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Is there a "La Llorona" prowling around, in Florida?

Many people have heard the legend of La Llorona. This is a Hispanic legend that originated in Mexico but has infiltrated many other Hispanic cultures and now even American culture. Simply put, La Llorona is a specific kind of ghost or spirit that supposedly in her mortal life, killed her children, and now wanders the earth doomed forever to search for them. She supposedly claims other children and kills them as well, and supposedly, is know to possess women and cause them to kill their own children. Now La Llorona drowned her children, and it is unsettling to take notice of how many women have also drowned their children. For more details on the legend check out two sites at the end of this article. Now I want to make mention of something very strange far fetched, and superstitious but at the same time, thought provoking.

The crime records of mothers killing their children, have been on the increase for some years now. It also seems that in the state of Florida, it seems to be happening more and more over the past ten years. Just watch Nancy Grace or the news for that matter, and you can't help but take notice of it. Every month there is a new story about a mother in Florida, killing her child or children. It is very sad and disturbing to us as we can not fathom how any mother could kill their child. Three Florida cases ago, after the murder of Caylee Anthony, here in Florida, a hispanic friend of mine made a comment in passing saying..."There is a La Llorona running around in Florida." When she said this we both laughed but in reality, it did take my mind wandering.

Being of partial Hispanic heritage I know only too well the tale of La Llorona. Now looking back after a few more cases here in Florida of Mom's killing their kids, I did some research, and found that indeed, the cases of such in Florida have increased greatly over the past 10 years, but then again so have all cases of mothers killing their children, in all states in America. Still, Florida seems to be in the top news all the time, for the most cases of this kind right now. WHY?

Florida has a large Hispanic population in Tampa, Miami and in many other areas as well. If La Llorona is a Hispanic entity , then she might be right at home here. On the other hand it seems that many cultures have their own version of La Llorona, or a similar type of spirit legend. Some of the women who kill their kids have drowned them by driving their car into the water or throwing the child into a river etc. Is this La Llorona's doing or is drowning just a cleaner and more passive mode of murder than say, shooting, stabbing, strangling, poisoning etc? Why are Florida women killing their kids? Just look at the list of just a few here: Julie Schenecker, Casey Anthony, Alexandra V. Tobias, Marie Moore, and I could go on but I will let you do your own research on this.

I don't know if there is a La Llorona running amok in Florida, or anywhere else for that matter, but I do know from experience with spirits in general, that they can and do influence and affect people's behavior at times and in very serious ways. Behind every legend is a shred of fact, that started it all. Perhaps before blaming La Llorona we need to take a look at our society and what we as people, as parents, and as human beings, have allowed to deteriorate our moral and spiritual codes, that has resulted in more and more women killing their children.

Let's see, 1. "drugs" both legal and illegal that are now almost to the point, of becoming a part of our American culture and used by two thirds of the population?

2. Economic collapse and poverty, leading people to be unable to even support their kids, and the pressure and depression, that goes along with it?

3. The increasing movement away from all things spiritual, and religion to a more cut and dried, science and material world?

4. An ever increasing lack of value for human life in this country?

5. Greed and the ever increasing "It's all about me" attitude of every new generation?

6. Our constant pushing of new drugs for the ever increasing list of supposed mental disorders and emotional disorders that we now use to excuse any and all evil acts, by saying "well, he or she is sick, they did not know what they were doing, etc." Are people buying into that whole thing as an excuse to get away with murder of their kids, because they know they will get "treatment" rather than the electric chair?  

Whatever the case, this trend is a red flag. A red flag that says we are in trouble spiritually as a people. Each year 200 women kill their children. That figure is on the rise.

So is there a La Llorona in Florida? Well, do some research and then you decide for yourself, what you want to believe. Check out these links:


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