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I got no signs at all! Why doesn't my dead loved one come by, not even in my dreams?

 I hear so many grieving people ask me the same question all the time. They want to know why their deceased loved one has never come by or sent a sign, or even visited them in a dream. They hear stories from others all the time about these visitations and are left so hurt and confused when it does not happen for them. Well from what I have seen and heard from many spirits there is a good reason for this. If a loved one does not come by and give a sign or visit even in a dream, it is because you are not ready. It is counter productive for both the living person and the spirit to visit a person who is in the depths of grief. This is because both parties need a chance to go through it and recover, and giving the loved one left behind anything something to hang on to, does not help them to love on. The same goes for the spirit.

It's funny but no one really ever thinks about the grief the spirit has. Yes they have grief too. While you may have lost that person who passed, they actually lost everyone! You, their kids, parents, friends, siblings ......everyone. They can still come by and see what you are up to but you usually won't ever know they are there, unless they really go out of their way to make contact. So yes they lost everyone. There is a grief period that both the living and the dead have to observe most of the time in order to let go and keep going on. You can not get over someone who is reaching out to you from beyond the grave and the spirit can't go on either, with one foot still on this side to hold your hand. It is a process and there are rules also that govern this process on the other side.

Believe it or not this actually works for both parties. Neither will be able to go on and progress if they are hanging on to something that can no longer support or fulfill them in this life or the next, in the case of the spirit. The living still have things to finish here in this life to evolve spiritually and the dead person has a new life that they have to embrace to continue their own spiritual growth. Once you are over your grief and have moved on then it is safe for that loved one to let you know they are around. Basically, once you are okay they will let you know they are okay. Spirits have free will and they do come back to see us and will be at every major event, weddings, births, you name it. This will happen and you will have your signs or your dream visitation but only when you are ready and the spirit is ready. Once you get busy living again, your loved one will let you know that they are still living too but on the other side. It might be a visitation in a dream, or at your home or a song that plays out of nowhere. It might be their perfume, their favorite things, no matter how they do it, they will give you the sign you want. Just be patient and heal so they can heal.