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This year we are starting a new haunts rating system. This is to give clients and readers a better understanding of the severity of our haunt cases, according to our findings. From now on in our case updates there will be a rating at the bottom, that serves as a final assessment of that case by our team, according to our system. The system is as follows:

Each category will contain a number from 1 to 5, indicating the severity of the haunt activity and the response we received at the investigations. Then letters will be added to tell the nature of the case, see examples and explantions below:


This is what we consider to be a questionable, mild or even borderline haunting, which means we did get some evp, but we did not feel that the case represented what we consider to be a real haunting by our standards. There was no hostility and the energy in the home was benign.


There was evidence of a haunting but not a severe one or a hostile one.


There was substantial evidence of a haunting along with EVP evidence and an interactive somewhat aggressive spirit or spirits 


There was a substantial amount of evidence, evp and activity that we observed sufficiently enough, to say the haunting was real and/or somewhat hostile

CAT 5 H 

This means that the case showed a severe hostile haunting that required cleansing or could not be cleansed and was off the chain.


This means that the haunting was rated this way for activity and evp response but not for hostility


This means that this case was given the CAT 5 rating because of multiple spirit presences in the home, in other words it was infested with spirits, whether they were hostile or benign, should be determined by whether there is a capital H in the rating as well, which indicates a hostile haunting. For example CAT 5 MSPH


This means that although there was evidence of spirit presence in the home and some interactive but not aggressive evp, the energy and activity is not conducive to what we call a haunting and we considered it to be benign and nothing to worry about. Spirits are everywhere and we can usually get them to talk to us, but that does not mean there is an active haunting going on at the residence. We use both science and sensitives to assess a supposed haunting, and when science methods really show little or no substantial evidence of a haunting and our sensitives do not pick up on anything hostile or even worthy of being called a haunting then we must label that case as CAT SP. SP stands for "spirit presence".

Many people have had a brush with the paranormal during their lifetimes. Some people are very afraid of anything paranormal and so they assume that they are haunted. Most times a spirit may be just passing through or it may even be a relative or loved one, just letting you know they are stopping in to check up on you. Not every spirit presence is haunting someone and spirits are not hostile in general as some people believe. People who are afraid of these things, tend to experience feelings born of fear that they misconstrue as a spirit presence in the home. The feeling of being watched is very common with folks who are afraid and think they have had a paranormal encounter. Noises in the home can come from many sources, most of them natural and explainable by rational causes. Even with a true paranormal experience, not every experience means that your home is haunted. Spirits pass through everywhere all the time, and sometimes we manage to cross paths with one. Usually they just keep moving on to where ever they are going.

Many benign hauntings are actually perpetuated by spirits related to the living people in the home. Occasionally it is being done by the former residents of a home. Spirits tend to return to what they loved and who they loved, much more so, than where they died. If they loved their home and that was the place they felt safe and happy, they may return and dwell there. Usually you will never know they are there, as spirits seldom seek to interact with us unless we do something that bothers them or they have something important to try and communicate. I myself have spirit presences in my home, but I am not haunted. I have no fear of them, as I know who they are and why they like to stay here. One is a former resident and the other a good friend. We seldom ever have issues, the spirits and I. In fact sometimes, a spirit can actually look out for you, especially if you are in their home, as they don't want a fire to break out or anything bad to happen to the home or to you, if they have grown fond of your family. They may actually be helpful in ways to let you know about things before they happen. As long as you and your family are not being threatened or harassed by spirits, they are better left alone. Bringing a ghost hunter into your home just to see if anything is there or just for kicks is a very bad idea. This is an intrusion on spirits, and if they are present this may result in a bad retaliation, which can result in a real haunting. The hardest thing for people is to not react with fear to any paranormal encounter, as it is in our nature to do just that.


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