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Why do all the Mary's come back?

   “ Why do all the “Marys” come back to haunt?”

Have you ever noticed that many famous ghosts are named Mary? Do people with that name tend to return from the grave to haunt the living for some reason? I can not help but

Wonder why so many Mary’s seem to haunt the living. Just look at this list which is not even close to complete, and you have to wonder about the sheer coincidence of this trend.

Bloody Mary

Resurrection Mary the phantom hitchhiker

Mark Queen of Scots

Ocean Born Mary

Mary Roff

Mary Hobbs of Greenwood Hall

Mary Gallagher the Ghost of Griffon town

Miss Mary of the Mary Lake School for girls

Mary Wolfe of Centerville Cemetery

Stop Sign Mary of Indiana

Mary Nasson

Mary ghost of the Michigan Alliance Theater

Mary ghost of the Memphis Theater

Mary ghost of Kutztown University

Mary the ghost at Waverly Hills

Mary the ghost of Elk Lake

The Queen Mary is said to be very haunted…hmmmm

I won’t even go into all the sightings of the spirit, of the most famous Mary of all…The Virgin Mary

I could go on and on but let’s look at this:

Even places with “Mary” in their names are haunted

“The Queen Mary” which is also haunted by “Mary green”

“The Mary Celeste”

“The Mary Lake School”

“Mount St. Mary’s college”

Mary King’s close in UK

Again, I could go on but I think I made my point. Now let’s just consider something interesting as well. In numerology according to the Sepher Sephiroth the name Mary adds translates to the number 8. The number 8 in the book has the following numerical meanings:

To will or intend

Desired, beloved

The entrance, the threshold

To be anxious, to grieve

I find this very curious, as I have always studied Names and numerology

Also we find the name to mean bitterness and rebellious. Reference:

Where the oldest ghost legends are concerned, I think we also have to consider the popularity of the name Mary, during the earlier centuries. It was a very common name, but even so, there were other common names back then also. Why is it always the Marys that seem to stay on and haunt? I just thought this was an interesting topic.

From what I have noticed most Marys seem to resist eternal rest.

Another popular female ghost name is Sarah. I personally have encountered at least four ghosts named Sarah and there seem to be many others floating around from the research I have done. This article is just for trivial fun, but I cannot help but wonder if one’s name is a marker that holds certain trends for destiny, both in this life and the next. Who knows?