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Beacon Woods {AGAIN!} 5/23/2018:

 Of all the places we have been in the last four decades for hauntings Beacon Woods probably takes the prize for the most haunted sub-division. It is a cornucopia of activity, and this case was no exception. This case has us mostly baffled at this point.
 The deceased relative that the family had hoped to contact seemed to be avoiding that interaction or was not present for most of the evening. Voices from other spirits said he had left when we arrived. While we do not think there is a volatile haunting in this home there are a number of spirits, some inside , some outside which do not all seem benevolent. Some of the spirits that hang around outside in Beacon woods are troubled, malevolent, or victims of crimes that went unsolved or even unknown. We do not know what exactly happened there but some bad things had to have taken place . We have evps from outside that say such things as "He's a natural born killer." When three of our guys were out there making light of ghost activity, a female voice in an evp said..."We need to find out what they're afraid of." This tells us that these spirits are playing games, out to terrorize or to try and scare us off. Spirits will use whatever your personal fear is to scare you and get that fear fix.  We had some names mentioned outside such as Kevin, and Jeffrey. We have a male boasting about something he did a a boy scout camp last summer. We have a female stating where she was taken in a certain location. We believe these to be some of the usual spirits of Beacon woods, just seeking closure or communication. Out of some 75 evps captured I fear that most, had nothing to do with this case.

 Since this sub-division is such a seemingly high traffic area for spirit presence there is no telling just what you may find here.
At the same time ,I do not like some comments made by a female such as “Wait till tomorrow, we’ll be back! We are going to keep this case open until the client either moves or let's us know that the activity has subsided. It did seem to calm down after the clients contacted us. That could be a good sign or a bad sign......

Status: CASE OPEN Cat 3.


Land O lakes case 1/19/2018:
  This case came to us with some very interesting and unique elements. Objects levitating was one of the reports which is rare activity. Even more rare was when the client tried to take the object out of the air something was pulling back. That is one strong spirit. We did get to the reasons for the haunting but as always there were some spirits that just came in to try and communicate for their own reasons. We call those drop ins and every case has at least one. We did not get a lot of visual evidence as far as photos, video etc but we did get tons of evps. We made some new friends as the clients were lovely folks. STATUS: CASE CLOSED/Cat 3 non hostile.

Clearwater 11/13 2017 Case was genuine but we are not sharing details of this one for many reasons.

Tarpon Springs case # 76: This case was quite interesting. The client moved in not long ago and the haunting kicked off almost right away. We did find about four spirits present in the home and the evps were numerous. It seems that the haunting was not aimed at the tenants but at their landlord. The spirits did not want the landlord to profit form the home. They had a grudge with the land owner and in the end about three months later made good on their threats to rain Karma down upon them. The clients had to move by necessity after an unforeseen catastrophe. Spirits do participate in Karma all the time. This case showed us just how far they can go and the havoc they can cause. 

Return to case # 75; Spirits still present but energy has shifted. No details to share at this time. Status: Case open/CAT 4

Hudson case: #75 Codename : WOLFDOG
  This case was quite interesting. The client called with reports of shadow spirits, noises, energy, a black mist that moved in the hallway, you name it. We asked some questions and confirmed some other lesser known activity that is a dead ringer for spirit presence in the home. We knew this family had something paranormal going on there. Because of children, at risk to spirit oppression in the home, we got there as soon as possible. 
  Before we even pulled up in front of the home you could feel the energy shift in the neighborhood. The energy from the dwelling next door was just intense and negative, dark, foreboding, and then we arrived at our client's home and it felt the same way outside. The entire block has that "Something wicked dwells here" feeling. From the moment we arrived it was obvious that something was amiss. We seldom see energy like this. Again this is RARE. We went in  and our equipment  set up and started our investigation. The front of the house felt lighter but once you got past the middle, there was a hallway that led to the back bedrooms that was just horrible. You could almost see the dark energy just hanging in that spot and the temp there was like 10 degrees or more lower than the rest of the home. If you progressed down the hallway into the back bedroom the temp dropped even more and in one small room it was like a deep freeze. To us that means there are several spirits in that spot. 
  Upon entering that back room something placed an ice cold hand on my arm, which felt like literal frost. This was supposed to scare us off. My team mate Chip became the focus of these spirits, and they got angry because he brazenly entered their space in spite of their efforts to scare us off. We found this amusing. By the end of the night they called Chip pretty much everything nasty they could think of via EVP, sparing no profanity whatsoever. The antagonist spirit inside, a older male, attempted to intimidate by calling me "Girlie girl" all night. I have no idea what that was about, as I am far from a prissy girl type. This spirit showed out to be very disrespectful and misogynistic towards women as time wore on. Some of the EVPS worried us. Hostile haunts are very rare but this one had all the makings of a truly sinister presence. After reviewing the evps we decided to return to hopefully do a cleansing of the home. We went back with Ryan and Michael to take on these spirits and hopefully restore the peace to the family.
  There were 7 spirits present in the home on our first visit. Two were relatives and benign spirits the other five seemed to be part of a posse led by the lead antagonist. references were made in EVP to something the spirit called "the thing" outside. On our second visit ,during an outside cleansing session we got to hear what we think is "The thing" on tape. 
  Strangely enough the energy was quite different the second time. It was all but benign. It was as if they split before we even arrived and the evp was limited, unlike the endless evp from the first visit. It could be that they knew what was coming and some left of their own accord. Or they could just be laying low to avoid  the source that would come to remove them during a cleansing effort. I am not convinced that they left for good or that its' all over just yet. I hope I am wrong. 
  We did do a cleansing outside, but not inside as two of the spirits seemed to be friends of the clients . Personally, I would have preferred to run them off too. I have suspicions still about one of them at least.  We did enjoy meeting the clients and their family, they are great folks. We even enjoyed meeting their pets. The lady of the house and I plan to keep in touch. The clients seemed to think things calmed down since our last visit so now we are just waiting to see what transpires. I am leaving this case open and keeping tabs on future activity. This case will get the rare rating of CAT4 MSPH STATUS: CASE OPEN

Here are some evps from this case:
Male says "Girlie Girl" after I finish speaking.
Female says "Hey they're laughing at us!"
Woman with British accent says "Nancy...that's your daughter!"

Spirit says "Did you get my stalker?"

Male spirits says "You're back again Ole Chip?"
We probably have about 200 evps from this case now. Some are not able to be put up here as we try to limit the profanity. Suffice to say some were just not nice. We will post any future developments on this one.

Port Richey case # 61 Code name: Ticking clock

 This case came to us from a family that had some very strange activity going on. One of the things that was happening in the home was quite unique. Someone or something kept changing the times on all the clocks.  We knew there was a message there. The spirits also turned the AC off all the time, and doors would close and lock by themselves. This was just a few of the strange things that went on. We did resolve this case but due to the sensitive nature of those results we can not list them here. We did get a lot of evps and some were very intriguing. We did find out who the spirits were and what they wanted. The resolution lies with the clients. No cleansing can be done here because the spirits are not evil per say, they just have an agenda that only concerns them and the clients.  STATUS ;CASE CLOSED RATING CAT 5H 

Hudson Florida case # 74  4/2/2017 Code name: Outboard

 This case reported apparitions, noises and voices in the home. We recorded over 70 evps in the location. This was a family oriented haunting. Nothing bad was happening. It was just spirits of family members come to call and express some personal things. One thing I find interesting, because it seems to be something I hear more often lately is a spirit asking people to pray again. A female spirit made a comment saying "It's about time people prayed again" I can not help but wonder if perhaps our moving away from spiritual pursuits and ways of thinking is going to be to our detriment in some way. Is something coming that we need to pray about? Here is that EVP: