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PinellasPascoParanormal/Hostile Haunts Specialists

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Hi, I am Laurie Champion the director of Pinellas/Pasco/Paranormal Hostile Haunts Specialists, and have been working under this group name for ten years. I have been an investigator in this field for thirty six years. I have worked with other people in the field and on my own for many years in New Jersey and in Florida, before officially forming Pinellas/Pasco's group. I am originally from New Jersey, where I grew up in a home with a mean and at times violent spirit for over ten years. I was eight when we moved to the home and 19 when I moved out. The first six years was a living hell in that house. By the age of fourteen after all the avenues available to seek help with hauntings in those days, had been exhausted to no avail, I began looking into the paranormal on my own ,to try and find answers and possibly a way to deal with what I was forced to live with. Over the next five years in that home, I managed to get things calmed down to the point where no one was being attacked anymore. I learned how to communicate with a spirit and that sometimes communication and compromise can achieve a solution, whereby even if you can't get a spirit to leave, you can at least live with them without being miserable. Totally intrigued and amazed by all the things, that I discovered by trial and error during that time in my teens, along with the help and support of my grandmother, I decided to make it a life study in order to some day, be able to help others who suffered in this same situation.

Back in the late sixties and early seventies there were not any local paranormal teams to call, in fact there were few if any, anywhere that did what teams like us and others do now. The spirit in this home, although she did mess with others, centered her efforts and malevolent terrors on me. I learned later that spirits know who can see them and hear them more easily than others and will center on that person. So, then I started learning about people who were sensitive to ghosts and such and realized that I fit the criteria perfectly. I figured if I was given this ability, it was for a reason and decided to become the person, who others could call for help when this sort of thing happened. The rest is just old history.

We are not an evidence gathering only team. Although we are versed in all the modern technology available in this field, I stick with what I know works and gets results. We get our share of evidence both on film and via EVP and that is great but , it is not what is most important to us at all. What is most important to us is learning about life after death and helping others to cope with haunting problems, so they and their families can live their lives in peace. So they don't have to be in fear in their own homes. We seem to be very successful at capturing EVPS. I believe this is because of our agenda. I think any communication from spirit is a gift from spirit and I think there are rules that govern this interaction. We are not a commercial team and are not seeking that "Holy Grail" photo to make us famous or to win some stupid race between investigators in the field, hellbent on this prize. We do not organize or promote organized commercial ghost hunts as I do not feel this is something we were meant to exploit and disrespect for financial gain or our own notoriety. We do not charge for our investigations.

We are not the "Ghosthunters" you see on TV. We are actually not ghost hunters, as we do not go to famous places or haunted places just to look for ghosts. We don't do plumbing and we have a different method of conducting our investigations. We have a different calling, and specialize in spirit communication for the purpose of resolution. We follow a procedure that I have found works well, by years of trial and error and I stick with it. TAPS is a group created for a TV show that is geared for entertainment, and for the skeptical, science minded folks, The show basically skims over things quickly, as they only have so much time to invest with each show. They are at the mercy of their producers and the image they have to foster in the media. All TV reality shows are for entertainment more than for education. This is a field that gets little acknowledgment or respect from the world of mainstream science. But to me that is fine since, I do not believe spirit can be reduced to just science. We as human incarnates are not privy to all the workings of the universe and the planes beyond this one. Everything written on this subject is just the supposition of others who have delved into the field, and there is no textbook that holds any great revelation here or any solid facts to work from. This is why I say there are "NO EXPERTS" in this field.

We are here to help people and even possibly, to help spirits of people who have need of that help. I always say that I am a spirit mediator as much as an investigator. All of my team members, have had experiences with the paranormal. I truly think that unless you have experienced it yourself, you are not in a position to assess what someone else is experiencing, or recognize true activity from normal occurrences as easily.We usually take three to six people to any private residence, as a crowd makes for less EVP evidence and less activity in general. On a large piece of property we will bring six people to make sure we can cover the whole area. We do a sitting with the family and try to establish an evp line of communication with the spirit in the home. Listening to the evps as we go along rather than waiting til we get home. This is because if someone is talking back to us, we want to continue that conversation as we go along, or what is the point? Our goal is resolution not photos and film anomalies. We sometimes get them along the way as well.

Our promise to you as a client is that we will do all we can to assist you in whatever resolution you are seeking with a haunting. Whether you want to try and rid your home of the ghost, or simply find out who and what is in your home trying to interact with you. We can not always promise resolution but will try and return as many times as necessary, if we believe we can achieve that goal. Depending on the circumstances we will advise our clients, as to the best course of action, should we not be able to resolve the case.

I also hope to provide one more thing for people on my journey in this field. That is awareness of spirit and the fact that life does not end here. With every person whose face I see, when they hear that first evp, that voice that they know belonged to no one present at the time, I see the same light go on in their heads. That moment of realization that the spirit is truly immortal. Basically we all have our religions and our faith but there is always that doubt in the back of our minds about everything spiritual. Especially with science and our logical world breathing down our necks, implying that beliefs in such things are silly and unintelligent. Once someone hears that first EVP something changes in their perception that changes the way they view things and life . If there is a ghost, then there is a God, as if we are of immortal spirit then we came from somewhere right? The more people I can get to see enough proof of this, the more they may live their lives differently as the realization that what we do in this life, does matter, sinks in. If I accomplish nothing else in this field, for me, that is enough. I am not a religious zealot, or a bible thumper in any capacity. I study the Kabbalah and have for many years, and am what you could call a Kabbalist jew of sorts. I respect all religions and everyone's faith and beliefs. I try to work with people through their own faiths to get them through bad times in hostile haunt cases. I am German, Hispanic and also part Native American, Blackfoot descent, and am very versed in my cultural beliefs and history in addition to my other beliefs and feel that in the end, there is only one God. This God does not care what you call him, as long as you call him, and that God can and will help when you do.