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Read this before you buy into the fears of others that are expressed or promoted in posts and stories concerning paranormal experiences.

Not buying into others' fear ……

Today a comment at my website blog got me thinking and so I decided to write this article as a result. I had a blog entry that discussed the “water drop” phenomenon. So far countless people have come in and commented saying they too have experienced it. This phenomenon is very common with spirit presence and is nothing to fear in and of itself. It is simply a very easily explained phenomenon that occurs when spirits take the energy and the heat along with it out of a certain space. It does not portend anything horrific or scary and should not be cause for alarm. It is just one of the many things that can happen when there is spirit presence near us.

So people come into this blog and they leave their stories and their impressions of what was happening at their home or location. Now, what is being relayed in these stories shared is simply the impressions of the people involved. A woman commented today expressing her new found fears for her ill son after reading the posts of two people who wrote that the water drop event happened right before someone died. Well, a lot of things happen every day before anyone dies but that does not mean they are in any way connected or contributed to that death in any way. Now this poor gal who already has the heartache of a son, who is sick, now thinks that because she felt water drops that her son is being attacked by a ghost and he too may be in danger of dying as a result. This just does not need to happen. When you read or hear any paranormal story, you have to remember the following:

1. This is this person’s story and with all the attention and with all the preoccupation with the paranormal these days, about 40 percent of all stories offered are embellished or downright fictional. People love to scare other people and some of them are very creative. They are bored and wanting to be part of whatever niche they are interested in and will make up stories to attain that goal.

2. The story is always told through the lens of the individual’s perception of that experience. If the person is someone who has a great deal of fear of all things paranormal, anything paranormal may spell danger and even deadly danger in some cases. For some people a creaking door is something that needs some WD 40, while to others it is perceived as a demon come to haunt their home and steal their souls. Don’t be anyone’s co-dependent in fear. The average people, who are relaying these tales, do not know enough about any given experience to say for sure that it is absolutely one thing or another.

Basically any story told to you by anyone about “ any” alleged paranormal experience may be colored by their interpretation, imagination, exaggeration, motivation, influence of religious affiliation, and very specific individual view of experiences of this kind. So please never let someone else’s story set you to panicking. Even if the story they are telling really happened, that does not mean that is what will happen to you or your loved ones. Sometimes things happen with reasons behind them that we are not aware of. Sometimes the things that people claim to have happened were greatly embellished or never even happened at all. So please take it all with a grain of salt and if you have questions go to the people with the years of experience, to be able to offer a viable answer. Never buy into the fear of another.