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PinellasPascoParanormal/Hostile Haunts Specialists

Haunted? Call ...727-938-1305

Local Bigfoot sightings report yours to [email protected]

NOTICE: PPP will not work with, assist or give any information to any Bigfoot hunting group, that comes to Florida to capture, kill, exploit or harass a the Florida Bigfoot, or a Florida Skunk ape.

"WE NEVER LIST"exact locations of sightings for this reason and none of our team members will divulge them either. Our team members have been harassed before and this is a waste of time.

No member of this team will give out any information on this or any other case information.

We do not want to see this creature harassed, hurt, captured, or killed at the hands of anyone be they researchers, modern day PT Barnums or gun toting fortune hunters. Given how hot the quest for a Bigfoot body has become right now, we do not trust any of the Bigfoot hunting/research teams whatsoever at this point.

Please Bigfoot hunters,do not contact us as we will not assist you in any way.

We will report you to the Florida Wildlife commission, if you trespass in conservation areas, to harass or hunt this creature. In the state of Florida, Bigfoot may not be protected by law, but all endangered species are protected under one blanket clause, and Bigfoot would qualify under that law.

Laurie Champion only confers research findings and locations with certain colleagues that she knows are of the same mind when it comes to these creatures welfare and rights to live without being harassed by man.

Below are our findings, evidence discoveries and then the local sighting reports as they came in. Scroll down to see local reports.

Every year about 400 people see a Florida Bigfoot but only perhaps 10 will report it. This is because they fear being ridiculed, not believed, accused of lying or viewed as crazy. If you encountered a Florida Bigfoot please report your sighting here as there is no way we can ever get this creature any protection if we can not validate it's existence and eye witness reports are the cornerstone of our research as far as theorizing the number, nature, migration paths and habits of these creatures. We promise you will be taken seriously. Your name will not be mentioned at this site. All reports are listed without names. Below are stories from people just like you, but who saw something that most people will never see in their lifetime. Read their stories and then send us your own if you saw this or any other cryptid creature.

Reports have been made in 2017, to PPP about Bigfoot creatures living in areas in both Pasco and Hillsborough counties.The locations of these sightings are not listed here for the above reasons, highlighted in hot pink. While some areas are being developed and have caused these creatures to move out of those habitation areas they are showing up in new ones. A serious problem with a Bigfoot has also happened to a family in Ocala this year.

Here are some photos taken by our team member Chip of some footprints in Pasco county on 1/10/2017:

These local area sightings are logged in as soon as we receive the reports. This section is updated often.

July 17th 2016: Here is a photo of a location where a hair sample was found back in 2015, wedged into the bark of a tree and a close up of the sample. This area displayed not only some large tree and stick structures that have been associated with Bigfoot activity. On one tree up about at my eye level was a tuft of hair wedged into the bark. I am 5 feet tall but still that is pretty high up for any four legged creature to rub themselves other than a bear. I took a stick and knocked it down as not to touch it with my hands. I then took some pictures. Later I retrieved it and separated some samples, in a clean manner, with a tweezers and a plastic bag. I then kept the rest and took some close up photos. There was a good amount of hair and some dead skin also.

March 21st 2016: Who kills and carries a nine foot alligator a half a mile into the woods from the

closest water source and then eats it at a kill site with other kills? Bigfoot that's who:

January 29th 2016 6:00 AM in New Port Richey Florida

We received a report on this date from a man who said he was out driving to work early in the morning, and he saw a black, bi-pedal, very thin, man like creature with a large head crossing the road in his sub-division. Before spying this creature he also noticed that many, many, garbage cans had been knocked over in several locations, in a three block distance along the street he was driving on. Too many cans to have been the work of Raccoons. Was this emaciated creature seeking food from the garbage? This sub-division is not a place we would expect to encounter a Florida Bigfoot, but it is on the coast and has quick access to wooded areas through mangrove rushes and through shallow water. Many years back in 1986 I was told by a young man that he had a stringer of fish attached to the side of his boat and had pulled up to his own docking area behind his home one night at about dusk. He ran inside to relieve himself and tell his Mom he had returned and he had caught some great fish. He came out to get his stringer only to find a large, black, hairy man type animal on it's knees in the shallow water trying to steal his fish. When it saw him it ripped the stringer rope and made off with the fish. At the time I did not take him seriously as I thought he was a kid pulling my leg and this was such a built up area that i found it unlikely for a Bigfoot to be there. Now with all the depleting of the forested areas and natural foods for these creatures they are coming out into our domain more and more in search of food.

Weird print found on 4/14/2014

What do you make of this. The guy's foot next to this print is a size 13 in men's shoes, just for scale. Notice the pointed clawed looking toe prints? This is one hell of an odd print even for a Bigfoot, ,so what exactly is this? This was found in Pasco county near the river. Now this could be a bear print where he stepped into his own print but even so, the depth of the heel is showing a very heavy animal and the claw prints just are not right, even for a bear. Oh well, another mystery in Pasco.

These local area sightings are logged in as soon as we receive the reports. This section is updated often.

Well it seems that Bigfoot is back in Pasco county for the fall and winter.

The Florida Bigfoot has been sighted and continues to be active in Pasco county and Hillsborough county in 2011. We have been monitoring two clans and continue to do so at this time.


The Florida Bigfoot leaves what we call kill sites where he leaves his predatory kill carcasses. We found this one in January of 2015, by following the smell which was horrendous. There were about 6 animals here dismembered and partially eaten. They were killed by head injuries, and some had their necks broken or twisted. There were 2 boars ,3 deer, possibly a coyote and another carcass with no head that we could not identify for sure. Hair, that usually grows on the boar's back, had been pulled out of the boars and was stacked all together in a pile . Some bones were also piled into little heaps.

Just for the record it is not a good idea to go into or hang around a kill site. I did not know this when I checked this one out. I learned later that the Bigfoot gets very upset if you go into his kill site areas and territory.

Here are some pictures from the kill site:

We have more photos of this kill site, like the alligator remains above, but just posted a few. They are all grisly. There were lots of broken branches and sticks there also.


The following sighting reports are listed as they are received and not in Chronological order. The most recent ones may be further down the page depending on when they were reported.

Sighting report received on 6/24/215 East manatee county Florida last sighted 9/2014

This is the email we received:

I found your paranormal website by accident after searching for a story about a supposed Bigfoot arm found near where I live here in myakka city. The reason I'm writing this is after reading what you wrote and seeing the artist drawing of the Sasquatch it gave me chills. I've had multiple encounters not only by myself but with others since I was 10 years old. The reason I said the drawing gave me chills was ,my son and I had a run in last September with a squatch while on a hike in the woods behind my house, the picture you have looks almost like the one I drew a couple of days after our encounter.

This is not the first person to tell us that our sketch is spot on with what they saw in Florida. I am always grateful to hear from folks who take the time to write in and tell us about their sightings. I spoke with this man at length on the phone and learned that he has had more than one encounter and that he and I share many ideas about this creature.

May 11th 2015 report received via email from a man, this is a copy of that email:

  I know of a sighting in the area around (location removed) in Tarpon Springs that took place in 2006 or 2007. A friend of mine was driving west with her daughter on N. XXXX Ave. (runs roughly parallel to a very rural Rd.) and saw what she described as "Bigfoot" run/leap across the road from south to north near an animal pen and disappear into the woods. She nearly hit it with her car. She said she had to slam on her brakes; it was that close. Also worth mentioning is that she did not believe in Bigfoot at the time, but said there was nothing else it could have been.She said it's color was like a Golden Retriever. She also said that its arms were swinging; not "pumping" like a person's arms move when running. It also crossed the road (20-30 feet) in just a couple of steps. My friend is now deceased (cancer, 39 years old), but swore that this is a true story. She lived about a quarter of a mile from where she saw it and was very concerned that it was so close to her home. If you look at the area, it is very suitable habitat for the Florida Bigfoot. Lots of wildlife, ponds, creeks, woods, and people keeping farm animals. Interesting location for a sighting, and it really should be documented. She was a wonderful woman and tried to report it to one of the online Bigfoot groups, but never heard back from anyone. I'm 100% certain she would love for you to share this. Please use her name. It was Jen. Thanks

April 2013 from our report files:

This is the letter we received with one man's report. I have since spoken with him on the phone and I believe his story. In fact Crews lake is right next to Starkey park where a video was captured during the same time frame of a Bigfoot tearing down dead trees. Here is his letter and his report to us.

I am officially writing this retelling of my encounter in Crews Lake

per your request. I am pretty passionate that I experienced something

out of the ordinary, and you were the only person to not discount that.

There's something out there, not human or bear or Raccoon. I am

seriously concerned for the safety of it's environment and protection.

If it IS a relative of man, it deserves protection as well as scrutiny.

If I can help, I will.

Here's the story...

On the last week of April 2013, my son and I Were going to go camping

at JB Starkey wilderness park. We had been apart for seven years to his

relocatiing with mother to Virginia; and we thought we would go

camping. This was a favorite pastime, and I have always loved Starkey,

as well as Ocala National Forest( where I once had another "experience"

with a Florida Bigfoot...A story for another time), and we were anxious

to make up for lost time. I had tried to camp at Starkey two weeks

earlier with my girlfriend, but were turned away, but we decided to try

again. We were

turned away. again.

Two weeks earlier, we looked online to find another campground in

Pasco, Crews Lake. The staff at Crews Lake were abundantly hospitable,

and were eager for us to enjoy ourselves. So, I made the decision to go

there again. When we arrived, we were pleased to discover that we were

the third campsite on this side of the park reserved, and that there

were no other reservations that weekend. One other camper was there

already ( We did not know this camper was even there already, she was

so far back from us), and two others hadn't arrived yet. This does have

relevance, so this is why I have included this.

After the ranger came by to let us know that we had the pick of the

sites, we chose number nine, as it was closest to the conveniences, but

backed in to the ground cover. We set up camp between fronts coming in,

and there was a steady, cool wind; great for keeping the bugs away...

About the time we had finished setting up camp, another group of

campers came in. This was a man, woman and two children, maybe three to

five years old. They were friendly enough, but declined when we offered

to help bring their supplies to their site, as we were over five

hundred feet from the campsites. They made two more trips through, and

then they were settled in for camping fun, as we heard them, and saw

their tent and campfire, even though we were separated by five hundred

feet or so in distance. Just before sundown, the last of the reserved

campers shown up; and went past us, ignoring our greeting. They

disappeared somewhere behind us; adjacent to the other campsite.

After eating, we both decided to retire a little early, as we both

overate, and were tired from packing, the drive and setting up

camp.This was about seven thirty at night, and the sun had not yet gone

down yet.

About eleven thirty at night, My son awakened me, telling me that there

was something that was rummaging through our cooler in our camp. I

chased the culprit (a raccoon) away from our campsite; through the hot

dogs it had gotten into out by the toilets, where it could find them

again, without venturing back; and brought the coolers back into the

tent, where they would have to go through me to get to it. We then went

back to sleep.

Later that night, around three twenty(I keep my cellphone near, to

check time), My son again woke me up. "Did you hear that"? he asked.

"No, what is it"? I asked, wanting to know what spooked him this late

at night. "Wood knocks" he said. I thought he was joking. "Bobo's on

vacation" he quipped. Just then, we both heard a sound like someone had

hit a tree with a ball bat; two higher pitched clanking noises.

"Someone's got some nerve, doing this shit this late at night" I

muttered. It was then that I checked my phone for the time. It sounded

a fair way off, too far to get an idea of direction, but still clear.

All of a sudden, there were two, distinct loud cracking noises, less

than twenty five yards behind us, and a little to the left... CRACK!

then two to three seconds later, another CRACK! I cannot relate in

print how forceful these whacks were! I have been an outdoorsman for

over forty years, and have cut, split and manhandled more logs than I

can count. My personal background makes me familiar with physics, mass

and weigh on a practical level; and the logs that were wielded were of

the mass and size that wouldn't be impossible to carry, or swing; but

not with the force necessary to make the noises made. I'm six foot two,

and two hundred thirty pounds. I can bench press three hundred pounds,

and easily pull that much down (I'm not bragging, just a baseline). The

logs were dry and dead; possibly termite eaten, as the cracking sounds

sounded like that the pulp was getting pulverized. After the two

cracks, there was silence. We both looked at each other...My son and I

were both transfixed. Then there was a thud, as if the log or whatever

had been cracked, ceased it's usefulness. It hit the ground with force.

Dead weight. I estimate the weight of it to be around forty or fifty

pounds; enough to feel the concussion of it hitting the ground from

that distance. I'm telling you, that made an impact on me! Again, not

too much to carry or wield; but entirely too much to swing with enough

force to pulverize...We were both concerned. Later, my boy confided

that he was terrified. He was looking for reassurance, and I wasn't forth coming. I was going through my head what could have made that

sound. There was a breeze intermittently, but no other activity, and

bears don't swing branches. If something did; it would have needed

hands, not paws. Then, we both heard an audible "HURUMP". Maybe a bear,

but I've never heard that sound out of any bear, and I have been around

quite a few...At that time, I lay listening, as did my son. We both sat

quietly, and we both dozed off after a half an hour or so. One item of

note: we noticed after that, that there was a stillness, like a vacuum.

Another funny thought I had in retrospect: Impossible as it was:


safe in this tent...

The next morning, We made breakfast, and made no small talk. Then, my

son decided he would ask the campers behind us if they had seen or

heard anything last night. I figured that no harm could be done in the

daytime, and most of the local animals were either in their dens, or

snakes, which could be avoided. He made acquaintance with a German

woman and her dog, who slept through the night(Oddly, her dog did

too...). After looking around her site, he went over to the other

occupied site. The man, and his boy were just as silent as when they

had arrived. His backpack and tent were already packed, and were

walking out in a hurry. Again, they made no attempt to converse, and

the man had his boy in his arms; almost in a run. The family that was

having such a good time, sort of alarmed me. My son was making his way

to their campground, as they rushed past our campsite, almost totally

ignoring me. The father looked at me, and turned toward the parking

area; carrying his son, as well as an unfolded tent and carrying it

under his other arm, along with a backpack. Half of the tent was

dragging the ground, but he didn't seem to care. His wife was just

carrying the daughter in both of her arms. The kids looked tired and

confused; but mom and dad looked terrified. My son followed along that

trail a minute or two later. He saw no obvious evidence of anything

amiss. Neither one of us is a tracker, so we might have missed

something. I did stare at the expressions on the parent's faces. They

experienced something that frightened them. I wish I wasn't so shocked

by their appearance to ask why the rush, or if they needed help. I felt

concern. Our own experience was largely on the back burner at that

point. My son noticed that an entire package of hot dogs we left out

remained untouched. It seemed odd to me at that time, but didn't think

about it until the ride back home. He also did not notice any tree

trunks missing bark, no broken logs nor any footfalls, or track; he was

looking for that.

We broke camp, and made our way home, back to Pinellas. My son looked

on my phone for any BFRO reports in the general area, and again, the

three reports that were listed were close to Starkey park, but not at

Crews Lake. However, it made perfect sense that with that much forested

habitat nearby, there was at least some area for something to live

there. As we drove home, we noticed more land being developed, and we

both thought it would be advisable to report what we had seen to

someone who might be able to use this to save a habitat for whatever

this was.

We made a report to the BFRO, and waited. And waited...And waited...

My son finally sent a follow up email, volunteering more information .

Finally, I received a call from a BFRO investigator, who listened to my

story, and then thanked me. It was never posted; which tells me that to

them, there was no credibility to the story. She also didn't think that

the fact that this whole area, which stretches across the center of the

state; could be a refuge for a family, if not a population of

creatures. This bothers me. That this refuge is getting smaller every

year, and something needs to be done to preserve it. This is why I have

decided to tell you this story.

You know from our conversations, that I've worked in film and

television. I have also worked for the space program, in an engineering

capacity. I could fake a sighting if I wanted to, but it's

counterproductive to the preservation of a unique species, and would

invite every ignorant bastard from everywhere to produce a body, even

if it's the last one for profit. THAT is disgusting, and I can't allow

that! I will do what I can to help; short of compromising the safety of

whatever is out there! You have my help!

As a follow up to this we are including the link to the Starkey Park video. This creature has very long arms and does seem very strong. It shakes one big tree and then snaps another to the ground at the end of the video.

Oct. 8th 2011 From our case files:

Two hikers encountered a Florida Bigfoot on a dirt road, in a wooded area in Pasco county ...This creature was shiny, jet black and stood it's ground until the hikers retreated in the other direction. The sighting took place in broad daylight at about 6:00 in the evening, which is odd for this creature which is usually nocturnal and does not come out until after dark, let alone travel across a dirt road.

This is what happened: The two hikers saw what looked like a black cylinder in the center of the dirt road about 1/10th of a mile away. It appeared at first to be a stationary object but they were too far away to know what it was. The animal saw the hikers and after standing perfectly still and staring at them for over 4 minutes, it then left the road, and went off into the brush to it's right left. They thought it was gone, but when they kept walking in that direction, it then charged out, from the brush, on all fours at first, like a gorilla into the middle of the road, to face off with them. At this time they were much closer. They froze and watched the creature, from a distance of about a half a block down the road from where they were standing. The creature stood in the center of the road with it's feet planted in a wide stance and did not move. It's arms hung down to it's knees. It's legs were longer than that of any bear. There were no visible ears of any kind. It had short hair ,like a Gorilla that glistened in the sunlight. It's skin was as black as it's fur. The witnesses got scared so they turned around, and left the scene slowly. The creature remained in the road and watched them until they were out of sight. It did not pursue them.They estimated the size of this creature to be over 7 feet tall, and having a very thick build.

This sighting took place in one of our study areas. There are two very different types of these creatures in that area. Most Florida Bigfoot sightings are of a long haired, shaggy, unkempt creature. These black, short haired, gorilla like creatures are exactly like those reported in the Carolinas. We thought that they migrated here. for the winter. PPP did find prints at the sighting location, both this time and in the past on many occasions.

This area is a perfect place for this creature as it has very thick forested tracks on both sides, as in the photo below, which came from the area that the creature darted into when it left the road briefly. This creature could easily vanish into this thick terrain, which goes on for a few miles in this area. There is a fresh water source and lots of things that this creature forages for, in search of food. We went to the location, and found that there is ample forested area for this creature to live here, with lots of fresh water and food sources. We took the photo below in the location of this siting. During this trek we also ran into a red tailed hawk, two black vultures, and a noisy pair of bald eagles.

We had our first Bigfoot reports of 2011 in March. 2011 seems to be a record year for sightings in Pasco county.

1. Two residents in mid Pasco county heard something enormous moving through the wooded easement behind their homes. These people live two houses away from each other and there have been many reports out of this area over the years. 3/2011

2. In north Pasco county: Recently this creature has been credited for destroying a shed, bending a John boat in half, and stripping the bark off a tree, to eat the wood borer grubs in the tree. 5/2011

3. It is also active in a Hillsborough area and has been doing some stealing of people's property there. 7/2011

4. Another report came in of the creature throwing rocks at a man who was about to take his canoe out fishing on the lake near his home in Northern Pasco. 8/2011

5. 9/2011 Southern Pasco: A report came in from a man who had been driving down the road and spied a large ,black hairy creature that he said was about 9 feet tall, loitering by a roadkill. When it saw his headlights it turned and ran into the woods. By the time he had turned around and come back to the spot, the roadkill was gone and so was the creature.

This page is updated often when reports come in, so keep an eye here for future sightings and activity of this creature.

Scroll down the page for other older sightings that have been reported recently.

From September thru November of 2010, we have received four reports of sightings of the Florida Bigfoot , in four separate counties. All were in areas where there is a significant amount of woodland, to support these creatures. We also got a record amount of reports in 2011. Locations are never revealed to protect the Florida Bigfoot. We will however document any evidence we collect.

Latest on Florida Bigfoot: VIDEO OF ATTACK ON OUR TRAIL CAMERA.... READ STORY BELOW AND WATCH FILM. Posted 1 / 29 / 2011

We have been monitoring a known Bigfoot travel path in Pasco county with a stealth game camera, for about a month now. This is not a game trail but an area where three sightings have taken place in one year's time. Recently, something accosted the camera and did some damage to the glass that covers the motion and heat sensors. The camera shows a video of something moving the camera and tugging at it. The camera took this video in infrared, so the white out factor, caused by the close proximity of the perpetrators fingers on the camera, made it impossible to tell exactly what had a hold of the camera. The camera is 8 feet up on a tree, and was still strapped to that tree, although moved from it's original position and displaying the damage to the glass, that covers the IR motion sensor and heat sensor beams and or electric eyes.. The camera is still operational and usable as the lens is fine.

Another Bigfoot investigator, who is a friend of mine named James C. Whitfield, from Ocala, made an interesting suggestion to me awhile back. He suggested that since the creature has night vision and sees in a different light spectrum than we do, it is possible, that he can see those infrared beams from the sensors and knows something is amiss. Now, since the glass over those very infrared beam sensors has been chipped away, as if by a fingernail, that makes me wonder if James may indeed be right. Perhaps the creature decided to check out what it was. He may have wanted to shut off those assaulting beams or figure out how they worked or where they came from.

Something has tripped the camera many times before this video was captured, but there seems to be nothing as far as wildlife in the picture. The video captured the night of the injury to the camera, lets us know that something did in fact grab that camera and damage it. What, that something is... we do not know. What we do know is that something also moved in and out of the frame at a high rate of speed during the ordeal, behind whatever had hold of the cam. Wendy observed this and brought it to my attention. Nate, and I took the video frame by frame and discovered something very strange. It appears as if something is in the frame. There were images of what may have been a hand with short stubby fingers and a face looking out from behind some foliage. Here we include this video presentation for you to watch and decide for yourself. This video was captured in December of 2010 but we did not discover this image until recently when we again scanned the film. Trail cam videos are always grainy and of low quality, which is why we enhanced the mid tones for the close up and still shots. Here it is:

Does Bigfoot sleep here? 2/3/2011 After many reports from this area we decided to go and check out the terrain and see if there was evidence of these creatures residing there. We found these palm frond nest like structures in the woods near several Bigfoot sighting areas. Is something making these things and sleeping there?

Is whatever it is also leaving it's footprints behind?

Is this the sound of whatever leaves these prints?


We went out to investigate this Florida Bigfoot location because we received a report of problems with large unknown wildlife and a request that we come out and try to find out just what was going on in this conservation area. The witnesses had sightings of a large,hairy hominid and also heard what they claimed, sounded like gorillas in the swamp, near the river. This area is a dense forest with swamps, rivers, and a lake. This is a perfect area for this creature to thrive, as there are plenty of fresh water sources and lush vegetation, wildlife and fish to provide many sources of food. This is a miles long jungle that offers a very secluded habitat, with very little human traffic. There have been many sightings of this creature in this area over the years, so these latest sightings, came as no great surprise to us.

Pete, Chris, Braxton and I went out on this investigation. I thought it would make a nice trip for Braxton and since this is not a haunts case, it was safe for him to go along. We set out on a four mile hike into the forest, with our guides, through all kinds of terrain to get to the locations of the sightings. We did get pictures, and video of our adventures. We went through swamps, fields of pollen, sharp saw grass, dense forest, and along a steep ridge that runs along a big lake. It is no wonder that this creature can stay so well hidden in this area, as everything else seems to do the same. We did not encounter any of the other indigenous creatures there either, except for an alligator, who was already swimming away from us as we approached. If we could spend the entire day there and not see any of these plentiful and usual animals, such as deer, boars, snakes,etc. it is not so hard to imagine that the Bigfoot could hide out just as well. The weather was beautiful, and the scenery amazing.

It was our hope to get some good evidence on this trip. One thing that we really wanted was to get some good footprint casts and perhaps some other evidence of the presence of this creature. We did find some signs of the presence of these creatures, as there were trees uprooted, branches bent and ripped down, left hanging, and many possible nesting sites. We did some call blasts and some wood knocking. We did receive responses to these wood knocks. At one point we were on the opposite bank of th river from something that was in the palmetto rushes, making sounds and that finally took off, making a big ruckus through the brush. We did not see it clearly but it was huge. It had been watching us for some time and we did get some strange sounds on audio tape. We got growls, grunts, and other noises that we can not identify, but sound somewhat apelike. We have included these audio files here, for you to listen to, but first here is the photo journal:

AUDIO FILES; We did get some sounds on audio, here are those clips. The sounds are in between out talking, and the explanations for the clips are beneath the players.

This is a growl sound that you will hear right after I say "the roots are sticking up." It is right before the man speaks.

Here there is some strange sounds after the man speaks.

There is a grunt after the man makes the whoop call blast.

Here we got a wood knock and then some strange sounds which I heard at the time.

Here is some video footage of our investigation. It is our hope to return and do a night vigil at this location to see what crops up and see if we can get some more evidence and learn more about the Florida Bigfoot.




Pasco Crypto sighted again on Sept. 30th 2009

On September 30th right before dusk, a woman heard noises in the brush behind her home. She looked out the window and saw something she could not believe standing in the clearing of the woods behind her home. She went outside to get a better look. She described what she saw as, a very tall, hair covered creature that stood on two legs. She said it looked like a Bigfoot. When the creature looked over and became aware of her, he calmly walked away. She then, feeling a bit unsettled, decided to report it. She called me as most of the folks in her area know I have been working this case. We did go out there but were unable to find anything, as far as evidence.

Update on the Pasco crypto /Our case files/August 2009:

Two separate people, living two doors away from eachother, called on the same night to report something large moving through the woodline behind their homes that was also growling loudly. Both of these homes are on the woodline. These two neighbors do not know each other well, as one just moved there, and had never even spoken to the other yet.

The first one who called this in was the man, who was injured in a brush with this creature a few months back, see article below in past updates. The other call was from a woman, who just moved in and was startled right out of her bed by the ruckus and the growling. Both claimed that they had not heard a growl like this one before and neither could associate the growl, with any animal they had heard before. The man described it as a gutteral growl and the woman as a deep ,loud growl that was very breathy in between. The woman called it in again saying she heard it three nights between last week on Saturday,and last night, which was Thursday.We are monitoring this area and this situation. we hope to get these sounds on tape, and probe the woods with our infrared on the next occasion that this takes place. We are going out there again.

This growling thing is something we have heard before from many people in this area in Pasco from past inquiries. Since we know of the presence of some strange creature there, we do consider these reports, even the growling reports, as they all tie in eventually.




It seems the Abominable Swamp Slob is back:

A pasco county woman, returned home late one night on December 18th. She rolled into her driveway at 2:00 AM in a rural area. As her headlights shone into her front yard she saw, what she thought was a large dog with shaggy brown hair, down on all fours near her ornamental fish pond. Not wanting to encounter this animal, she flashed her headlights in hope of scaring it off so she could enter her property. The animal seemed to move off at high speed with a loping gate to the right of the property.

The woman exited her car and went cautiously in the front gate. She took two or three steps and then looked to her right, and saw, standing near her garage about sixty feet away, a man sized creature. on two legs rather than four, covered in shaggy brown hair. Alarmed and terrified she ran into the house, locked her doors and contacted us. I went to the scene the next morning and did see what appeared to be a large bare footprint in the sand near the tall bushes that border the garage on the right side.

This is the same area where the man in the article below was attacked, back in September. I took photos of this print but the photos are not clear enough to show it satisfactorily by my standards, so I have not posted them here. I hope to get better shots in the upcoming investigation of the area.

I think the fish may be a source of attraction to this omnivorous creature. There have been chickens disappearing in this same neighborhood at two locations, but of course it could be raccoons or other natural predators. But usually a raccoon will just make off with one chicken not three at a time.

The chickens that were consumed at the scene and not carried off, had their heads ripped off and just the breast meat consumed. This is another oddity to me, as coons and other predators usually eat all parts of the chicken. Some of the residents in this neighborhood have hard strange sounds at night and heard heavy footsteps outside ,crunching in the dry leaves on their properties at night.

The chickens that were consumed at the scene and not carried off, had their heads ripped off and just the breast meat consumed. This is another oddity to me, as coons and other predators usually eat all parts of the chicken. Some of the residents in this neighborhood have hard strange sounds at night and heard heavy footsteps outside ,crunching in the dry leaves on their properties at night.

We also had a report of a large black creature the size of a bear that was seen lying in the road on a highway four blocks from these homes. This came in only five days after the woman encountered something in her yard. We got to the scene within a half and hour and the creature must have lumbered off. We are assuming it had been hit by a car and later awoke and left the roadway.

There were two separate motorists who saw the thing along with the passengers of the vehicles. They both went home to call someone about the creature which they thought was injured or dead. One of the motorists happens to know us from the case and called us immediately.

We spoke with all the witnesses, who claimed it was curled up and was the size of a bear, but they could not get a look at it's face and did not want to exit their vehicles out of fear, that the wounded animal might be aggressive, if it was still alive. There have been no bears in this area of Pasco for over fifty years or more. So what did they see on the roadside? Both motorists claim to have driven around it, as it partially blocked the road. Even more curious is where did it go in such a short time, if it was actually that badly wounded?

We will continue to post updates on this as they become available.



A man in Pasco County sustained injuries on his arm in an attack by an unknown animal or entity on 9/13/2008 at 4:30 am. This was reported to us and we are including the story here with photos of his injuries.

The man got up at 4:30 am and went to the kitchen to get something to drink. He heard a persistent tapping or knocking on the kitchen window. He lives in a mobile home in a rural area. His windows are at a height of almost six feet from ground level. Upon looking out the window he saw nothing in the darkness, The tapping resumed when he walked away from the window, so he went outside to see what could be the cause of this sound. He heard some rustling from behind the fence in his yard. The fence is covered in wild grapevine just like most of the fences in this area ,which border the woods. As in this picture below.

When the man went to look over the fence the vines were blocking his view so he reached out with his arm to move some of the vines aside. When he did so, he claims that something grabbed his arm and started pulling him into and almost over the fence. He said it felt like two hands grabbed his arm, one at the forearm and one at the bicep. He is a large man weighing in at about 250 lbs. and is over six feet tall. A former war veteran and former biker, he is not easily scared or given to panic, but he did become alarmed and tried to pull his arm away from his assailant who seemed to be pulling with a tremendous strength and force on his arm. He finally did wrench his arm free by literally pulling it from the grasp of whatever had a hold of it. During this struggle he received some severe scratches and wounds from what felt like the nails of this thing. See below:

Whatever did this to this man, was extremely strong and the scratches and gouges left behind were flat, and about almost one eighth of an inch wide. Some were deeper than others and they were spaced wide apart. There was some minor bruising around some of them.

The man is seen here, laying his arm over the fence as he did that night. This particular fence is about four feet high. There are no thorns on grapevines or any of the vines on the fence, as we checked, this out. No known creatures in Florida have hands of the size he described and these scratches are too far apart to have been caused by a cat or raccoon.

A human being would have left wider scratches of a much different fashion with surrounding skin abrasions from the scraping of human type nails. There were also some finger like bruises present on his arm as well, big finger bruises at that. So what grabbed this man? Was it a crypto? Was it a paranormal entity? What has that kind of strength? We don't know but, we plan to continue the investigation into this occurrence. In the meantime, anyone who has a strange encounter such as this, please let us know about it.

We are not disclosing this man's name or the location where he lives for his privacy and the purpose of keeping curious folks out of what might be the territory of some dangerous creature at this time. But we would like to hear from anyone in Pasco county who has had an encounter with a creature that resembles the Florida Bigfoot.

This particular man is someone we know very well and he is not given to making up stories or hallucinations. He is a good ole boy who pretty much keeps to himself and lives on the woodline with his adult son and his girlfriend, and two pit bull dogs. Which reminds me of an interesting detail. The dogs never barked that night as they do when a human intruder comes around, in fact they did not even accompany him out of the house as they normally would under such circumstances. That also makes me wonder what they sensed that they wanted no part of. We are going to be investigating this case, and will post our findings here,when they become available, if we find anything.

Year 2007: Elfers Florida near Moog road...

Some people came face to face with the Florida Bigfoot in the woods at the end of Moog road near Madison. The encounter was just basically a staring contest but the creature did get very close. It showed no sign whatsoever of aggression.

Other Bigfoot sighting reports in Florida that we have received: I am just including anonymous excerpts from these reports as the witnesses want to stay unknown.................

Nov. 16th 2010 :

on friday night .. some of my friends and I went to go walk along the boardwalk on the pier in anclote. we were right by the beach part and something big started moving .. almost like shaking the bush. it was very scary. as we were walking back we could hear whatever it was following us moving through the trees or bushes .. and wouldn't a normal animal like a coyote or something like that make some sort of noise? it didn't make a sound you could only hear its movements. ????

February 29th 2012 :

My 10 year old son and I went on a bike safari on February 10, 2012 in in Pasco Co., FL. At approximately 11am . We took the first right off of the paved road to a gravel road for about a half mile. We then took the next right on to a dirt trail for about a quarter of a mile. At a four way split, we dismounted and took another right onto a muddy track with tire ruts and continued for a stretch.

My plan was to try and loop back towards a creek. About a hundred yards in the track ended and the area cleared out by the flood. The ground was very saturated and there was a lot of fresh deritus around the fallen logs due to the rain several days earlier. Just before the clearing on the right about 12 ft in were several wild orange trees. 

As we approached the clearing, I heard a very loud knock. It sounded like something hitting a tree trunk with a thick stick. Classic squatch alarm from a sentry. This was followed by some quick loud rustling a branch snap and then silence.

My son and I poked around for a while and were overwhelmed by the exotic primitiveness of the area. After about 10 minutes, we started to head back to the dirt trail. There was some more quiet rustling from the same direction, but it was very unobtrusive. Once we were back by the wild orange trees, I heard another softer knock from the same direction and some more rustling. I had my camera ready the whole time, but there was nothing out of the ordinary to see.

From the time I heard the first knock, until we got back to the main road, I had felt that something was watching/aware of us. I didn't mention any of this to my son, as I didn't want to frighten him. There was a lot of wild hog sign in the area (go figure) but none near the clearing, and it didn't sound like tusk sharpening. It was a quick distinct knock.

I did't see anything, or smell anything, but the day was calm and it was winter. I just had an uneasy feeling the whole time.

That's it. Take it for what it's worth. I plan on heading back in the near future and get some firm coordinates, if only for the exercise.

July 16th 2012:

As a teenager we had certain spots for swimming holes we would go to. We would walk down under the bridge and take the trail down to the left to our spot. I have been down there a few times before this. Every teenager has been there at one time or another. Light a bon fire, hang with friends, jump off the tree rope and cool down. I remember walking down the trail and we heard alot of baby gator and where ever there is baby is a big momma so we turned around and walked back the same way we came. When we got under the bridge we all froze at the same time. There was no conversation about did u here that we just stood to try and absorb what was going on. We heard something in the water. Whatever it was it had to be large by the sounds of the foot steps. The smell was just horrible. It made a weird grunt/growl type noise. I was the one in the back of the line and I screamed that its getting closer that everyone needed to run! The only thing that separated me from that whatever was a pillar! I have never been so scared in my life! No one saw whatever it was.We just looked forward and got out of there. Quickly! It was something that we didnt just tell anyone. Some one would think we were crazy. So now I'm 32 and walked across your site and honestly in awe lol I must say I don't feel so crazy any more. I am an outdoor kind of person. I do the hiking camping thing. That was not a gator, bear, hog. We talked and talked this out trying to make since out of this! I am simply saying I felt that that was not normal! The guys we were with were up on the road way before the girls. I am saying that we were in save your butt mode push your way to the top. One of my friends lost her shoe while running and no one went down there to get it! I have lived in NPR area since 89 and I have never heard talk or anything and any type of creature until now. Thank you for my sanity!!!!!

Oct. 29th 2013:

I want to share with you my conviction from my bigfoot encounter in the Ocala National Forest in the eighties. I am very pleased to read on your website how protective you are of this enigmatic and beautiful species. I believe what the native americans say, because I experienced it first hand. After my dad discovered he was being spied on at a lake by a 10' tall bigfoot (he got a good look with binoculars), three weeks later we went back to this site before sun-up to satisfy our curiosity. We brought my little sister, about ten y.o. and my dad's dog,. My dad was an experienced tracker and survivalist, so he said we would have an advantage being there before dawn, particularly because footprints without dew on them would prove fresh, in the event we came upon one. We brought two hunting rifles as we did not know anything about what we were encountering! These were only for our self-defense.

This 10' tall bigfoot met us immediately It made a loud guttural sound and threw a large branch at us to lure us into the wall of thick woods we were standing in front of. (we also smelled it - very very pungent) It knew why we were there and the guns did not scare it at all. This amazing harry humanoid purposefully lured us into this thick woods he was in, to show us his footprint in the middle of a 10' wide fresh gopher mound of moist sand about 2' high. The bigfoot was less than 20' away when we found it, and the next footprint was 10' away and he had stepped on a cactus, which my dad pointed out the first drop of juice was just coming out. My dad whispered to me in an eerie tone, "this thing is moving through these woods like a ghost!" These woods were very thick and every step we took made crunching sounds as much as we tried to stay stealthy. This bigfoot 'glided' through! He made the most amazing footprint you could possibly imagine for us, it was about five inches deep and I put my elbow to my fingertip in it to gauge the monstrous size, and was about eight inches wide.

I have a strong feeling for these wonderful beings and am saddened by all the attention they have garnered. I would never reveal his location to anyone!!! I believe they are related to us and like I have read, have a sadness about them; and they would like to have contact with humans but know humans are barbaric in nature which excludes the possibility.