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The Responsibility of mediums and psychics and a warning to the client:

Responsibility of mediums and psychics in case investigations

 Many of the investigative teams in the paranormal field do not merit the worthiness of mediums and psychics when it comes to investigations into activity at a home or business .Many are strictly by the book{ What book?} science minded organizations. There are others that implement the use of these sensitive people in addition to their equipment and technological methods of exploring the phenomenon. We are one of these types of teams who do value the input of a sensitive.

 I think a lot of the problem that some folks in this field have with sensitives is because of the irresponsible actions and presentations that some mediums and or psychics display. We have all seen the theatrical, ridiculous types on TV specials. The kind of medium, who as soon as he or she walks in is spouting their visions, IE; "There's a man in the chair right there, he says he is looking for his dog, he likes peanut butter," and on and on, and then moves on to the next room with an equally silly but just as endlessly informative dissertation. Then there are the dramatic TV mediums who waft their hands about, and make all kinds of theatrical gestures, while relaying the scariest things they can think of. Bad overacting runs amok on these shows.This of course makes for good TV show ratings but not so much for good psychic credibility.This is why the sensitives are looked down upon by the paranormal teams that avoid using them or being associated with them.

I think if a medium practices responsibility and dignity when dealing with a case they can be a valuable asset to any team. Our sensitives do not tell clients anything as a rule, other than maybe there may be a presence at the location, if that. As a rule we do not even let on that one of our team members is a sensitive. We wait and then listen to the impressions of the sensitive later when reviewing any evidence acquired and see if he or she can back it up or give us more to chew on. One of our sensitives gave us info. about a burned woman who she saw in a private residence, where there was a multiple haunt. This set us on another path where we looked into previous history and learned of two different fires that took place at that location. We were later able to ascertain that indeed there was a woman burned who survived the fire and even located a photo of that woman who matched the person the medium had seen. This explained so much about what was going on in the home and the door and window banging that took place every night, as people had been trapped inside the home when it burned. On a second visit evp backed up both the history research and the mediums claims concerning this woman.

At no time did we inform the client that there was a half burnt woman 's specter running around in the home as this would have given the residents something to dwell on and maybe even plant ideas for potential hallucinations born of fear. This is what I mean when I say "responsibility" is everything for mediums in this field, if they hope to be considered an asset to the paranormal teams. As in every field there are professionals and theatrical types on the scene, both contributing to our credibility or lack of, as investigators in this field.

There are many truly professional and quite effective sensitives out there that do not resort to frivolous or less than dignified tactics. I really feel that any paranormal team who rules them out completely is disregarding a beneficial tool in their exploration in the field. I know at least five paranormal investigators, that do not even let on that they are sensitives for fear of ridicule, as in some circles it is the kiss of death for their credibility. This is ridiculous. There are probably people who will read this and say, "Oh no, not her too, I always thought she was more educated and sensible than that," Yep! But I really don't need anyone else's validation to my views in order for them to be acceptable. I usually know who is closed minded and who isn't.. "My spirit guide tells me."