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Information given to us via EVPS from the other side

Information from the other side….

Having collected evp communication since 1974, I have gotten many responses that serve to send my mind reeling. I can never look at anything quite the same way again, after having my mind opened to so much possibility. All of the religious teachings about the resurrection, and the states of heaven and hell seem so simplified and so incomplete.

I do not accept the religious concept of a “resurrection” day for all souls, as being some far off date, after the end of the world. This is because these souls I have talked to are not in some oblivion, lost to us until some future judgment day, but very much alive and dwelling on another plane, maybe many planes, near but separate from ours here on earth. They are not waiting to live again, they are still living. And still in possession of their personalities, and their ability to communicate. They are not “all” demons trying to deceive us or drag us asunder by misrepresenting themselves as spirits of the departed.

I have received evps where spirits make mention of being in their “new home”. I have received answers to questions like “Are you in limbo?” where the spirit answered, “Goodness no!” I have learned that spirits do have to deal with their problems, created in this life, well into the next one. They can and do observe what goes on here after their death, and are greatly affected by it.

I think many spirits use the word “heaven “because it is the word that we, here on earth tend to use to refer to the afterlife, and they do not know how to describe their world to us. For example, I asked “Why are you here?” to a spirit that I assumed to be lingering on the earth plane. He said “Heaven!” What does this mean? I think it is his way of trying to make me understand that he is in the afterlife and that he is not only okay, but still with us in some way, that we cannot understand.

I have talked to people that I knew in life, and gotten their voices on tape. I have talked to spirits both friendly and malevolent, just as people are in this life. I had a spirit tell me that spirits can read our minds and hear out thoughts. I have recorded voices of people’s loved ones who said “I love you, I’m okay.” They seem to give this reassurance to their loved ones all the time.

I have never had a spirit tell me they were in hell, or that they were being punished, so perhaps the types of spirits that would be evil enough to warrant such extreme types of containment and punishment, truly do go to a different place where they cannot interact with us again. I have also talked to some very mean, disgruntled and even hostile spirits that seem to be dwelling in their own negative emotions, but at the same time seem very limited in their abilities to manifest or really affect us, on any real scale, unless we encourage them through interaction, fear, or provoke them.

I believe that we all have to work out something in the afterlife that we did not accomplish here. I think that spirits interact and participate more than we know in our affairs. I believe that some are truly guardian angels of a sort and some are truly severe intercessors, to show us the error of our ways. When spirits interact with us they do so by choice, their choice, not ours. Ghost hunting is frowned upon by many of the spirits of the afterlife, and this is apparent if you look at some of the responses that ghost hunters receive from spirits. For more on this see the article..”How spirits view ghost hunters” at this website.


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