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Medical conditions that mimic spirit attacks.............

People tell me all the time about physical symptoms they are perceiving as a spirit or ghost attack. Everything from sudden scratches appearing on their skin to red marks, bruising, welts, nerve buzzing sensations, a feeling as if something is crawling on their skin or touching them ever so lightly etc. There are many more sensations that people have all the time that they assume is haunting related. This is because the physical symptoms and events seem to sudden and have no apparent cause. Now spirits have attacked people at times and it can happen but most of the time there is another cause for the physical symptoms people experience. Most people just do not know about these things because it is not something we hear about often. We at PPP are out to educate people so they can assess what may or may not be happening to them when they think it could be paranormal. We try to inform about the things that could be paranormal as well as those that might not be. If you educate yourself about this topic you will find that there are many disorders, diseases, and illnesses that can and do cause these sudden and at times terrifying physical symptoms. We are providing some good information and links where you can validate these possibilities for you to check out.

For example; LUPUS a disease that is very complex can cause so many spontaneous skin reactions; raised red welts, scratches or what at least looks like scratches, bruising also. These things happen with no known cause and so suddenly that it seems almost supernatural, but the visible effects on the outside are caused from an internal source precipitated by the disease and not spirits or ghosts. 

Neurological disorders are a common culprit for seemingly unexplained physical reactions. Many autoimmune disorders can also cause strange and unexplained skin lesions, bruises, welts and even what look like scratches. Sensations of being touched or burned and even some hallucinations are also are caused most of the time by one of the neurological disorders.

Uticaria, a skin disease caused by overactive nerves and histaminic reactions can also cause many sudden skin reactions. One of the worst ones that causes this is chronic idiopathic urticaria, it is caused by an autoimmune reaction.The list is endless and more often than not a doctor can clear up any doubts about a physical condition if you explain to them what you are experiencing.

Anxiety can cause so many things too that we just do not expect such as causing a buzzing sensation and much more. Read about it below at the link provided. 

Before assuming that physical symptoms are paranormal attacks please consider some of the alternative causes for these things. Never automatically look for the most bizarre explanation or immediately assume everything is paranormal. We hope this information has been helpful.


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