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One foot in each world? Do the dying get an advanced hook up to the spirit world to ease their transition?

One foot in each world…………………….

 In the many years of working in this field I have seen so much. Of the things that I have seen some stand out in a way that really makes me wonder. Many questions arise during the course of this work but one of those questions for me anyway is…..”Do those near death have more of am connection to the other side?” In other words do those who are close to death, have one foot in each world for a time? Are they then able to see and hear spirits and other things from that world better than we can? From the things I have seen, I think that the answer to that may be “YES.” Let’s explore this shall we?

We have all heard of people who were dying who said they saw, deceased relatives, angels, friends etc. My own Grandmother when she was dying said that my deceased family members were coming by every night to talk to her. They were waiting for her and guiding her into the death process. This is such a common occurrence with dying people that almost everyone has heard of this before. Now you could say that these people who were terminally ill and knew they were dying were having some kind of comforting hallucination or that the brain was dying and producing these wonderful delusions. But what if they are not delusions? What if people who were not ill or had no clue they were dying or soon to die had similar experiences. In that case you cannot blame it on the dying process and a failing brain now can you? What if those experiences were captured on audio and video tape and in photos? I am going to share a few stories that may shed some light on why I consider this to be so fascinating.

1. I cannot even count the times dying people have claimed to see and hear relatives who are deceased, and I was able to get those voices on a tape recorder. So the machine must be sharing in the hallucination.

2. I had a case where seemingly crazy things kept happening. I was called out to a home by a very cool and competent lady to experience and document these happenings. Everything was happening there. Apparitions, spirit voices, materialization and even what appeared to be a gnome showing up. Now I do not believe in Gnomes, but I do have something that sure looks like one on video in the daytime at this home. This gal was able to capture amazing things on her cell phone camera. She could hear them, see them and so she had an advantage and got a few of them on film. I was able to log over 200 evps in the home and even more high strangeness outside. I got stuff on film also at this location. We were able to figure out some of the spirits and what they wanted but not all of it.

She and I kept in touch long after the case investigations were done and she had even moved to another location but still weird things took place. This woman and I talked on the phone a lot and she sent me more photos and such. I had spoken with her on facebook one night and she said she wanted to talk to me about something and would call me when she got back from her trip for work which would be about 5 days or so. Four days later she died totally out of the blue from a brain aneurism. This was a shocker for everyone who knew her. She had no idea she would die soon and she had been seeing these paranormal things for over a year and a half before she passed so mysteriously and suddenly. Did she have one foot in each world?

Is there some kind of preparation period when the other side makes way for our arrival in a way as to prepare us for the transition? Is it sort of a recovery of the senses we came into the world with that we lost during our stay here? Do we regain them before we go home? Let me just say that this lady was not the first or the last person that I know who had this window into the other world before dying suddenly and without any warning from bizarre circumstances. It seems to me that somehow the powers that be, know when our time is near no matter how it is destined to happen and they make sure to create this hook up to the spirit world before we pass into that world. I think this was a strange case because not knowing she was close to dying, this lady was able to document the things she could see and hear. She was not bed ridden or sick at the time. She just thought it was all part of the weird haunting she had been experiencing and indeed it was, but never before was this much stuff captured on film and audio. Not by me and not by any layman in just a short time. I truly believe she was able to tune in because she was making that transition soon herself and had an advantage as a result.

3. I have had another experience related to one of my cases where a person on life support came to my home in spirit, communicated through evps and gave specific instructions and details as to their condition and what they wanted done on their behalf. Technically they were still alive or at least their body was but they were in the spirit realm at the same time. They were able to make contact while their physical body lay in the hospital. This person did say via EVP that she was dead and would not be coming back to her body. She wanted the machines turned off and messages passed on.

4. Friends who have been terminal, have told me about angels and loved ones that came and told them they would pass in a certain time frame and they did pass in the exact time frame predicted by the supposed spirit.

5. 5. I have had case after case where a home was having spirit activity and interaction because someone in the family was sick or dying at the time. The spirits usually familial were there to help during the transition and comfort the living left behind as best they could as well.

6. My best friend knew he was going to die young, years before it happened. He made preparations for it, asked me to do some things for him etc. I thought he was ridiculous but he did indeed pass away at a very young age just a year later from contracting meningitis. How did he know? How did he know he was not going to be around for long, a couple of years before he even got sick? He too had stated that he had spirit experiences and was also channeled information.

Now let’s look at a quite different scenario. What about those who have died and been revived and come back with a gift to see and hear spirits? Is this a similar case of having one foot in both worlds? For some people it lasts for the rest of their lives and for others it only lasts for a few months or weeks and then goes away again. I even had one client who had passed and been revived but was seeing her own doppelganger or spirit lagging behind in several instances as if it was a bit behind in their return. She would see this version of herself doing whatever she was doing just an hour or so before. This lasted for a while and the stopped. It is interesting if you consider the idea of the spirit world being in vertical time verses horizontal time as our corporeal lives are. With spirit study it seems the questions never stop. The more we learn the more we don’t know. I do think much of this is worth pondering and keeping in mind though. This way we can continue to make connections as we see more that is related to each theory or mystery.


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