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The real king of the forest is probably the most amazing, adaptable and intelligent creature on the face of the planet. He has managed to avoid the most deadly predator and the most destructive force on earth, which is mankind. He really has no other threats it seems as you never find any four legged predator feasting on his kind. His size, strength and keen perception seem to make him a more than formidable adversary to even the largest predators in the forest, He lives in the most inhospitable places and most reclusive corners of the world, and manages to avoid falling prey to man.

He is not distracted by the vanities of the world or any of the material concerns or extreme cerebral pastimes, which we engage in. His environment is his university and he has mastered all its courses. He knows what all his fellow creatures are, what they eat, where they live, when they sleep, and the sounds they make. He is a most opportunistic omnivore that can find food and a way to survive in the harshest of weather. He knows what is safe to eat and what isn’t. And he does it all without electronic devices, a GPS, plastic receptacles, or even fire. He is an accomplished mimic of every other creature’s sounds. He is a stealthy and amazing tracker and observer.

His knowledge of the human being is ancient, and ingrained in his ancestral memory. He teaches his offspring everything they need, to avoid the humans at all costs. He observes us from afar and sometimes from a close vantage point, and knows that we come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. He knows which are the most dangerous. He knows which humans are armed, which are aggressive and which are out looking for him. He knows that humans kill most other creatures, indiscriminately. He knows to stay away from us. He knows how to become a tree, and blend into the environment. He can move through an area and leave no trace. He knows to travel by wading through the dark waterways, at night, in populated areas when, he is forced to travel through our domain. By doing this he leaves no footprints, and can easily submerge out of sight if need be. He has become mostly nocturnal as he is aware of the fact, that most humans are diurnal. His eyesight is excellent in the dark.

He can out jump, out climb, out smart and out class us, in his environment. He knows to hide even his dead, from our prying eyes and hands. Maybe he buries them. Maybe he weighs them down with rocks and sinks them in the depths of the murky, dirty, water, where we germ and muck fearing humans dare not enter. Maybe he sinks them in the quick mud. Maybe he and his clan consume them, and then smash the bones to bits and bury the bits. Who knows? There are tribes of humans, who consume their dead, so it is not so inconceivable, just distasteful from our modern civilized, point of view. He is not at all concerned with our point of view, our culture, or in following our ways. He does not see us as superior, just dangerous. He does not want to stalk and kill us, just avoid us .He just wants to live and be left alone with his own kind.

His sense of smell is phenomenal. He can smell us from the distance of a half mile and is always forewarned of our approach in time to avoid us, if he chooses to. He avoids our trail cameras because he can smell them, see the sensor beams and hear the mechanisms. His senses are keener than ours on every level. Maybe it is not man that is God’s chosen, and most beloved child, maybe it is him. He has to be because, something has saved, protected and preserved him, from us, and our insatiable lust for hunting, seizing, conquering, killing, dissecting and, destroying everything, in our path. He is the one that always stays one step ahead of us. He is still living the way all creatures were meant to live, sharing the earth and leaving nothing behind but his footprints. He does no harm to the earth that sustains him. He is the one we call Bigfoot, or Sasquatch.


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