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PinellasPascoParanormal/Hostile Haunts Specialists

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Several older Case Updates have been deleted on this page for space. The page was taking too long to load and we just can not keep all cases up forever. We kept a few here that were interesting but did delete many, many others. We are sorry if your case is no longer up here.

These case updates are older. We try to keep some of the more interesting cases up here on this page. We do delete some and post others as time goes by. If you want to find recent cases, go to the "Latest case Updates" page in the header.


3/12/2014 Dunedin residential case...

We were called to this case because a couple were having some strange activity in their townhouse. This is a beautiful large home that is only about 7 years old. The client bought it last year and they are seasonal residents. They spent 5 months last year with no haunting or activity but this year when they returned the place seemed inhabited. WE went out there and found two spirits present in this home. One was a male who gave us many evps and seemed very hospitable, giving us information about many things and answering our questions. The other spirit was a female who seemed hell bent on being rude, mean and causing all kinds of unpleasantness. She created a strong smell of paint and then a strong smell of methane like a horrible fart on three occasions to put us off. This stuff is typical of what I like to call "stupid ghost tricks" and when we did not react beyond laughing about her sad tactics, it stopped. I can't link this female spirit to the home as a former owner, or resident and there seems to be no link to the family, so I assumed she was a spirit squatter that moved in while the home sat empty as this is common. Later though, while going through the evps I found an evp from the male who informed us that someone had been calling up spirits in the home. After chatting again with the client and inquiring about this, and them talking to their guest, we learned that someone had indeed stayed at the home over the summer and had called out to the spirits in hopes of contacting a loved one. As is often the case they attracted this spirit and not the one they wanted. This is why we continually try to tell people not to do this as it can end exactly like this. Now there is a stubborn and rude female spirit there now and we are going to have to return most likely to try and irradicate her. Status/ case open/ top be resolved hopefully next trip CAT SP

2/1/2014 Elfers residential case: This case was just another typical relative spirit visitation. Nothing exciting to report, just more or less a personal communication between the clients and their deceased family members. Nothing hostile or malevolent. Some EVPS were obtained but nothing as far as photographic evidence, was captured. STATUS: CASE CLOSED... RATING CAT SP

1/3/2014 New Port Richey Prime residential case ...

We came into this case because of some very excessive activity happening in the home. The activity was intermittent but seemed to always start up again. The clients just wanted to know who or what was there and why. They just wanted peace f mind knowing they and their family were safe. The activity was common but in no way hostile by our standards. We did establish communication with 3 spirits in the home. Two of them turned out to be female relatives of the client, come to see the new baby. The other was a male who seemed to be henpecked by these two female spirits. He was not related to them or the client. He stated that the property was once his farm. He was very forth coming with communication and very peaceful in his manner. We did get many EVPS from these spirits. We found nothing but spirit presence and spirits interacting with each other at this location. This is not even a haunting of any kind. The family's mind is now greatly at ease and we feel happy to have been able to help. STATUS/CASE CLOSED CAT SP

11/17/2013 New Port Richey residential case/ return to River case round 3

We have been to this location twice before and encountered a very hostile female spirit and three others in attendance at this home. On our second trip we did cleanse this house which stayed quiet for 4 months. Then we got a call from the client because she had noticed some shadows and noises and was very fearful that this mean female spirit might have returned. Luckily we found that the house was very quiet and that this spirit was gone. This is an active area and spirits pass through places and homes all the time so it is our assumption that the things the client experienced were just that, random, innocuous spirits that meant no harm. It is very hard to get over a bad haunting and the fear sticks with you for a long time. I am glad that the cleansing appears to have worked and that this one mean female spirit is finally gone. There were only a few evps, some from the spirits that came with us to help and one female spirit that passed through. The place was quiet and the energy was very low. I hope it stays this way.


11/13/2013 Pinellas Park case/ Real estate business case

A real estate agent called us about a foreclosure home that he and another agent both had paranormal experiences in, while doing their initial assessments of the property and the home. We went down there during the afternoon which is not our usual procedure because the house has no electricity on at the moment. We had to work on all battery power that day. As soon as we entered the home the energy was obvious and oppressive. It had a sad feel to it and we knew someone was there. The house had sat empty for two years and had some structural damage but the previous owner's things were all still there. Furniture, personal items etc. In the first 20 minutes of our investigation Braxton experienced an incident identical to one that had taken place with one of the agents. He opened a door from a bedroom into a bathroom to take a photo and when he walked out of the bedroom that door closed slowly and then slammed shut. You could hear glasses tinkling in the kitchen from other rooms in the house. There was no mistaking that some spirit was there trying to get our attention. The evps revealed that the lady who had died there two years back was still there in her home. What is odd about this is that she was alone there. As a rule spirits are always found in the company of other spirits. It was sad to think of her being there all alone for so long. My heart really went out to her. David Wolf and I talked to her and explained that soon, her things would all be gone, workmen would come in and the house would eventually be sold. We told her that another family would buy it and move in and that she really should either go and dwell with her children at their homes or go with a guiding spirit to the next step of her journey in the afterlife. At first she resisted because she is waiting there thinking that her son is going to return to the house. That is not going to happen n ow and again we explained that to her also. In the end she agreed to move on and we wished her well. It is our greatest hope that she does just that. I also admire these real estate men as not only did they care about the spirit enough to call us, but also about the future owners of the home. For their privacy and confidentiality no pictures, evps etc. will be posted here.


11/8/2013 Residential/ Shady case

When this client called about shadows, voices, objects moving and noises that had no explanation, we decided to go out and see what was going on. We found some interesting and communicative spirits. It seems that a deceased couple who formerly owned the house and also the house directly behind it, had decided to stay on with their friends who bought the place. In this case it was a good thing because this spirit couple were acting as sentries to keep out two other spirits that are not so nice. Some f the evps from this case were tremendously entertaining, and others were very insightful. We once again got confirmation of the immortal spirit and the fact that we never truly die. Also we got an evp assuring us that we can still be with our loved ones on the other side. All in all it was a great case. We met some great people both living and on the other side, made some new friends and had a very enlightening and relaxed communication sitting. There was no need for any cleansing as there were no spirits in attendance that we would consider evil or dangerous in any way. Nothing showed up on film but the evps were numerous and very clear at times. We are including some of them here. In this first one a man assures us that we technically don't die.

"We technically don't die"

In this next one a woman says "We can still be together."

Here a spirit notices one of the client's getting scared and says "Calm Down" This one is very loud too.

In this next one she says'I'm gonna do more talking."

This case was one of our more enjoyable cases with spirits eager to communicate who were able to get pretty loud at times.


Genesis case New Port Richey 10/5/2013 This was a very confusing case. It was very hard to determine exactly whom some of the spirits that are trying to connect with this family were. We did identify one of them by the EVP logs and possibly another but the client could not validate two of them. This is due to personal family mysteries that we are not at liberty to discuss here. One of the spirits was a bit nervous talking to his loved ones after such a long time and although we had many evps I am including just this one here. He was very clear as he said " I'm all tense."

This case was not a hostile haunting at all. These spirits are connected to the client as if often the case.One of them expressed his love in some of his evps. We would have liked to get to the identity of the other two spirits but sometimes you just don't have enough information to do that. We did get enough to know they are probably related to the clients and came there in good will with a desire to replay a message. Nothing worthy of remark was captured on film as we did not spend a lot of time on filming, as the evps were more important to resolve this. STATUS: CASE CLOSED CAT SP

Sox residential case New Port Richey 9/7/2013

This case is somewhat of an enigma to us. We did find the spirits of two relatives at this location on the night of our investigation but we also found other spirits as well. One of the relative's spirits told us that she had kicked out the other spirits from the house. She also made mention of a spirit named Debbie that quote"lives in the house. We were not able to find anything on this Debbie in our research of the location. There was also the mention of a man by his first and last name, we do not know how he ties into the whole thing either. We can only assume that the family moved into a house already inhabited by spirits and that the deceased relatives of the clients are doing their best to keep the other spirits away from their family. We captured a lot of EVP but it was hard to figure out some of them due to this intense white noise in the home. We turned off the AC and still the white noise was severe. We were able to get enough to determine how many spirits were there and who two of them were at least. I do not think this is a haunting per say but more of a spirit presence which is very common in many places. At this time we feel confident that this family will be fine and not troubled by any real paranormal trouble down the road. There was no real photographic evidence to share and the evps are not really that remarkable so we are not posting any of them here. We enjoyed meeting this charming family and their deceased family members.


Bell Residential case 35G 8/28/2013

This case actually worried us a bit for the client's sake as the things that were happening seemed extreme. The client claimed that something grabbed him by one foot and his one hip and literally pulled him out of his own bed. He also was experiencing being shaken awake and scratches that appeared out of nowhere right in front of witnesses. Horrible as it sounded, we discovered during our investigation that this was the work of 4 spirits and if these 4, one was a friend and the other a relative. This whole thing was taken to extremes to get the client to call for help so the spirits could communicate something they felt to be of dire importance and it was. I can not go into details here for client confidentiality but once we learned of the nature of this dire message we were glad we were able to get out there and get to the bottom of it. The other two spirits there claimed on EVP to be angels. I have only seen this once before about 20 years back with another case. I don't know if they are truly real angels but if they are , that would explain the power they had to drag this very big man who weights about 300 pounds right out of his bed. On one of my equipment cases it says "Hostile Haunts Specialists" and in one EVP early on in the evening the spirit says "They think we're hostile!" I guess they read the title on our equipment case. All was straightened out rather quickly as the spirits were immediately forthcoming with communication via EVP. I am not including a link to all the evps from this case for privacy purpose but I am including a couple here just because they are unique or thought provoking. There was no outstanding photo evidence as we did not even get to take photos. We did get an interesting capture on our stealth camera but we are still considering what it might be.

"They think we're hostile"

"We're angels"

 It is our hope that this case is resolved and that this client can get on with his life. STATUS;CASE CLOSED Haunt rating CAT4 for extreme activity and evp response.

Holiday Residential case 34G 8/10/2013

This case was not one that seemed bad from the get go. We found relatives spirits here who had important messages to relay to their family. Love goes far beyond the grave and sometimes loved ones will try to interact with us in order to help or advise. There was some slight animosity between the female ghost and a family member but nothing extreme or seemingly serious. We also encountered two other spirits from the neighborhood that were hanging about outside. We did observe some activity there. We saw a flash of blue light in the kitchen, some shows moved, and a door move. This was fascinating because we got an evp telling of a death of someone in the neighborhood that we were able to validate through our research. Due to the personal nature of some of these evps we are only including a few here that we found thought provoking or funny. As many of our readers know we have a blog running about the mysterious phenomenon of water drops falling from no where. We had an incident at the case with water. We had an evp from a man telling us that they produce this water. That was interesting. At one point another spirit attempted to come in and communicate with us and the female spirit we were talking with ran her off saying "You are not from here, so vamanos!" She used a Spanish word which cracked me up. There were some EVPS from the other spirits outside that were quite unique and we will post a few of them below.

This is the EVP where a male spirit tells us how they cause the water drops.

He says " I'm just gonna produce this big drip, drip drip...basic water!"

"Where you been girl?" then female spirit answer"I was in trouble by the police!"

A female spirit asks "Is that recording?" In reference to our tape recorders.

Often we have said again and again that the spirits really hate the cameras and here is yet another clip to prove just that.

"Why can't you just turn the camera off?"


Return to the River case in New Port Richey 7/30 /2013

We did return to this case in order to deal with some nasty and aggressive spirits that just don't want to give up. We did cleanse the home in hopes to remove them and let this family live in peace. This haunting still makes us wonder as our theory is that these spirits were never owners of this home, but perhaps related to previous owners? Maybe they were spirit squatters as houses that sit empty for a long time often attract spirit inhabitants. All we know is that they are not benevolent in their attitudes and certainly seemed to have an axe to grind with this family. The main focus of this haunt seemed to be related to the family's pets, one puppy in particular. The haunting had escalated to the spirits opening the door and letting the puppy out of the house, perhaps in hopes that he would get lost and never return? Whatever the case, it is my fondest hope that this house stays clear of these malicious spirits. STATUS: CASE CLEANSED AND CLOSED Haunt rating CAT 4 Hostile Haunt

Holiday/ Chance case July 23rd 2013

It is not often that we go out to a case and find a truly hostile haunting, but occasionally it does happen. The area where this client lives has always been a somewhat active area as we have been out to cases there many times. Most of the other cases there were pretty benign when compared to this one. It is strange because as soon as I spoke with this client on the phone, my hackles raised and I knew that this case was going to be a hostile one. Even as I spoke with the lady on the phone, my dog Savvy who sees spirits came up to me and was pawing at me and growling at some unseen intruder in my office. She only does that when she senses something in my home that does not belong. My son and I experienced a strange visit from a spirit the night before the case as well. The feeling grew up until the day of the case investigation. I decided to take Michael our ghost chaser, who is my cleansing partner with us as something told me we would need to cleanse this haunting.

Now a lot of the activity stated to have happened there is very common in true hostile haunts. The family were all affected by this haunt and some of the events really stood out as red flags for me. 1. The presence of a larger than life solid shadow man in the home...{this usually means that there is a malevolent spirit there that the shadow man has come to try to collect.} 2. People were being physically touched and even pushed. 3. The dogs were actively chasing this entity as if it was a real person. 4. The entity was even seen coming out of the home, with the dogs in pursuit, by someone who had just pulled up outside at the opportune moment. Loud banging and knocking on doors and windows went on in this home quite often and apparitions were seen several times. Objects were slammed around. The place had an overall feeling of heaviness and it was to the point where the family did not even want to go home anymore. Everything from ghost webs to sudden water drops had been experienced in this home as well.

We arrived at the home and spent some time visiting with the family and did some EVP sittings to try and communicate with whatever was present. We found 3 spirits there. There was a female who we really believe to be a relative and she was warning us about some male spirit that was in the house. She made it clear that this person needed to go. At first the nasty spirit hid out as they often do, but that usually never lasts,and he made himself known before long and did his very best to sound scary and intimidating, as many spirits do when they want to scare us off and terrorize the resident into thinking that they are making the spirit angry, in hopes that they will call the whole thing off. This did not work because we are used to this routine and this client and her family were just not easily intimidated either. This spirit was not getting the reaction he wanted at all.

Outside in the back yard is a tree house that was built years before this family ever moved in. It had a sinister feel to it, and some things written on the walls inside that implied that some child who lived here before liked "trouble" and causing it. We have no clue if this tree house ties in with the haunting but it did have a very nasty energy about it and EVPS were captured near it as well. There was also comments via EVP alluding to a table that the client had been given by a friend. The table had been left behind by a renter that moved out of the friend's rental home. There were comments on tape by spirits saying that the family should not keep the table. I do not know the connection between the table and the spirits there but usually, I tend to heed warnings from a spirit who seems to be trying to help. They will often give you a heads up on things that you need to know.

To make a long story shorter, I will sum up by saying that we faced off with the nasty spirit and at first he tried to intimidate us but in the end seemed to change his tune as his voice changed from the scary, guttural, straight from the bowels of hell voice to a more normal tone. There were evp comments made about "bleeding" on two occasions saying " All that bleeding, all over the place" as if he was flashing back to something that happened long ago. None of our research could turn up any accidents or events in this home where this would apply. We have no clue what that was about. In the end we did cleanse the house and the spirit seems to have left. I hope he stays gone so the family, and their pets have can the peace they deserve in their own home.

There were no photos to note that showed anything out of the ordinary, but our stealth camera did go off with nothing in the room and something turned it off. We did get a lot of evp and I am including that link here. When listening to these evps note the scary voice used by the male spirit in some of his more aggressive comments and then how his voice changes when he says things like "Your a tough cookie" and "Oh crap, that one's out to get us!" One thing that really cracked us up was when at one point he said "I am the boogie man and I will go on!" That was just ridiculous. Many times people think they have horrible demons in their homes because they hear a creepy, scary voice but usually it is just a human ghost who wants to scare the pants off everyone by putting on this voice intended to chill your blood. Oh well, all's well that ends well I guess EVP LINK:


Ozona Close case July 16th 2013

We went out to help a family figure out what was happening in their home. The activity was minimal but from the time I got the call, I felt it was important that we go there. This is the kind of case that I love because it was one of those that restores people's faith and let's them know that they are never really alone. The family has been going through some personal tragedies due to the events following an accident that left one family member permanently disabled. The lady of the house has been dealing with so much and trying hard to keep going. As with most people she was about to break under the strain. With many of her family members deceased, and others living far away, she felt very alone. She felt as if God too may have abandoned her and was losing hope and faith. Her late mother, and another deceased family member decided to let her know that she was not alone and that they were there to support her and they made comments on our tape saying things like "Don't give up." They knew what she and the family were going through and wanted to let their loved ones know that we are never truly alone in any of our trials. We have many guardian angels watching over us. The Mother spirit let her daughter know something in an EVP that made it clear who she was and that this was truly her Mom. This little family reunion was exactly what this lady needed to restore her faith and let her know she had support, from people that loved her and were there all the time. We were able to establish a running communication via the recorders immediately and keep it going long enough for this family to interact and express their love. We got lots of EVPS. We took no photos at this case as it was just not necessary or important as we found out right away who was there and what this was about. It is cases like these where I feel we have done our best work, as we were able to bring a wonderful gift to this family. We were able to give them the chance to connect with their loved ones at a time when they needed it most. This case made my day. STATUS: CASE CLOSED/ HAUNT LEVEL RATING SP FOR SPIRIT PRESENCE

July 10th 2013 New Port Richey residential case

This case came to us on the heels of our last case. This call came from a very concerned couple who had been experiencing some strange and seemingly paranormal incidents in their new home. They had only been there for less than 3 months after buying this foreclosure home. They had to do some work in the home to repair plumbing and replace old sinks etc. They reported troubles with sensor lights outside that seemed to be operating in a bizarre fashion. The wife told me that she had also seen what looked like an exploding bluish light in her home and in her pool enclosure. Knowing that this blue light phenomenon is common with spirits entering and exiting homes, that got my attention right away.

The lady had described feelings of being watched and even touched on her face. Something was tapping on their bedroom window as if using a ring, like a sharp tap. The window then started to literally vibrate and shake in it's frame. The man of the house saw an apparition. The lady heard what she thought was her husband call her by a nickname he often uses but her husband did not call her. Their animals started also behaving strangely. They often heard what sounded like running and stomping as well. Finally they decided to get some help to find out what was going on. That is where we came in.

The night started out bad and stayed that way for a long time. As soon as we arrived it began to storm and the rain was coming down very heavy. the home has four skylights which were amplifying the sound of the rain as the rain pelted against their plexiglass windows. The noise was just ridiculous which prevented us from starting our EVP session for almost two hours. We decided to wait it out and take photos and set up our stealth camera and kill time in other ways, waiting for the torrential rain to stop. Finally it did. Some of our evps were ruined by the sound of the lighter rain that was still going and water rushing through gutters and dripping down outside the windows etc. Later the rain finally quit altogether and we were able to get some good EVPS.

The problems were not over though. As soon as I sat down to the PC to log, clean and play the evps to try and decipher them, a gutter started gushing and a tree frog starting sounding off to make my work even hearder as all the noise makes it hard to listen to something that is often faint and distorted to begin with like EVPS. By this time I was so frustrated but Sean went out and actually got the frog and relocated him so at least we could not have that loud sound to compete with. Sean is a great team member because he solves all of our problems with tech and equipment, he always finds himself having odd jobs to do on the cases and frog removal is no exception. We also had troubles with the cameras. It was as if something just did not want us to be able to work that night.

Mother nature made life hard for us all night. We persisted as we always do and got what we needed to sort out this haunting, as I could feel the energy of the spirits as soon as I walked into the house, so I knew they were there. They seemed to be wanting to hide out for awhile but eventually got sick of our pursuit and insistence and spoke with us. The evps were hard to make out on my laptop with my weak sound card and it was not until we got the evps home to the good equipment on my desktop that I was able to decipher most of them. That is when I knew we had an all too familiar problem. This couple was being haunted by the previous owners of this home.

I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

The spirits made their plans to drive the couple out of the house clear. They also talked with each other making comments that made it obvious that they planned to keep it up. They are banking on the woman's fear to drive her out. Now that she knows that she can take steps to turn the tables and claim her home. These kinds of hauntings are the worst to resolve because spirits living in their former home and space are often not susceptible to the usual cleansing methods used for evil spirits. They are not evil per say but just disgruntled souls throwing their weight around in what they still consider to be their space. In cases like this unless the spirits start to really hurt or terrorize the residents, which might classify them as "evil" and become worthy of true banishment, they can not be driven out of the home. In that case you have to try communicating and compromise and hope that some happy medium can be reached. I have given the client some ideas on how to start that ball rolling but we are keeping this case open and will return if things heat up there. We will have to see what transpires from here. These spirits were planning something that they were going to do quote"at night when the lights go out." That EVP is in the file, along with several others. I don't have time to cover all the meanings of the evps as much was discussed that night but I am including a link here to the album. This is not a case that will be resolved overnight. I have a feeling that possibly down the line we may wind up back there to go another few rounds with these spirits. STATUS:CASE OPENHaunt Rating CAT 4

Largo case July 7th 2013 Private residential haunting

We were asked to go to check out the strange events and activity in this home in Largo. The activity reported was quite interesting. The clients reported seeing shadows, including a figure walking through the house. They heard footsteps at night and in the daytime. They heard a loud pop that sounded as if it was right next to them. They heard what sounded like a child laughing. Objects were moved and even throw. An iron came off the fridge twice in just a few minutes ,even though it had been sitting flat and securely on top of the fridge. Then a handful of coins was thrown at the clients feet and legs one night as she walked out of her bedroom. Because this family had lived in the house for 17 years it was strange for them to suddenly be haunted so severely. That made us think this may be a family member that needed to tell something to the client or had some message. We see this so often. Well once again this was exactly what was going on. This was two family members that came there to tell messages and express concern for the client. We were very relieved to find this outcome and hopefully this haunt will tone down now as the spirits did say via EVP that they would be leaving the house now. Love if a powerful thing and our loved ones will try, even after they have passed to watch over us. We got a lot of EVP from this case but we are not including a link here for the client's privacy as some of the EVPS talk about personal family business. STATUS: CASE CLOSED HAUNT RATING CAT SP

June 22nd 2013 St. Petersburg case

We were called out to help a family that had just moved into a new house. They reported banging, lights flashing, an apparition, voices and screaming in the home. As is often the case we found spirits of family members and also a friend of the clients. As I often tell people most hauntings are about human drama and issues that need to be resolved between the living and the dead. There were also two other spirits present but they were not the ones causing the haunting. I believe they were former residents of this property. There was a male spirit in attendance that was very cordial and helpful to us in resolving the case. He was strong and came through very loud on our recorders. He also appeared in one of our photos. We call him the cowboy because he seems to be wearing a cowboy hat. he showed up outside and also gave us evps outside. He also sort of resembles a civil war soldier in a uniform. All we know is his name is Tyler. He gave us his name on an EVP capture. What he is doing at this house, I have no clue. I do have to say he is one of the most polite spirits and very congenial. George and I walked through 2 ghost webs shortly before he appeared, when we took the photos. George took this shot by a sneaky method we use and we caught him on camera. His face is pretty clear up there by the roof even in the cover of the trees. There were many other things in this photo, it was a storm of activity but we cropped him out for this close up. We are posting the original shot here as well as it appeared before we changed contrast and cropped out our friend here. He is visible in both shots. We have countless EVPS from this case.

What I find interesting about the entire photo is not the orbs but the strange ,large ray of light on the left side of the frame. I have never seen this before.

Compare this image of a Confederate soldier uniform and add a gun strap across the chest and you can s see why I think

this is a Confederate soldier.

We have closed this case for now but will be available if it starts up again down the line. For now the status will remain STATUS: CASE CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE ...RATING CAT4 FOR EXTREME ACTIVITY AND AMAZING EVIDENCE.

APRIL 7TH 2013 Seminole 82 case

This case really amazed us in many ways. It showed us many things that gave us even more insight into the afterlife and the interplay between those in that world and our world. It also gave us an idea of just how much spirits resent certain things done by para investigators. The family bought this home a year ago but because it had some problems and needed a lot of work they did not actually move into it until just a few weeks ago. As soon as they moved in the activity began. There were scratching sounds and growling sounds, and one of the children saw the black shadow apparition of a man in the home in the daytime hours. The couple, days ago, while working in the garage heard what they say sounded like quote "Someone dropped a semi truck on the house!" We did get to the bottom of that and it turned out to be something non paranormal and unfortunately structure related, which is another headache for this family. This however did not change the fact that the other activity did turn out to be paranormal which was verified by the EVPS captured in the home and communication with active and intelligent spirits. There were a total of 5 spirits in the home and one outside in the back yard. We found an older couple, a younger man and a young girl spirit all in the home and another male outside. All except one of these spirits seems hospitable and friendly and talkative. One, a female seemed to resent us being there but she also seemed to show up later in the night as if she just dropped in or just entered into the whole interaction.

As we checked out different areas of the home we did go into a young boy's room where a lot of activity had been reported. There was a door in the wall about three feet high which led to the attic. There had been things happening that seemed to originate from this door such as scratching sounds, growling etc. To get to the bottom of this I had my team member Sean go into the atiic with a recorder and try to talk to the spirits if there were any in that area. Sean did get feedback and many evps in that space. Some of them were quite humorous in fact, a couple will be in our EVP of the month section soon. Now usually we never do this kind of thing but in this case because there was question of a child spirit in the attic, Sean took a ball up there with him and asked her to roll the ball. I guess this was offensive to the spirits because the EVP responses came from a female first and then a male and said "I don't think so...{ the girl said this} followed by the male saying "You are retarded!" I can only assume that they thought this request was stupid and pointless. I have often thought while watching a TV show where they do this, with a ball ,that this was kind of silly. I now believe my judgement was right and we will not do this again. I know better and we regret this now. Spirits do not want to perform or be treated like a science experiment. After the incident with the ball the EVPS got sarcastic and uncooperative as far as answering questions anymore. IN fact when Sean asked their names the female spirit said "I'm Mary Poppins and this is Captain Hook!" Either they were being sarcastic or these may have really been children and they were making believe? Listening to the inflection in the voices I tend to believe they were being sarcastic at this point. We did find scratch marks on the inside of the attic door. We also recorded scratching and panting sounds in that attic but no animals were found and no evidence of animal presence was found either. No droppings, no nests no rats, nothing! When Sean first got into the attic he was more or less talking to himself and remarked about having to go up into the attic, as we always give him this job. A spirit remarked "What you gotta do!"

At one point Verna said someone pulled on her finger, and we do have an evp that says "Did you pull her finger?" It is nice to get validation that not only do they hear us, but they can follow the conversation every well. This female was asking another spirit if he did pull Verna's finger. At one point int he evening I went into the hallway and commented that it was very cold in there, my team members commented form the next room and then...a spirit then commented saying "Not anymore!" We had heard heavy ,raspy breathing and a male voice on the tape. Later when going through the tapes we heard a female say.."Why not do your asthma voice, that will get rid of them!" This just confirms my thoughts that spirits do the things they know will creep you out of they want to scare you away. Of course that didn't work but it was amusing. When we were setting up our equipment a female spirit commented saying "They wanna prove this!" I think they know what we were doing there and some of them were all too happy to talk to us while others seemed to resent our presence. In the end they may have talked to us just to get us to leave? Whatever the case we did get to the bottom of the haunting.

The older couple seem to stay on the second floor of this tri-level home. I went up there to try and talk to them and said that I figured this had been their dream home and that they still loved it etc. From the EVPS they gave me I deduced that the home had been a bit of a headache for them and had taken all their money over time. The home had been mold infested before the clients bought it and it had to be treated for such. There was also evidence of sinkhole activity that we found outside and I think the spirits may actually be trying to warn the family of work that still needs to be done. The male spirit told us that he was sick but that it was not cancer, but it hurt real bad and was a curse. From the evps and sensitives we also found that this man did suffer from respiratory trouble and asthma. This was confirmed via EVP as we never go on sensitives claims alone. The younger male in the home told us his name and seemed very nice and even happy to talk to us. The only spirit that was somewhat hostile was an older woman who seemed very disapproving of us being there and felt we should mind our own business. We ignored her for the most part because she does not seem to be in any way connected to the others and they also did not seem to want to deal with her. I feel she was the spirit equivalent of a nosy neighbor, that just came by to interfere. We could find nothing and no spirit in the home that posed any danger to this family, and felt that the spirits there liked them and just wanted to warn about structural problems. We got our record EVP count for this year from this case with a total of 68 EVPS. Until anything truly bad happens we will consider this case a harmless spirit presence. We are going to share some of these evps here but we will not be posting a link to the entire file at this point. STATUS: CASE CLOSED FOR NOW


"Did you pull her finger?"




"Not anymore" response to my cold comment

"They wanna prove this!"

April 2nd 2013/ PPP member has haunting...

You know anyone can move into a home that has spirits. Paranormal investigators are even more likely to encounter this because they are open to spirits and they pay attention more than most people to things that happen in the home. They also at times have spirits follow them home. In this case one of our team members moved into a house that seems to have a family already living there. A family that is deceased but still residing in the home seems to be trying to make contact with our team members. We did a sitting in the home with these spirits and got a lot of EVP. Unfortunately no resolution could be obtained as these spirits consider this their home and are not really evil, they are just disgruntled. My team members are planning to move anyway so we see no need to pursue this to any further interaction or confrontation at this time. This home is in Port Richey Florida. One thing we did find strange is that the houses on both sides are empty and one house right next door has been for some time. The strange thing was the fact that someone had painted in red paint on the window of the house next door the following "R.I.P....." This makes us wonder if someone lived and died here that people may not have liked very much? This is an odd thing to see on a window. We really don't want to press any further into it but I posted this to show that even people who deal with spirits and hauntings are not immune to having a problem in their own homes. Spirit presence is common in many locations. These spirits may have started this haunting simply because they learned of the team member's work with the paranormal and thought they would be receptive to the interaction. If nothing escalates here then my team member will live with the current spirit roommates until they move which won't be long anyway. Status: Case closed

January 5th 2013:/ The tricks case in Clearwater

We heard from a young mother who was having some spirit problems. She informed us that her 8 year old son had been scared out of the shower in the morning hours by a female spirit. She said there had been other activity but the boy was now shaken so much, that he did not even want to come home after going to visit his grandmother for the weekend. After hearing all the details of this activity I knew that this case was important. Whenever there is a child involved we make it top priority so we went out there within 24 hours to get to the bottom of it. As I say all the time, few hauntings are truly hostile. Most of them even the ones that seem scary are perpetuated for a reason by human spirits that have a message or a concern for the living. This case proved to be one of those. It turned out that the spirits were a relative and a former resident who teamed up to try and help this family. From evps it came out that there was mold in the home and even more scary, a poisonous form of mushrooms growing in the wall behind the shower. This was verified and pictures of said mushrooms were taken. The family is seeking professional help for the mold problem and now hopefully the house can be made safe again. The spirit literally chased this little boy out of the bathroom. If you consider that the steam would bring out the spores and the boy could have inhaled them, this lady spirit may have saved this boy from real harm, even if she scared him severely in the process. We were all very relieved to find out that this was a benevolent haunt and not a hostile one. The spirits were very nice, and very forthcoming with their responses. Now that they got their message across the activity will probably cease, even though I know they will continue to watch over this family. I am not including EVP links from this case for the client's privacy as some of the files have first names mentioned. We are now working on getting the little boy to no longer be afraid in his own home. All's well that ends well and this case seems to have ended very well with the client and her son's mind being put at ease. We enjoyed meeting this family and their very caring spirits.


Nov. 30th 2012 / Weechi Wachi Haunt case ***Winner most haunted case of 2013

We got a call about a haunting in Weechi wachi, and it sounded interesting so we made the long drive to check it out. The home is in a beautiful location situated right on the bank of a tributary of the river. It is a quiet and pristine place. The clients were awesome folks too. Our time was well spent , and we met some awesome folks both living and deceased. These spirits were very forthcoming with EVP communication and we soon learned that one of them was a loved one of the client who had passed quite a few years ago. The others seemed friendly and assured the client that they meant no harm and were watching over her. This client has heard the spirit's voices with her own ears on many occasions. I think that her ability to hear them may encourage the interaction to a small degree but these spirits seem rooted in this location. We got an interesting video on the stealth cam and one of the last EVPS was curious as it came in as a Morse code transmission. We have never had this before on a tape recorder. When we got the message decoded it was this "Going off the air now." All's well that end's well and it was a great night with a great feeling at the end of the night. I am including the video here and an evp link. Status/case closed Rating Cat 3 for evp and video evidence non hostile haunt. UPDATE: We returned to this case in January of 2013 and found spirits in attendance again. This seems to be a very active haunting and we have been unable to get the spirits to leave this home, despite our best efforts. We collected many more evps at our second visit and the client herself captured a full flesh looking apparition on her cell phone camera, by accident while filming her dogs inside the home. This video was one of the best ghost videos I have seen to date. This case is now rated as a CAT 4, after our last visit. The case is now our most haunted case of 2013. Some of the video captured by the client was intense. There are also other anomalies that are present in this location that go beyond spirit presences and are more bizarre than anything we usually see. The place has crypto zoological activity outside and nearby. Something that can only be described as a gnome was caught on film in this location. This location seems to have some very strange features and energy.

Now here is the stealth cam video from a bedroom upstairs.: Watch the lower left corner of the frame because as soon as the video rolls something ducks down and then the camera gets hit and starts shaking, then an orb flies down from the ceiling over the bed. The orb does not impress us but whatever is there when the film kicks on does. Whatever hit the camera also has out attention. There was no one up there in that room and only one way in. This was the room where the most activity was reported to happen. You may have to watch this a few times to catch the black mass at the beginning, then you see the frame shake, as if something is shaking the camera... then the orb. It all happens very fast so keep your eyes in the right place at the beginning. Remember to watch the lower left corner as the video starts to see the black mass move down. This client has since our investigation left this property and bought another one, they plan to sell this one and not return there.

Here is the EVP link from this case: Click here

Oct. 21st 2012 / Spring Hill/ Deering

Well we went to help this family because they were having a lot of activity. The children in the home were scared and two people saw a very creepy black shadow-like apparition standing in an arched doorway, in a well lit room. The family has been having activity ever since they moved into this home months ago. Given that children were involved here we made this a priority and got out there as quick as we could. This is a very nice family and they were so hospitable to us. We did find spirits present and also believe that some spirits may have happened by just to give a communication as well. There was a very nice lady spirit who seemed to have a dog with her. This gal made comments via EVP saying that she was looking out for the family, and then a dog barks twice, then she says "Not to worry."We are always encouraged when we know a benevolent spirit is there trying to watch over a family. We also found a not so nice lady spirit and two males that we could not identify. Names did come up in the EVPS so we can only assume these are names of at least two of the spirits in attendance that night. We did not sense anything truly evil or dangerous there but there was some animosity from some of these spirits. We also have an EVP from a spirit who claims he is there to take care of the problem with the bad spirits. Again this is comforting to know as the best defense against bad spirits are good spirits on your side, who seek to protect. When we were through the house seemed quieter and so far there have been no reports of activity in the home. We will continue to monitor this case and keep in touch with the client until we know for sure that the crisis is past and that they are being left in peace.


Oct. 7th 2012/Port Richey /Tangled case

We went to this case to investigate reports of haunting activity that was scaring both children and adults. There had been objects thrown across the room and reports of both a male and female apparition. After we heard the first EVP sitting tape played back we knew there were indeed spirits there. however they did appear to be relatives of the client and both had reasons for being there. One came to warn about something to come involving a family member and the other just came by to let his widow know he was still around and doing fine. The Male spirit who was amazingly loud on the evp tape, had quite a sense of humor and had us laughing from the start. We had asked who he was and he answered..."It's TUPAC!" Of course we knew better and it turned out that he was saying that because two of the young men in the home listen to this singer all the time. Spirits find ways to let you know they have been around and keeping an eye on their loved ones. This spirit made some more funny comments such as "I'm likeable" and "I'm cute." Both spirits were very forthcoming with communication and neither seemed to have any hostility although the female was a bit angry about the behavior of one boy in the home. I think that if this boy behaves, this spirit will just move on and stop raising hell. There was no need for a cleansing and I think it did make the client happy to know her deceased hubby was still watching over them. I feel confident that this family will be okay and that the haunting will resolve itself as time passes. If not then we will be there for the family if they need us to come out again. Here are some funny EVP highlights from this case. I am not including an EVP file here due to the personal nature of some of the EVPS.

This first EVP is the response "TUPAC!"

The second EVP is "And I'm cute!"


October 3rd/ 2012Tarpon Springs/ Berkley case

We were called to this case with reports of a female apparition, voices, lots of racket, and a ghost that moves a child's bedroom door and peeks in at night. The case proved to be rather impressive as this is indeed spirit presence in this home. We found four spirits who all gave us incredible amounts of evps, directly answering us and commenting on relevant things. In addition we did get to witness some very blatant activity in the home. There were voices and noises coming from the back bedroom that were clearly audible to all in attendance. These spirits were not hostile however and proved to be very forthcoming in their responses and also entertaining at times. The home is old and one of the spirits is the original owner, a female who was rather pleased it seemed to have us visit. We also believe that this spirit's husband was there with her as well.She seems to like the family that bought the house and seems to have adopted them in her own way as family too. Also there were two relatives of the clients there that seemed to have messages to pass on, many of which were understood and validated by the clients. Most amazing was a video clip we got with our stealth infrared camera that was set up in the child's bedroom to hopefully catch any activity that took place there. We set up the camera and no one went near that room . We know this because we were all together and accounted for. When we retrieved the camera we found a bizarre video that shows the door moving and opening about and inch and a half or so. Through the crack of the door you see a very quick motion of someone crouching and peeking into the room, with eyes that seem to light up or show eye shine. Now this is odd because at first anyone who sees this will say, that is a dog. But this family has NO pets. none at all and the video seems to back up the child's story of the door peeping ghost that has been upsetting him. This child is a teenager and not a young child who would scare easily. Seeing the video gave him some validation that he could prove to his folks that this was really happening. The family was very supportive of their son and each other and it is our hope that they will be more at ease knowing that these spirits are loved ones and a friendly couple who love the home as much as the new owners do. We did have one odd EVP that sounds like a Native American tongue. We will be researching this at length. We are keeping this case open, in case the family needs any further assistance but right now we do not anticipate any real problems down the line. Spirits are everywhere and at times they do decide to interact with the living. It is my feeling that the man of the house has a sensitivity to spirits which makes them feel more at home in trying to interact with him. We enjoyed meeting this family who were so nice and wish them many great and happy years in their new home.


We are including the EVP link and the video clip here.

Towards the end of this ten second clip you will see the door move and something peeping in through the crack of the door.

New Port Richey Van Buren case Sept. 2012 :

This case came to us right after our holiday break. A Lady had called to get some help with a haunting that she felt was affecting her daughter, her grandchildren and herself. Apparitions had been seen in the house, mainly a lady going down the hallway. This apparition was seen by two people at the same time one evening. This came after a series of electronic disturbances and the Mom's taking notice of the oldest child interacting with something she could not see. At times she said that the child even seemed to be being tickled by an unseen hand and was laughing in the same way he did when his mother tickled him. She was alarmed for her children and wanted to know what was going on. We responded quickly as we always do when kids are involved. Now before we went out there, I goggled the address to see the location and get a map etc. At the google map site I looked at a google earth view of the buildings there. In one of the adjacent apartments which was empty and sporting a "FOR RENT" sign I saw something I could not believe. I saw ghostly monochromatic images in the windows. This photo we could not debunk. It was not anything being reflected in the window nor was there anyone in the empty house. In the upper left of the window pane was a man and a woman in period clothes, looking at each other. They were high up in the window and their image faded at the knees. We were also able to make out another image in another window. I am including this google earth image here for you to consider.December 29th 2011: Van Buren Case /New port Richey

When we arrived at the residence nothing seemed out of the ordinary at first, but then, suddenly, we did notice that although there is no one smoking in this home, that there was a sort of haze in the apartment that seemed to defy explantion. It was almost as if there was fog in the house? This haze became visible to all of us. The client says she has experienced this before i n the home. During the investigation we did get many evps from at least 5 spirits. I do not believe that they all stem from that apartment or are all there all the time. We were able to discern from evps that there were two spirits that seem to stay in the home and the others come from the property where they also frequent other apartments there. There as a male spirit that seemed to take a non threatening interest in the lady of the house, and what was going on there with the kids too. he was not hostile in his comments and seemed very laid back. There was another male who seemed to have a bit of an attitude with us but still, did not pose what we consider to be a threat to the residents. There was a younger female who seemed to love the kids, and even remarked "What beautiful children.!" on the evp log. An older female who seems to have appointed herself as the guardian of the children was quite annoyed with our presence and let us know that by giving us some sarcastic or non fitting answers to our questions. We could also hear the younger female talking to another young female on the tape recorder in the background.

When all was said and done we concluded that these spirits are harmless and that the complex itself seems to have a community of spirits present, which we became aware of as we walked the property taking photos. Both Wendy and the client heard someone whisper something to Wendy outside that night. We are closing this case for now as there is no immediate threat here and sometimes it is better to leave a benevolent visitation haunt alone. Unless something really bad happens there, in the future, we will be closing the books on this one. This appears to be a simple case of spirit presence. Here is the photo and the EVP links: We have included two links in case one does not work as we have had some trouble in the past with these storage sites.

Here is the photo from Google Earth:


New Port Richey Surf case 11/11/2011

We got a call from yet another family in New Port Richey this month. It seems that the New Port Richey wave is still going. We often get waves of haunt reports from the same city at different times of the year. This family were having paranormal activity in the home that was upsetting the children. Luckily we did not really find a bad haunting there. There are spirits everywhere and sometimes we cross paths with them. They may be in the same space where we dwell and sometimes they inadvertently run into us. I think that may be what happened here. We also had a drop by spirit that is connected to the family. I think she was there more for a friend of the family who happened to be there on that evening. We did not sense or experience anything hostile or threatening in the home. We did not get any photos that were noteworthy but did get some evps. The link to the evps is here: SURF EVPS CLICK HERE STATUS: CASE CLOSE

Port Richey triple header hauntings: 10/21/2011 :

We were called to three residences, with a phone call from multiple clients at one time. These homes were: two side by side and one across the street, on the same street, in the same sub-division. Cases like this are rare. We have not had a multiple residence haunt like this since 1990. Sometimes when several homes are haunted on the same street you will find the same spirits doing all the haunting. We were curious to see if this followed that pattern, but it did not. We split the team into three teams and worked investigations at all three residences. This is what we found.


In home number 1, we found several spirits, male and female all of whom seemed to be very interactive and we got lots of evps from this location. We also has a strange photo that I am including here. Since there are children in the home and we were alarmed by one evp in particular we decided to cleanse the home. In that evp a female spirit referred to another spirit as an "IMP!" This to us is a red flag so we cleansed the home.We did this just to be on the safe side, as the spirits in this home did not seem truly hostile by our standards. This house would be classified as a CAT 3 haunting by our rating system because of the level of activity, the evps, and apparitions in the home that we captured on film. These photos below are very interesting because in the first several shots there was nothing in this mirror except the objects present in the room at the time. In the last photo there is something in the mirror that appears to be either a gnome like figure or a bearded, white haired man, in a black, pointed hat and cloak. This area was at one time a KKK meeting area, a century ago. It is possible that this apparition is an old KKK member in his garb of the time frame. The first picture shows nothing in the mirror, the second shows this entity, in the left side of the frame appearing to be about to go through the wall, by the window, that is shown in both frames .See both photos and find the EVP link below the photos:

This case with this particular home is closed until further notice.

HOME 2: This is the second residence in this triple haunt and what we found there.We had to return there for a second investigation because our recorders files were somehow deleted by some unseen force which sabotaged our entire investigation on our first visit. Upon our return we did get the evps and found that strangely enough the spirits there were not hostile and we believe that this is not even actually a haunting but the result of spirits in the same space as these clients, and the living and the dead are just running into each other occasionally by some dimensional rift. We believe the main spirit that resides there is a female and that she means no harm. There was also a male spirit there who gave his name and also seemed very amicable and harmless. There were two other male spirits that we think dropped in because we were there and they were deceased friends of the client, and wanted to communicate with him. So this was a very interesting case indeed. On our first visit we caught an apparition on our stealth camera in the upstairs hallway. Since this apparition seemed to be blocking their face from the infrared flash that the camera emits we assume this has to be a spirit because living humans can not see that flash and would have no reason to block it from their eyes. Our past studies have led us to believe that spirits see in a different light spectrum, and they do see this kind of light. I am including this photo here, for you to judge. No one in the home was dressed this way, was this thin, or had these clothes on. This photo amazed us. We classified this case a CAT SP, for spirit presence, and did not need to cleanse this home.

This is the photo from the stealth camera at this residence.

Case status: CLOSED

Home 3:

At home 3, we found some spirit presence but nothing sufficient to declare the place haunted. The evps were slight, only 6 in all and since spirits are everywhere, that number of evps is not uncommon in any location. We were concerned about the kids in the home who claimed to be experiencing things that we could not document so we did cleanse the home just to put everyone's mind at ease. There was no photo evidence and we are not including an evp link as the evps were not remarkable or worthy of focus. This case was classified no haunting. Case status: closed


This case seems to revolve around one member of the family although, others have experienced everything from seeing apparitions, to hearing voices, and more. We did get evps from this case and some interesting pictures as well. It is our opinion that one member of the household is a sensitive and attracts spirits as a result. Since this person is not comfortable with spirit interaction, we are going to try and help them to tune out that gift a bit, so they can get some sleep at night and conquer their fear of the spirits that seek to communicate with them. There are however some concerns we have, with some of these spirits present in the home, as some of the evps were hostile. There does seem to be some animosity there, and there are at least, five spirits that we did get on tape and only one of these seemed even remotely civil. One of these spirits, a male seemed to be a former home owner or former resident as he continually referred to the place as "His house." A female also said it was "His house."We also found a young girl or child like spirit, a woman spirit, and a male spirit which does concern us, as he seems to be fixating on one member of the family in an unhealthy way.

We investigated inside and outside the home and on the property which faces a small lake. Wendy and I were outside when we saw an apparition in the woods next to the home. I think it is the same one that we got on film. It appears to be a young girl, dressed in a black gothic two piece outfit of sorts, with laces across the front of the top. What bothers us is the fact that there also appears to be a blurred image of a man behind her with one hand on her right shoulder and the other over her mouth, as if assaulting her. This photo makes us wonder just what happened around that lake or in those woods.


There is a small clear face in the center of the frame

Special thanks to our website member Killsing for pointing out these apparitions that we missed, in the original photo when we posted it.

The evps did contain the usual kind you get from haunts, such as "Get out of my house," "Who are they?", and "Why don't you just go home," but some were more interesting. We had one spirit ask us..."What will it take to move forward with this?' I guess he wanted to get it over with so we would leave his home. But later on things got a little nasty. The spirits made some comments that were quite bizarre. For instance, one of my team members was addressed by name and told to get down on her knees and told that the spirit had something for her. This was bordering on the obscene the way it was phrased. Another spirit insulted the man of the house, with a comment. I have some real concerns for the young girls that live in the home, where two of these spirits are concerned. It is our plan to return to this case and attempt to cleanse this home, and as I said before provide some counseling for the family member who seems to be the target of at least one of these spirits, that are acting hostile and inappropriately.


STATUS; This case remains open until hopefully we can work to resolve it. Watch for updates.


Terrace Haunt different residence:Nov. 21 2009

Neighbor to the other client that we had, that case was called Terrace Haunt, or the "It" case. We received a phone call saying that the lady who lives behind the original Terrace haunt now has a spirit problem. We did consider that she might now be playing hosts to spirits that we chased off from the first client's house, as she lives on what was once part of the same property. We found that thankfully, we were wrong and most of the spirits at her residence are her own deceased relatives. There was one female spirit who came to the home on the evening we were there to investigate, that did come to see the last client, who was also present at the home. She called for the woman by name and gave us several evps that let us know, she was seizing the opportunity to try and contact the old client, through our visit to the new client. This haunting was an interesting one. We did manage to locate and identify the spirits that belonged to the new client, in fact we got really lucky and got a picture of an old lady, that the client was able to confirm to be her Aunt. The female ghost had been hanging around all night, inside the home and then decided to go outside. Sensing her departure I grabbed Jay, our new team member, and the camera and headed outside. We heard her footsteps and felt her presence but she kept evading the camera. As we pretended to be leaving and walking away, I put the camera over my shoulder and snapped a picture. We got lucky and we got her face, or head actually in the infrared shot. This picture was creepy and even reminded us of the floating head at the Haunted Mansion at Disney world. This is an astounding apparitional photo and we are proud to post it here:

The Green apparition is the face and hair of the woman. The orange streamer energy underneath it is unknown. There was no light whatsoever in the wooded area at the back of the property where this picture was taken .When we enlarged this photo for the client, the image was still clear enough for her to recognize the face.

We also got many evps from this case, some are from inside the home, some from outside, and they are not all from the same spirits. We had a total of we believe to be three spirits present at this location, and one that came by from next door. Here is the link to the evp file from this case.




Look over this girl's shoulder, behind her, there is a hand or finger coming out from under her hair. Look on the shoulder in the left of the frame.

Now look at these pics..... the normal one and the close up, which shows a hand in front of the Tv screen.

We took this case in Anclote this past week. This is a residential haunting. The pictures above sparked this investigation, along with some light activity in the home. The girl in the photo is someone I know well. She and her family live in a notoriously haunted area. She was in her room alone taking pics for her myspace to show her new haircut. This is a very religious family who are not afraid of ghosts and would not hoax something like this. When viewing the pictures keep in mind the following facts:

1. She is in the room alone

2 The Tv in the background is turned off and the screen is reflecting both her bedroom door which is white and paneled, and a small picture frame on the wall.

3. In front of the screen is a hand that when you zoom in ,you can see reflecting it's shadow on the screen behind it, so it is not a reflection, it is in front of the screen.

4. The hand does not resemble anyone in the household's hands. it look like an older, possibly bony and arthritic hand and appears to be flesh colored as if it is a hand of a living person.

There has been activity in this girl's room before. Look at the full frame and look behind the girl at the tv screen then look at the zoom picture.

Well we did an investigation at the home where the picture with the hand came from. Now first, I would like to say that upon examination of the other pictures taken at the same time, on the same day, in the same room, as the hand picture, we did find another that shows, what appears to be a shoulder behind the girl in another frame. Just a shoulder, very strange indeed.

During the investigation we did find some very high EMF fields in the room and in another room in the home. EMF fields not only cause people to experience strange things but according to one line of thought, can also provide an energy feed source to spirits as well. They do not however affect cameras and make things appear in pictures, that do not belong there.

The sub division where this is taking place is a very haunted place it seems. The land holds the key to these paranormal disturbances, although we do not know anything for sure ,we do have theories as to why. We have had other reports from this sub-division in the past. some being every extreme. This place was once part of a larger ranch, which was sold off in large pieces over the years. The original ranch was over 2000 acres.

The ranch was a place that had been known for much paranormal activity of all kinds. I have witnessed so many things on this ranch over the last 26 years, and recorded the stories of others who have had strange experiences out there. There have been strange light anomalies, strange sounds, spirit activity, and some down right crazy reports of things that have been seen there. Some of these include, a blue orb that seems to light up and travels at a high rate of speed and is bigger than a Volkswagon bug. I did not believe this, until I saw it myself, along with a friend, one night while on a walk in the woods. Floating small lights in groups that seem to hover and move off, have been seen by many people, both outside and inside a home, right over a child's bed. Fairy lights, as some people described them. Large objects seem to take off on their own and move to strange places, in this sub-division, when there is no wind, no storm and no reason for their odd transport.  

We did capture evps, from the home and outside of the home. We captured evps from a woman who we think may be the girl's paternal grandmother. The emfs in the home are so high, that they are not healthy for the family. We found, in the garage behind the bedroom wall, many things on the same wall, like a water heater, cable box, wiring, fuse boxes etc. Too many things that give off emf, concentrated in one place. The two bedrooms near this mess, cause vertigo and a woozy kind of sleepy feeling after just about ten minutes. This is caused by the high emf. The spirit in the home said a strange thing that we do not understand. I hope that someone here might shed some light on this. The ghost said "stay locks". Now I have researched stay locks and found many answers as to what they are. I would appreciate any input or ideas here on this.

I had a very strange personal experience at this location. I was sitting alone out by the swimming pool on the patio. I was doing an evp session, by myself ,as something told me to go out there and do so. As I sat there, thinking and staring at the pool, I saw something I still can not figure out. It was dark out there and the only light was the moonlight. Suddenly, it looked as if someone, set off a large camera flash at the bottom of the pool. The pool lit up and the light seemed to come up out of the pool and illuminated the area for a split second. It was a bluish light. It was not lightning, as only the pool and a small area around it, lit up. It was not as if the whole sky lit up or the whole area lit up. Sean, who I had asked to come out and join me, incase this happened again, had come out and was sitting with me about twenty minutes after this incident. As I relayed the story of what had just happened to Sean, I still had a tape recorder running. Again, I asked the spirit if she was there for her son or for her grandaughter. I asked and got the strangest reply, She replied saying "the light." Did she mean she was there for "the light," or was she referring to the light I saw come out of the pool and implying that she did it? Does she mean the light of the family, who are very kind and religious folks, and her relatives? This puzzles me.

So far, all of the evps from this case are seemingly benevolent. There was one that was very strange, that I captured outside and that one kind of unsettles me a bit. It is a male and he says in a very dragged out, creepy voice.."I want you." It is loud, it is clear and it seems out of place in this whole scenario. We have compared it to other evps from the ranch over the years, that resemble this voice. The ranch has a history that goes back over a century, and many things happened on that land, some of them very bad things. Hangings, murders, fires and the slaughter of Native Americans, back in the day, as this once was Native land.

I think it is possible that this spirit does not belong to this family at all, and just continues to roam the ranch, bothering random people, and haunting random houses, that now stand on this land. If it is, he and I know eachother well, from past cases and I can not help but wonder, if this comment is a direct threat, or a taunting joke of some kind. Either way, I will not let it bother me. Spirits have said worse things to me on many occasions at truly hostile haunt cases. It's funny how unexpected things crop up on a seemingly, harmless routine haunt case.

Here is the link to an EVP album from this case: click on it or put it in your browser and listen to the evps.

Status: Still being monitored Cat SP