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This was taken from a post I did at a paranormal discussion forum on Facebook.  

"In tune or on guard?"

I was inspired to write this because of what I have seen so much of lately. I belong to many para groups, in addition to this one, and every day I see posts that exemplify the topic I am about to address. In all of these groups there are people who claim to be in tune with the spirit world. Many claim to be mediums, sensitives, spirit mediators, you name it, but some of the things they post really amaze me and at the same time have me shaking my head.

In order for everyone to understand what I am getting at, I am using a comparative here. Many people are in tune with animals. We have many of those folks here at this group. Now people who are in tune with animals, are at ease among them. They know that all animals are sentient and that while most are harmless that some other are very dangerous when provoked or when on the defensive. They move among the animals with a great love and respect, and very little fear. They know that a poisonous snake can be dangerous, so they practice caution in areas where snakes may be around, but they do not assume that everything that moves the reeds is a snake. They do not run and grab their rifle every time they hear a noise in the brush, or even a growl in their own back yard. They do not take a can of pepper spray every time they venture out for a walk. Because they are in tune with the animals they do not really walk in fear of the animals. They have spent enough time around them and working with them and communicating with them to be at ease with them, because they are truly "in tune" with them. They are not "on guard" all the time because they are in tune and the animals sense that they are not on guard and therefore the animals do not sense any threat from them. Animals sense fear and tension and see defensive energy as potential aggressive energy, and act accordingly.

Now let's compare this analogy to the person who claims to be "in tune" with the spirits. A person who is truly in tune with the spirit world knows that spirits are everywhere, and that most of the time the spirits we do encounter are human spirits. They do not spend their lives "On guard" as if every spirit is out to hurt them terrorize them or is something inherently evil, just because it tried to contact them in some way.They also know that spirits do tend to be attracted to those that sense them and can offer some form of interaction and or communication. In my house I always have some spirit stopping by because they know I will lend them an ear and try to help with whatever they need at the time. They let me know they are there in whatever way they can, be it an object moving, a noise, a voice, or a shadowy form. Sometimes they touch my shoulder or my hair. They might open a door or close a cabinet. These are the only types of signs, they usually can provide easily, to make us aware of their presence and so this is normal spirit behavior. Especially since we are so wrapped up in our material world and all of it's demands that we may miss the more subtle signs. A person who is in tune with spirits, knows this and it also at ease with spirits, because they know that not every spirit is evil, up to no good or out to get them. They co-exist with the spirits the same way the animal person does with the animals. They do not reach for the crucifix or the holy water every time a spirits makes it's presence known and they do not make assumptions about the spirit based on urban legends, or old superstition. People who do this ruin any chance of the spirit interaction they claim to want or claim to be able to handle.

Supposed mediums that do this and who always seem to feel that a spirit presence is threatening sometimes pass this fear on to the people who consult them which makes a situation worse. Those that are really "In tune" do not react this way to a spirit presence, because fear is not their first reaction to any kind of paranormal activity. Those who so react with an immediate defensive stance are "on guard" not in tune.

I am sad to say that I see far too much of this in these groups. The people who claim to be there to help, often do a dis-service to the people that consult them. They tell people the wrong thing based on their own fears. Every day I see posts that exemplify this exact kind of "fear" based reaction and the actions that follow it. These are also some of the same people who credit so many hauntings to the "native American " spirits and cry "Demon" any time they see a black form or get a quote "Bad feeling", and then get everyone else worked up and frightened and on the defensive. It has gotten to the point that I do not even comment on these posts in the groups anymore because I am so tired of the ignorance, naivety and at time even the megalomania of some of these folks, that I make no attempt to even try to get them to open their minds any more. I gave up because I know that these folks are not ready to really deal with the things they claim to know so well and claim to want to learn more about. Fear can be a healthy thing as it does make us cautious at times when we need to be cautious, but the fear reaction in every situation regarding spirit is not a healthy or progressive thing at all. Some people need to change the way they look at spirits before they can develop any gift they may actually have. Love and understanding, is a universal thing and spirits understand it very well, and they usually will respond to it well. There are good and bad people in this world and in the next, but not every spirit from the next world is an evil entity anymore than everyone here in the world of the living is an evil or dangerous person, so let's stop reacting that way please?


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