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I hear voices when I go to bed at night.....................

   I hear voices when I go to bed at night………………………

Many people who feel they are being haunted or visited by spirits claim to hear voices when they go to bed at night. I myself have experienced this more times than I can count. There are two basic reasons for this. The first reason is that when we are not quite asleep but not quite awake, in that in between stage known as the Alpha state, we are more susceptible to being able to hear things on a psychic level. This hypnogogic state is almost like a meditative state which allows us to tune into things we normally would not be able to hear in our normal state of waking consciousness. So if there are spirits around and they are calling out to you, in this state, {right before sleep} you are more likely to hear them.

Now on to the next and most common reason that people hear things at night when they are in bed: Many people, like me, sleep on their side. When we do this our head is usually deep into the pillow on one side which causes an effect similar to cupping your ear, which amplifies sound and allows you to hear better, especially things sounds are faint. This phenomenon really messes with people because they hear the voices or the music or whatever and then they sit up to focus and listen and the sounds are instantly gone. This leads them to the false conclusion that something is watching and now knows they are listening, so it stays quiet, but that is not the case. The real truth is that once you lift your head off that pillow, the amplifying effect is gone and you can no longer hear whatever it was. Then as soon as you lie your head back down, you hear it again. This is not paranormal. Now there is a chance you are hearing spirit conversations when this happens but more likely you are hearing your neighbor’s TV or people outside.

Sometimes people tell me that they were almost asleep or asleep and they heard an explosion or loud bang as if something was dropped in the house or slammed etc. This also can be a rare but normal experience caused by what is called exploding head syndrome. This is one of the many experiences with parasomnia. See it here: . Another thing that also goes along with parasomnia are episodes of sleep paralysis which people also associate with spirit attacks, when they are just actually physical happenings that do not involve spirits at all. These things often occur together with many sleep disorders and at times when people are under stress.

Now I am not saying that no one hears spirits at night as indeed they can and do, myself included, but not everything you experience is paranormal. Always look to the logical first. So many things can be resolved with education about our own bodies and minds.