitted signal, a tuner to pick out the desired frequency, a demodulator to extract the original sound wave from the transmitted signal, and an amplifier which sends the signal to the speakers. The speakers convert the electrical signal into physical vibrations (sound).

So now we know how sound can be transmitted. We know that sound is a wave. Sound waves can be changed and distorted by something called refraction. Refraction takes place when a sound wave hits something, or collides with another wave and the original sound wave bends.After you go to the above link, you will have to go through all of our case EVP album pages to find your case. I am so sorry but Esnips did this to us.

When sound waves collide and travel together, producing high crests and deep troughs. This is called "constructive inference". If the crests align with troughs and troughs with crests, "destructive inference" occurs. The waves are now "out of phase" and their wave heights are subtracted from one another, producing small crests and troughs or even briefly canceling out the waves completely.

How might an EVP be transmitted to a digital recorder? Maybe by something similar to constructive interference? People, who have spent much time recording EVPS as I have, know some common factors that crop up with EVPS. For example: It can be a pop, a static blast, a click, or some other very noticeable sound, but it is a sound thatThere are more at the esnips site than are listed here. We only update this page every few weeks or so.

denotes a change in the uniform sound waves of the clip. This is a sort of interference. Then the EVP comes across the tape recorder. This sound break, before an EVP, shows something has collided with or refracted, or changed the original sound waves present at the time. I have also noticed complete dead spots where all the sound, including the background seems to vanish from the clip for seconds at a time, which also happens but with destructive interference.This part is still under construction, and will be updated all the time.

Now, I have also noticed that some EVPS come in right after someone is speaking live on the tape or even over someone’s live voice at times as well. EVPS also come in through white noise, pink noise, and other sounds that create certain frequencies. On my paranormal team we call this riding the wave. It is almost as if whoever is talking, creating the EVP, is riding the wave of an existing sound and then changing it or adapting it to transmit their voice or words. Perhaps it is easier to ride and interfere with an existing sound wave than to create their own. Since we have to assume that a spirit has no voice box, or vocal chords to create vibration, then perhaps they have to have an existing sound wave to work with. Some EVPS come in loud and clear, some come across as a whisper, some sound scratchy and metallic, and some even sound automated or robotic. So many different types of EVPS, sound so very different. Perhaps conditions at the location and other factors also have an effect on how an EVP comes through.

Since every form of energy has a frequency, it is feasible that a disembodied spirit as a form of energy also has a frequency, which can interfere and even change or mold a sound wave. I think we are a long way from discovering how this truly works, but this is just something I have pondered for quite awhile, and want to throw it out there to see others’ thoughts on this. I did get one spirit to validate my theory when I asked how he did the EVPS, he replied................... "I push the wave!"

I Push the wave 

Disclaimer: I am not saying that this is how it happens, just that I think it is possible that this is one consideration to ponder.