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What exactly is the power of a human ghost? What can they do or not do?

What is the power limit of the human ghost?

Awhile back I got into a debate with someone else in the field about the limits of a human ghost. Some people follow the school of thought that, a human ghost can only do so much, and that certain kinds of extreme activity can only be the work of a demon. Well over the years I have not seen a demon, but I have dealt with many human ghosts and some of the activity they can pull off is quite impressive.When a ghost teams up with other ghosts or some other entity that increases their ability to perform some amazing feats. Then there are occasions where IMPS take up with human spirits. IMPS are basically groupies that take up with a ghost and join in the agenda for chaos and mischief. 

Some of the extreme activity that is credited to demons, can be, and most times is in reality, the work of human ghosts. Here is a list of activity that ghosts can pull off, either alone or with a little help from their friends. This list is compiled from things that have taken place in hauntings, and in both my own experience and that of some of the cases I have worked on.


1. Show itself in any form it chooses, from appearing solid to vaporous to shadow figures, and the way they looked, at any age during their corporeal life.

2. Be if it chooses to be a predatory entity that feeds on human energy and other energy sources.

3. Physically touch you and even scratch, bite, and push you if it has the sufficient amount of energy to expend at the time, in order to perform that physical feat. Most ghosts do not have this kind of energy available to them but well fed ones are another story. Most ghosts go for the easy route, to touch you, such as touching your hair as it is easily felt when your hair moves. Luckily most ghosts do not attack people in a painful way, but it does happen on occasion.

4. Integrate with a living person, given the right circumstances and influence their thoughts and feelings, and even their actions, should the integration be severe enough.

5. Affect electronic devices of all kinds,especially the delicate digital things we have nowadays, and blow out light bulbs. At one case, a ghost shut down the power in the apartment, without affecting the other apartments in the building. Of course this ghost had two IMPS in attendance to lend a helping hand.

6. Make noise of all kinds and even talk out loud if it can project well enough.

7. Move physical objects of small size and weight by itself and larger objects with help by pooling their energy with other ghosts.

8. Maintain emotions and personality well into the next life which determines their disposition as a spirit.

9. Actually cause water droplets which fall on your skin or on your head etc., out of thin air. yes, this is actually a common thing with ghosts. I have experienced this myself on more than one occasion.

10. Cause a burning sensation and a rash or mark, where they touch you if they so desire. They also can cause an intense cold sensation and do this more often.

11. Keep you up all night, simply by projecting their energy or messing with your head. Ghosts can cause insomnia. This is because we all have a latent psychic sense that makes us edgy when their energy is present or focusing on us.

12. Blow out and relight a candle. They can only light it again, if it was just recently lit prior as it does not take much to reignite it in that case.

13. Center their animosity towards pets in the household. This applies especially to the spirit of a former home owner who did not like pets in the house and resents their presence there.