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Most haunted cases by year... PPP's hall of fame this page started in 2008

We started this page in 2008 and so we are not including the years before that, this is a new feature. THE LINKS MAY HAVE CHANGED. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR SOME OF THESE CASES YOU MAY HAVE TO LOOK IN THE "more case updates" PAGE OR THE OLDER CASE FILES UPDATES FILES.

2008..The Terrace drive haunting....scroll down the page at this link to find this:

2009 The Breyley haunt case in Oldsmar ... Find this here at this link

2010 The Seapines case in Hudson...Find this here:

2011 We had a tie between the Roanoke case of New Port Richey

and the Granada case in St. Petersburg : find both at the latest case updates page at this website

2012 The winner for 2012 is hands down the Oct. 3rd Tarpon Springs Berkley about it and watch the video on the latest case updates page.

2013 The winner for most haunted case location for 2013 is "The Weeki Wachee" haunting case worked from Nov. 30th 2012 until February 2013 You can find this case about half way down the page at this


2014 The New Port Richey Elemental case. You can find this in the latest case updates in two parts. Look for the photos of the eyes. You can find it at this link:

2015 The Pinellas Park Happy haunting from September 18th: This case was chosen not because it was really a "haunting" as we normally think of that but because it was by far the most interactive spirit case of the year. The family members that came through on tape were benevolent, funny at times, and most hospitable. the amount of evp evidence gathered at this case was staggering. For this reason this case takes the win for 2015 for the most active spirits. Find it here, listed under Pinellas Park residential case 9/18:

2016 the Moonlake8/Tayport Claire case: While 2016 was one of the most quiet years PPP has had in a long while, our last case of the year was indeed the most haunted. This distinction was made because of not only the number of evps obtained there, but also the photos, one of which shows one of the spirits that was talking to us. It was not a hostile or bad haunt, just an active one. You can find the case report here:

2017 The Hudson/ Wolfdog case. This case took the prize for the insane amount of evps and the extreme energy and activity present at the location. This haunting did have overtones of at least one hostile haunting spirit. The others seemed to be more amiable. All were connected to the clients and not the location.

Go to the latest case updates page for more info. on this case.