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  Laurie Champion, the director of Pinellas/Pasco Paranormal at the age of fifty eight ,has been in this field for thirty nine years. She is one of the longest established and most experienced investigators in the state of Florida. She also investigated in New Jersey, before coming to Florida. Laurie is a Hostile haunts Specialist.  She and her team have been resolving hostile hauntings for many years. She serves as an advisory to teams all over the country for hostile haunts cases. Laurie got into the field because she herself, was the victim of a hostile haunt for years as a child. She personally trains all of her staff here at PPP. She and her team have much experience with all kinds of hauntings and some crypto cases. We do not do UFO investigation. We refer all UFO type cases to  MUFON. PPP is not an evidence gathering only organization. We actually specialize in helping to alleviate hostile activity in the home of our clients. We never charge a fee and are very confidential with our clients. PPP does take crypto cases for unknown animals and or entities. We have tracked the Florida Bigfoot for many years now, and learned much about this creature.

  PPP is a busy team that handles about 45 cases a year. Pinellas/Pasco gets most of it's cases from word of mouth, as they are well established in the area and have an excellent track record with hostile haunt cases. We get many cases by referral from other teams, that find hostile spirits in their client's homes, or in their own homes after ghost hunting adventures that went wrong. We also take most local cases and do what we call a sitting to get evp communication with a spirit, when the people in the home want to try and find out who the ghost is, just for their peace of mind, even if the ghost is not hostile. We do however always give priority to hostile haunt cases. We give top priority to those cases where children are being targeted by a spirit. If you are local we can be there within 24 to 48 hours.

     We are here to help people who are experiencing distressing activity in their homes. We try to gather information to try and solve a haunting, not just take pictures and video. We are EVP  specialists, as we believe that EVP is the best form of communication we have to date. We also take cases occasionally in Hillsborough and Hernando county. We refer out of state cases to colleagues who are able to help people in other areas of the United States and the UK. We have been featured on the cover of Creative Loafing Magazine and on Channel Ten Studio Show in 2007, but we usually keep a low profile as we do not have publicity as our goal in this field. Laurie has turned down every paranormal TV show that has approached her, as she does not want to be a part of the promotion of the paranormal craze.

    We will stay with most cases until they are solved or resolved, unless we are unable to help any further, then we will tell you your options from there. We can not promise to get rid of your ghost or entity but we will at least try.  We have about an 88 percent success rate with resolving hauntings. We currently have a staff of 12 people and some part time additional field people. We usually never take more than four people to a case unless it is a large building or vast location. We wear normal clothing with no logos, for both the privacy of the client and so as not to announce ourselves, as the ghost police, to any spirits that may be in someone's home. We have found that this method gets us more evidence captures and makes things less dramatic for all concerned. All members of PPP have been  trained by Laurie Champion and are competent and fearless investigators, that are dedicated to what they do.

       We have done ongoing research in  many locations for many years and have tested many of our methods successfully .  We do not claim to be experts as in this field there are "NO" experts. We are not Ghost hunters, and we do not take part in any commercial endeavor that exploits the paranormal. 

 We do not encourage or promote ghost hunting . Please do not contact us asking for us to recommend haunted locations for ghost hunting as we do not do that and will not encourage anyone else to do it.

Anyone wanting to contact any member of this team can do so through this website email and/or contact phone. All questions should be directed to the founder/director Laurie Champion. We have had a problem with people from other paranormal teams calling our team members to try and get information about this team and our cases and or methods. Our team members do not want to be contacted, outside of this website, as they have lives and do not wish to be harassed.

 The team director handles all case scheduling and case applications. The members of this team DO NOT work with anyone outside of this team.  No one on this team, will give out any information on our cases, methods, of investigation or cleansing, so asking is a waste of time. We had to put up this blurb, because two people  on our team were being harassed, and all of our team members and their families, have a right to privacy and not to be bothered at home with phone calls from curiosity seekers . Thanks for your co-operation ....PPP

Team members

                                   Laurie Champion Fotinos : Owner/ Director / Investigator/ Sensitive / cleanser /author