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This page is sort of a fake out folks, as I do not list media attention to my team. I do want to address this though. The paranormal field has become far too commercial and I do not want to be part of the circus. I have turned down many TV shows that have contacted me and I also do not seek new coverage or newspaper coverage by alerting them to my events and or investigations. I am not in this for notoriety or fame. I have been on the TV before and featured on the cover of a magazine but that was long ago and it was not my idea. I do about 35 radio shows a year when I have time as I am in the field a lot. If you google my name along with the words radio show or blogtalk radio, you can find many of these shows in archive. I do the radio shows to try and spread awareness of what really goes on in the field and also to try and offer a rational voice to ease people's fears. I do not list everyone's thank you emails that tell how wonderful they thought we were, or promote our success or our competence. I have references for anyone that wants them, but I do not post them here, as I want to keep this site as an educational site not a commercial promotion site.

To be honest I prefer to avoid the media altogether as I do not want to foster the paranormal craze that is going on and has been for 6 years now. I do have a testimonial page but I have only had time to post two things there as I prefer to post important things first, like case updates, articles etc. I have been in the field for 35 years. If I posted very radio show I did and every client that I helped I would need another website to handle the extra content. I don't care to post a 30 page resume to impress anyone. I do not enter contests for best websites, ghost pictures, etc. I just do not care about that stuff and never will. I have a different agenda than a ghost hunting team. I am here to help the haunted and also the spirits and I do not need a publicity campaign as those that need me usually find me.

 I have no shortage of cases and I do not solicit cases or places to investigate because I do not go looking for ghosts. I know they exist, and I have for decades. I am a mediator that initiates communication via evp and other means to bridge the gap between the living and the dead. I only come in when I am needed and I help when I can. PPP Hostile Haunts specialists has been very successful in helping people and resolving hauntings of all kinds. Many of my clients come to me through word of mouth and referrals from other paranormal teams. I have written two books to offer my experience and to further education in the paranormal field. That for me is enough, so you will find no list of media attention here. I believe that if you have knowledge of something that you should let others light their candles from it, not blind them with your leading torch. I think there are enough commercial folks out there doing that already. Thanks for taking the time to read this, Laurie Champion Director of Hostile Haunts Specialists PPP.


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