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What are non human entities? Well, basicly, they are anything, that is not a human spirit, and that seems to have intelligence and interacts with the living. Often non human entities are not so benevolent. Some are harmless, some are helpful and some are quite troublesome. We do not know much about these other spirit life forms. There are some that we have run across over the years. The shadow man is one of those entities, which I personally, think is a non human spirit, a spirit from another dimension or plane that comes to this plane, sort of like a bounty hunter looking for troublesome ghosts or spirits that have overstayed their time on this plane. Shadow men are usually harmless to the living and are usually just there, stalking the spirit they are after.. Not all entities which display as black masses are evil in nature. Every and any spirit at one particular stage of manifestation, can appear as a black shadow ghost, even your dear old Grandma. We have been conditioned to think that black is evil, white is good, but it's not that cut and dried.

Another entity which we have encountered more than once, is what we call an "Imp". An imp, is a spirit which appears to be smalll in stature, about three feet tall, and they like to appear and sound like children, as to get your sympathy or trust. Sometimes they will display as a child spirit, but most times they appear as a small black entity, that is very dense and may appear to have mass. They may sound like children when you hear them, but if you get that voice on tape as we have before, and you take it into the computer software and enhance it a bit, so it is clear, then you will hear the real tone of the voice. When you can hear the strange tone of the voice it actually sounds more like that of a human dwarf's voice. Sort of like the little lady, from the old Poltergeist movie? The voice has an older sound but just with a high pitch that at first may sound like a child's voice. We believe that Imps impersonate child spirits very often.

Imps can be dangerous spirits because people perceive them to be child spirits, and they open the door to them, through sympathy and maternal instincts. The Imp, will then play that up for all it's worth and settle in, soaking up that energy and attention until, eventually they become a real problem, causing extreme activity in the home and that activity goes from harmless mischief to malevolent destructiveness. Imps will sometimes team up with human ghosts and other entities like groupies, and form a posse, that pool their energy and create even more powerful physical activity. It is our opinion that Imps should always be run off from a home if possible, as their nature is fickle, unpredictable and tends to get mean over time. I believe they are not necessarily evil, just neutral chaos. They feed on the thrill of causing discord, playing pranks and scaring people. Luckily they are not that hard to run off, as they are not eager for a fight, from what we have seen in our experiences with Imps at our cases. We have captured evps from Imps and they have a very specific sound that we now recognize most of the time. The Imp I saw with my own eyes looked like a small black shadow entity about three feet tall that seemed to resemble a small human, but had three strange appendages hanging off the crown of it's head that looked much like limp antennae. According to the evp log there were two imps in that location at the time, as we heard them commenting to each other about us and the problem we presented.

As I said before, we know very little if anything about non human entities. Some are thought to be elementals, some are animal spirits perhaps, and there are probably many other things, that we can not even conceived of yet, that populate different planes of existence and happen to visit this plane from time to time. { See elemental spirits in the header for more info.}There are some people in this field who think that sometimes, what we may think is a spirit, may actually have an extraterrestrial origin. The jury is still out on all of these questions.

Many religious systems, especially the Christian and Catholic based Theosophy, seem to have their concept of an entity, known as a demon. Demons are thought to be evil, non human entities, in league with the devil, here to torment and sometimes even possess people. Now in 38 years, in this field, I have not come across one of these, "demons"... but that s not to say they positively don't exist, but I do not believe they do. I do not believe in the "Devil" per say either. I have even received EVPS from spirits who are in the next realm obviously who have told me time and time again that there is no devil. I know that bad human spirits exist, as well as elementals {good, bad and neutral} and other spirit life forms or entities. Many spirits thought to be, or perceived as demons, are actually just very angry, and powerful human spirits, with an axe to grind. Human spirits are perfectly capable of being "evil" spirits if they are so inclined. Not every evil spirit is a demon. What many people don't know, is that human spirits can integrate with a living person and influence them to a point, where they are affected by that spirit. I do not think possession is possible, for a human spirit, or any other kind to attain over a living person. centuries ago, mental illness was not known and so many people were deemed possessed by demons, when in fact they were just mentally ill. Human spirits can also pull off the all of the impressive and scary activity that these supposed demons get credit for such as :moving objects, hitting pr pushing people, creating bad smells etc etc. The founder of this group does not subscribe to the theory of demonic possession. PPP does not really subscribe to the "DEMON" theory and we do not have a demonologist on our team as we feel that the whole thing is overblown, heavily laced with fear, born of superstition and religious dogma. If demons were out there, I think that we would have come across at least one in 38 years of hostile case investigation. Demons are in my opinion largely the creation of our fears and religious dictate, as well as thought forms impressed on us by movies and books, certain TV shows,etc.

Over the years, I have received reports of a myriad of strange entities of all kinds. Some seem to be more common than others and some seem to be exclusive in these reports. We have absolutely no idea of how many or what kind of interdimensional beings exist, or what they are. We are still just beginning to develop some theories about the realm of human spirit, for that matter. There are those like myself, who will continue to research paranormal entities, seeking answers. Some of these answers may never be found. Perhaps there is a limit on what we are allowed to know or discover in this life. It is human nature to question that which we do not understand, and things we experience that seem to be out of place or unknown to us.

Fear is also part of human nature and sometimes serves to make us vulnerable to things. On the other hand, it is also fear, that may keep us safe at times, as we will not be as eager to approach or interact with things we fear. I am sure that there are some things that are just better left alone, and in that case we are better off ignoring them and going about our business. I think as the paranormal field progresses, we will learn more about safe and unsafe interactions with non human entities. Until then, we will search, question and wonder about the things in heaven and earth that are outside of our realm of knowledge or understanding. 

One of the most common non human spirits are the elementals.....

Many elementals are not what you might think. They are often mistaken for evil because they have a real distaste for human beings and to be honest that hatred is sort of justified. For more on them go to:

Thought form entities

A thought form entity is created by the human mind and given energy from a human, or humans. It is not a spirit with it's own entity, but a projection of the concentrated thoughts of living people. If one person thinks they see a ghost and tells many others, pretty soon they are all thinking about and imagining the ghost. Soon those thought patterns manifest themselves in a synthetic entity that actually takes form and becomes a semi reality. Thought form entities can be formed with so much energy, that they can even take on a mind of their own, of sorts and display as a haunting spirit. Many of the most famous ghosts are thought form entities, created by the energy of people from countless generations believing in and adding their thought energy to the spectre. Residual hauntings are also kept alive this way, when they might have eventually faded away, if people did not dwell on them and reinforce energy into them. “We invent what we love, and what we fear. “

- - - John Irving


It is possible that some of the things people are seeing, over the years that they perceive to be non human entities, even demons, may actually be some other life form, extraterrestrial or otherwise. I myself have never encountered an extraterrestrial to my knowledge, and do not actively investigate such things, as I am not yet convinced of their existence at all. Many people think that the famous Mothman is an extraterrestrial, some even think Bigfoot is. I can honestly say that although I can not vouch for Mothman, but I do not believe in any way, that the Bigfoot is from anywhere other than earth. I am not saying that there are no alien life forms, as I do not know. I can reason that if we exist, some other planet may also support life, but I am not yet a believer in Aliens, reptilians, and/or little green or grey men at this time. I do think that their may be over life forms in other dimensions and or in the next plane, where we will all eventually go when we die. If the imps are out there, why not other types of entities that hail from the next world? Perhaps some of these do find their way here from time to time and are seen by people under the right circumstances at the right time. I am sure there are more things in heaven and earth than we will ever really know. I can only offer theories on those that I myself have encountered.

Summoned entities and provoked spirits

These are spirits and entities that are brought into our plane by living people that summon them or call them out. People play with Ouija boards, they toy with spirit rituals, and they play around doing evp sessions in their homes and in other places. All of these things, open a door to the other side and issue an invitation to whoever, or whatever is hanging around, waiting for a way in. Most times it is not a good spirit that walks through that door either. Most spirit opportunists have an agenda of their own. Most people who open these doors do not know how to close them, which allows for even more errant spirits, to gain access to their realm. Never summon anything, as you may get something much worse, than you had bargained for and wind up in a bad situation. Many an amateur ghost hunter has gotten into trouble with spirits this way as well. Never provoke a spirit to come out and put on a show, as again, it may land you into trouble. Educate your children about this kind of thing too, as kids often play these parlor games and nowadays they want to do what they see on TV. Kids are the most vulnerable to harm and spirit attachment. Talk to your kids about what they see on TV, as far as Ghost hunting shows and tell them, it is not something to do for fun or kicks. For more information on this please see the following website...


Investigating the paranormal can be hazardous to your health.

It can follow you home and destroy your life.

TV doesn’t tell you that. So we will.


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