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Lost souls personals: this section has additions all the time, so keep checking back folks!

This page is dedicated to a cause that we feel needs some attention, both for the sake of the lost souls involved and the survivors of these people. Also for tracking certain spirits that we have encountered that continue to haunt the same areas. This section is a project that we are trying out, to see what results we can obtain and to try and do something special in this field. I have set up several sections here for different circumstances.

The first section is called "Do you know this ghost"? In this section, you will find a list of names and details when available from souls who are seeking to communicate from the next world for whatever reason. These spirits seek closure for whatever reason and have reached out to us, and identified themselves, via EVP and sometimes through our sensitives as well. Anyone who feels they may know who these spirits are, can contact us for more information or for a sitting with us to attempt contact, with the spirit in question. We want to help people on both sides of the veil to find peace. A yellow number sign near the name denotes a spirit that has put in many appearances or has given us consistent communication, at certain locations.

Port Richey female spirit called Rachael from Brooklyn

Port Richey Stephanie

Anclote Holiday area Russel and Kathy, Anna and Janey, Jared, Grace Hall,

Moon Lake spirits Mulcahee and Ritchie 

Walter : this spirit is in Elfers near Celtic drive and claims to be in the water, in a box in the swamp nearby. We can only assume that he is a missing person who was never found.

A female spirit named Maddie who was present at a case in Veteran's village in New Port Richey.

Rocky, a male spirit in New Port Richey Florida in Gulf Harbors sub division.

A young woman spirit named Tammy, brought in by another spirit that communicates with us.

A young male spirit named Christian who came by our evidence review room and made contact with us.

Ladonna or Madonna Black: a woman who has made contact with us in our evidence review room in Holiday Florida.

Michael Kemp; looking to communicate in Tarpon Springs. May have lived in a mobile home community on US 19. Gave his name to us via evp, at the Tarpon Shores development.

Sophie#...hangs out in the stores in Tarpon Springs historic district. very communicative via evp and through sensitives. Loves children and seems to watch over them.

Jarred #...died at maybe 21, hit by a car while on a ten speed bike ,may have lived in tarpon Springs and frequented Astro skate. Had blondish hair in skater cut, fine features, thin and tall. Communicates via evp and through sensitives, eager to let someone know he is OK now. This young man was the catalyst for my making this page.

An older male # spirit who sings Irish or Scottish limericks and seems very happy. We believe he dwells in an abandoned home in Elfers.

Al, a male spirit, appears to be in his 30'.s.. haunts holiday Anclote area. Likes to sit in peoples' cars. Wears a black leather jacket and has long dark hair, large build.

Gina White: this one has followed me home to attempt to communicate. She gave this name, and sounded very frustrated and even angry about something.

A spirit of a young woman who claims to have been wrapped in a bed sheet and disposed of in the Elfers swamp near Celtic drive, but did not give her name. We assume she is yet another missing person that was killed as she says"He murdered me," in an evp recording, as well as the information about the bed sheet.

Sergio #.. . hangs out in Holiday, smokes cigarettes, about 35, good looking, tall dark handsome, wears 70's style clothes.

Sarah #...haunts anclote near Wallace blvd. She is short, thin and wears a charcoal gray period gown in satin or silk. Petite brunette very sweet and has nice voice on tape.

Timmy #... small boy with long brown hair, about 6 years old or small for his age. Wears clothing from a bygone time. Likes water. Hangs out by swimming pools and ponds in the Anclote area in holiday. Appears in daylight hours only and looks full flesh and like a real child, until he disappears.

A young male about 22 wearing a gray hooded sweat shirt that is sighted quite often in Anclote. Seems lost and sad. Vanishes when seen. Appears solid at night. we have him on infrared video. He often sits on a bench at the cemetery at night and vanishes once you pass by him and look back.

Jeremiah#...African american boy about 16 hangs out in Embassy estates in Hudson. wears ragged clothes and has also been seen in New Port Richey at Veterans Villas for some reason.

# Small girl who haunts Anclote, known to sing and count as if playing hide and seek. She calls our investigators by name and calls for her Mommy. We do not know her name, we only have evps from this child. 12 to be exact, captured on different occasions. She seems consistent as a communicating spirit.

Caroline#... is a little girl about 10 years old or so and is with her mother and another female spirit, whose names we do not know. These three seem to have some purpose in haunting here in the Anclote area. Anyone who knows who they might be and what they may need to move on, please let us know.

Sergei pronounced "Sir Gay." is a male spirit that haunts on terrace drive in Hudson Florida .

A young male, between 17 and 20 years of age perhaps? Light blond hair, in a longer ,grown out Skater haircut. Fine facial features, wearing jeans with holes in the knees and a black rock band T shirt of some kind. He has dark brown eyes, and is slender, about 6 feet tall. Wears black 90's style combat boots. Claims to have shot himself in the head , in Tarpon Springs Florida some time ago, possibly late 80's?. Lived near Howard park. Wants someone to know the real reason, "why" he killed himself. Name unknown.

Unknown male...haunts Beacon woods homes. Appears to be in late thirties, long darker hair, very thin. He has very long fingers and bony hands and seems to spend time going from one home to another, making himself known.

This section will be added to as time allows.

The second section here is called " Unsolved murder victims" and is geared to provide a voice for those who have cried out for justice during our journey in this field.

Cindy... female about 19 years old when she passed. Has long ,blond hair. She is about 5 foot 8 inches tall and attractive. wears pink tube top and jeans reminiscent of the 80's. She haunts anclote road , near the power plant and the pier, where she claims she was raped, brutalized and murdered by four young men back in the early 80's. This girl sometimes shows herself with her throat slit and full of mud. Other times she shows herself as a clean, healthy looking young woman. Claims to have been killed in a wooded area in Anclote near the Power plant. Has been seen on the roadside walking or standing. This girl has been dead for a long time and feels no justice has been served for what was done to her. Sensitives conclude that her body is somewhere in that area, near quickmud. Cindy is still being seen on the Anclote Ranch by people who are out four wheeling, near the mudhole. She has been reported as recently as January of 2010. She is also seen at times, naked and running through the woods. Other times she is fully dressed in her 80's attire. We received one report where she looked solid and spoke with two other women telling them that hse was raped in those woods by four men. She then walked off and vanished. We are still logging her appearances.If you see Cindy, please report the sighting to us at the number above or at this website email. You can read more about Cindy in the Haunted Anclote section. Thanks

Haydee... we received an evp from a man who called himself Brett saying"Mark killed Haydee" We are not certain if this happened in Florida but the town "fairfield "was also given via evp, in connection with this supposed killing.

Tom... a man who claims to have been hung in the woods near anclote cemetary in the early 1900's. Gives evps saying "Up here, I am up here".

Scott... a man who came to my home, in Holiday Florida, made his presence known and whose message is that he did not kill himself. We have some evp from this man's spirit. Scott says he was hung but did not hang himself.

The third section here is called "Habitual haunters" and is a heads up for both researchers and people who move into the territory of these spirits, and their activity in certain areas that has become habitual as far as haunting. These are spirits we have encountered on our cases and in our research of certain areas in Florida.

Cindy... see her story above in unsolved murders Cindy is not a malevolent ghost she just wants closure ands attention it seems. She has upset many a motorist on Anclote road, and some residents as well. See above for latest sightings. If you should encounter Cindy, please let us know as we keep track of her appearances.

An older male who goes by the name "Jacks" has haunted several residences in a four block radius in Anclote. This spirit is not nice, and has been known to terrorize women. He sometimes dresses as a civil war soldier, or in other period clothing from that time. He actually resembles Henry Winkler as he looks now in mid life, but with an old style mustache. We have run him out of these residences and he just shows up in another one nearby. This spirit has followed us home in the attempt to scare us off. So we have also run him out of our property as well. We have researched and believe we know his identity, but not why he keeps haunting the living with such malevolence. We also track appearances and activities of this spirit, who has been at it for about ten years that we know of to date. Jacks is seen in Anclote both on the ranch and in the neighborhood of Gulf view heights.

A male about 28 to 30 years of age who runs in front of cars, on the road that runs alongside the "Slim and Chubbies" bar. He will run in front of the car and then stop and look at the driver as if stunned and in shock. He has longer brown hair and appears solid. He sometimes wears a white windbreaker jacket. He appears solid but then fades away. Many people have thought they actually hit a real person, only to get out of the car and find no one. We have followed this case ever since the team leader of PPP encountered this spirit after dropping off a friend at that location. Many people have reported encountering this same apparition. Perhaps he was hit by a drunk driver leaving that bar a long time ago and now does this to scare people into not driving drunk?

A male about 26 to 28 years of age, with long dark hair and a slight beard scruff. Usually wears hair in a pony tail. He is about 6 feet tall and wears a T shirt and jeans. This man seems to be very angry and is somewhat of a mean ghost. He is seen in the Anclote area, in Holiday on Calvary road and the streets nearby.

There is also a black shadow like entity that looks like a man that steps out into the road on Anclote blvd. late at night usually when it is raining. This apparition is also sometimes seen when it is not raining. This usually occurs on the stretch of road right after the rock plant.


A large black Newfoundland type dog that may have belonged, to a famous celebrity, who once lived on the river, as it was seen at the home and we did investigate the case. This black dog may seem spooky but it does not seem at all malevolent in any way. Animals sometimes come back too. This dog haunts an area in New port Richey, down by the river behind Hooters and on Irene street and Mark Street in New Port Richey. Many people see ghost animals, and when seen outside at night they sometimes look black, and many people just assume it was a live animal that they saw run across the road or into the brush. Sometimes it is a live animal, sometimes it's not. Since this dog has a habit of vanishing before people's eyes, we can rule out a living animal.