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Kids and Imaginary friends.....

How do you know if your child really has an imaginary friend or a spirit interacting with them? People ask me all the time about spirits and about their child who seems to be talking to an imaginary friend. Many hauntings start this way. But, how can you tell if it is just a creation of the child's imagination or a spirit attachment? Well, kids are known to make up imaginary friends because they are lonely, or bored or just have a great imagination. Most of these are imaginary. Some of these imaginary friends may not be just the creation of a child's fancy. Here are some signs to tell the difference from the imaginary friend and the spirit friend or attachment for that matter.

  First of all, pay attention to your child and eavesdrop on the conversations with the so called friend. If the child is having a two way conversation but is himself providing the voice for both parties, chances are it is just a fantasy, the child is playing out. If you only hear the child's voice talking and they are responding to some inaudible voice, then keep investigating, and ask questions. If you hear a voice responding, that is not your child's voice, then you may have a real problem.

Keep in mind the age of your child and what would be his normal conversation topics for that age. Ask lots of questions about the friend and what the child and the friend talk about. If you have a three year old and he or she suddenly is able to bring up subjects and information, that is not part of his normal knowledge base or age related awareness, that is a red flag. If your child says that the friend is telling them to do bad things, like kill themselves or hurt anyone else, that is also a red flag. When the child says that the imaginary friend does not want them to tell you things, and will get mad, that too may be a red flag.

Most imaginary friend scenarios stay friendly and juvenile, and usually do not lead to any real problems. Spirits that communicate with kids start out friendly and nice, but then somewhere down the line, [ usually when the parent says they don't want the child talking to the friend anymore], the friend starts becoming hostile to the child and the child starts getting scared of this imaginary friend. This is when you need to really start considering that this friend might be a spirit interacting with your child, that has an agenda. Then the child may start having night terrors, and telling you that the friend is mad and that the friend is hurting the child. If the child ever shows any physical signs of injury, get some real help from a qualified paranormal cleanser/investigator. Warning signs:

1. The child tells you that the friend wants the child to go with them.

2. The child tells you that the friend told them to hurt or kill themselves.

3. The child claims that the friend has changed in appearance or suddenly looks scary and like a monster.

4. The child starts talking about things he or she should not know about, whether it is adult stuff, or even family secrets or personal stuff about Mom or Dad.

5. The child never did this before but suddenly develops this imaginary friend after moving to a new home.

6. A young child with no knowledge of death, suddenly seems to be talking about it or knows all about it.

Children have wonderful imaginations and often create friends to play with. Please listen to your child and pay attention to their imaginary friends, as sometimes they are not so imaginary and spell trouble down the line. Spirits target kids all the time. Watch over your kids and listen to their interactions with anything that might be part of their everyday life.


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