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Common Misconceptions that people have about hauntings:

This is a list of the most common misconceptions that I hear all the time in the paranormal field and with everyday people who think they are in the know about hauntings and spirits: Some of these things will put your mind at ease and some will make you uneasy but at least you will be more informed than you were before. There is so much stuff that still is going around and being told to people, written on the net and passed down from generation to generation that has long been proved to be false information. False information makes people open to making mistakes that could cost them in a real haunting and stirs up fear and needless worry when there may be no haunting at all. I have based this section on the things I am often asked and the things that people often google, regarding their paranormal questions.

1. Orbs in photos mean absolutely nothing! They do not mean you are haunted and they can be found anywhere anytime. People always google"What do orbs in a photo mean?" Well the answer again is nothing whatsoever. Orb anomalies are caused by many normal conditions and even those that are not are simple plasmas that we do not know with any level of certainly are even associated with ghosts or spirits.

2. Covering your mirrors does not stop a spirit from entering your home and mirrors do not serve as portals to the other side. This is movie stuff people. A mirror can be used by a spirit as a vehicle to amplify the spirit's light and allow them to appear in the mirror, but it is still a "reflection", not a spirit living in the mirror or using it to enter your home. If you are haunted and you want to lesson the chance of seeing a spirit ,then cover the mirror, but don't think that doing so will stop the spirit from haunting. There are no magic mirrors that serve as spirit portals or entry ways.

3. Poltergeists are not the result of the angst of a telekinetic teenager. A spirit that moves objects in the home is just that "a spirit". How many telekinetic teens do you really think there are out there? This whole misconception was spawned years ago by old time spiritualists that wanted to offer an explanation for something they could not understand and the kid was a convenient scapegoat. A poltergeist is a spirit, and spirits do initiate this kind of physical activity all the time.

4. High EMF readings do not prove or even allude to the existence of a spirit in the home. these meters register every kind of energy, that is present and natural in the environment. There is something if not more than one thing in every home that can and will set off these meters. Even living people with the right kind of energy can do so. Look for electrical faults before spirit manifestations with these high EMF meter readings.These meters are campy gadgets that are promoted to ghost hunting hobbyists who do not know any better and just about every paranormal team out there mistakenly relies on them. In the end they signify nothing.

5. Camera batteries do not die because ghosts drain them for the energy fix: This is simply not true. A spirit draining two AA batteries because he needed sustenance, would be like you or I eating a battery because we were hungry, or needed energy. It is the wrong kind of energy for a spirit to process and those two little batteries would be like consuming a sunflower seed, as far as satisfying hunger. The spirits disable the cameras because they hate the flash. The light of the flash disrupts their light and makes for a very disorienting experience for them. Basically when a spirit drains your camera batteries this is their way of telling you to back off and stop flashing that light in their faces. They just don't like that flash! Have you ever noticed that camera batteries are often attacked yet tape recorders seldom seem to get hit, with battery drain? Hmmmm.... something to consider ?

6. It must be a demon! I can not even count the times my phone rings and someone tells me they have a demon in their home. They believe this because of the stuff they see on TV or are told on the net by supposed demonology articles and such. They also tend to think this because of religious superstition. Activity such as moving objects, bad smells, physical touching and all," can be and usually is being done" by a "human spirit". All of these things and more, can be done by the run of the mill spirit and it does not require a demon to pull this kind of stuff off. Also not every spirit that causes extreme activity is necessarily evil, for that matter. Please realize that demons are very rare and that most hauntings are just human spirits. Also any spirit can growl and that does not mean you have a demon in your home either.

7. Native American burial grounds do not automatically cause hauntings of residential homes, or other buildings, built on or around them. This is an urban legend spawned by movies, books, and the mystic associated with the Native American people. In fact, Native American's belief systems are not conducive with the idea of spirits haunting, as they believe that they return to dwell with the "creator" and are very forgiving and spiritual people. Native American spirits are usually found in the forest and in other natural settings, as that is where they lived and they if they return ii would be to what they loved , not to some modern day home where people are living. Most hostile hauntings are done by spirits of Caucasians , more often than anyone else. I always hear people say, "Well my house is haunted because it is on Indian land!" In reality all of this country at one time was "Indian land" so if that were the case everyplace would be haunted by Indians. Please folks don't buy into this erroneous folklore. You stand more of a chance of encountering a spirit at a modern day cemetery than at a Native burial ground. The reasons for this are far too detailed for me to go into here.

8. Religious people are never haunted: WRONG! Being religious does not make you invulnerable to spirit interaction folks. It may help to keep you a bit safer from "evil spirits" because you do have faith and usually God fearing folks do not ghost hunt, provoke or play around with the spirit world, because they have more respect for the dead and for God's realm. However, if a spirit decides to try and interact with you for whatever reason or if the spirit has a true justification to haunt you, than you will be haunted no matter how much time you spend in any church of any kind.

9. A black form or shadow entity is an evil entity: Nope. Spirits have many forms of manifestation and just because something looks like a black shadow does not mean it is an evil thing at all. We are conditioned to believe that "white = good and black = evil" but when it comes to spirit manifestation it is simply not that cut and dried and this way of thinking is an old world view.

10. If I saw a ghost than my house is haunted: Wrong. Spirits go everywhere and they pass through different places all the time. Everyone in their lifetime has a 70 percent chance of seeing something paranormal, but it does not mean that their home is haunted or that the spirit resides there. Even if the spirit does live there, chances are that it wants nothing to do with you most of the time. Everyplace where anyone has ever lived or died is haunted in a way, but we seldom get to interact with those spirits, and they seldom seek to interact with us.