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Lesser known kinds of paranormal activity and phenomenon

We talk a lot about paranormal phenomenon, and things that might be signs of spirit presence, all the time in this field. We talk about things like shadows seen from the corner of your eye, cold spots and night crusher episodes {old hag syndrome} but these are old and well known things that are associated with spirit presence and hauntings. There are many more that I and many of my colleagues have experienced over the years which people are not aware of. I am going to address some of them here. First of all, if you read the article titled "The creeping Darkness" at this website, that will certainly explain one of these phenomenons, that people often experience but do not understand. Since I already donated an entire article to it, I will not cover it again in this one. I will include the link to that one at the end of this article.

One common but often overlooked phenomenon is what I call "Ghost webs". For instance: you are walking in an open field. There are no trees or other objects within at least 30 feet of you but yet you walk into this sticky weird cob web like substance. You at first think, "Oh this is just a spider web," But then when you try to brush it off, you notice that it is somewhat wet and you can't feel it come off between your fingers, like cob webs at all. In fact it sticks to your skin and or clothes and then just seems to melt away by itself. You can also experience this inside at times as well. Most people chalk it up to spider webs and do not realize what they just encountered. Spirits leave this web like substance behind them or in front of them when they move through an area or when they run right through you, in passing. It is an ectoplasm substance that can be felt and sensed and then just dissolves away into nothing.

 Our second phenomenon that we will address is what I call the "wind tunnel." Picture this: you are walking down the hallway in the middle of the day or night. There is no draft or fan or wind in the hallway, yet as you walk you feel as if a small wind is whipping past your ears. It is slight but strong enough to feel annoying. It even makes a sound like a small wind, whirring past your ears. This is energy produced by spirits or an open doorway to the other dimension that is moving towards you, as you move through it. This is something many people experience in haunted houses and even in their own homes all the time, but they do not know what it is. Experiencing this does not mean your home is haunted, as spirits pass through all kinds of places, all the time, including our homes.

Next is the water drops, that fall from thin air. Many times I and other people I have talked to, have experienced this strange phenomenon. You are sitting in your chair or lying in your bed, or anywhere for that matter, and suddenly drops of water fall onto your arm or your head or wherever, seemingly out of thin air. You look for a roof leak, then realize it is not raining. You look for other sources but cannot find anything that could explain it .This has happened to me while I was lying in my own bed. It has happened to some of my clients over the years. This is paranormal phenomenon of a sort. It is my belief that spirits cause this on purpose. When they really want to get your attention, they condense the humidity in the air, by producing an extreme cold spot in one small area, then the small drop or drops of water falls on you and, it certainly gets your attention. It is often cool or cold water and usually is never more than a drop or two at a time. There are some folks who think that this is caused by a spirit that cries and drops a tear on you, but I am more inclined to go with the first theory about the condensation.

Last is what I call the "Invisible Bee sting." You are inside and out of nowhere you feel a very painful small sting on your skin. It feels like a bee stung you or someone put a hot match on your skin. It leaves a mark that looks like a burn. It is usually very small like a bee sting and usually hurts for a few minutes, then the pain stops and the mark lasts until the next day. I do not know what this is, but I do know that I have experienced it more than once, and there were no bees or anything around to cause it. Many people have experienced this and have no clue what happened. This is something that happens a lot to people who are experiencing a haunting. It can happen anywhere at any time, and I do not know how a spirit does this but they do.\

Spirits know that we are sensory creatures when in the flesh and that not everyone is a sensitive or psychic that can hear them or pick up their presence. When they are desperate to make their presence known they will cause these strange types of phenomenon to get our attention. Most people never catch on that these things are associated with paranormal activity and therefore just blow them off as a random odd occurrence. We often just don't pay attention to these things, because people are not aware of their source. As we discover more of these types of things, I will add them to this blog. There is more information on paranormal activity elsewhere at this website.