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PPP Hostile Haunts Specialists, director Laurie Champion has included this page for our readers to understand where we stand on certain issues, and how we operate. First of all, let it be known, that even though this team consists of believers in the paranormal and the existence of spirits, we do not deem anyplace to be haunted unless, evidence shows that to be the case. We use both scientific tools and spiritual insight to solve our cases. I, Laurie Champion, do not claim to be an expert on anything in this field. I have a lot of experience, but there are no experts. Nothing is carved in stone. When it comes to the things that go bump in the night, we are all still very much in the dark.

I report what we find in our research, and state our theories accordingly. I am not here to debate with anyone on any paranormal topic, or to try and create believers in the paranormal. I report our findings and then each person has to decide for themselves what they want to believe or accept. If I list an area as a haunted hotspot, that is because I have done enough work in that area, that has offered up enough evidence, to make that claim. If a person goes to an area, that I have listed and does not experience anything, then perhaps nothing was around at that time. There are coyotes in the Florida woods, just because one person never saw one, does not mean they are not there. The same goes for spirits and paranormal activity. It is not PPP's job to prove anything to anyone, we are haunts resolutionists not ghost hunters. I have tried to pass on information that I have accumulated over three decades at this website. I am more impressed, by what I have learned from spirits themselves, than what the mainstream paranormal community thinks , believes or wishes to promote. I spend my time in the field, not working the media for attention or notoriety.

PPP does not post cases where no haunting was found, as that is pointless. If nothing was found , then there is nothing to tell! Our case updates are only the cases that proved to show some type of evidence of being paranormally active. Since we take mainly hostile cases, the likelihood of finding evidence is more prevalent. If there is a haunting at a location, we will find it most of the time. I have established methods over the years that are tried and true, which helps us get the evidence we capture. If there is a haunting, we want to get to the bottom of it. We want to know the "Who, and the Why." behind the haunting. There is usually a reason for every haunting, that is intelligent and interactive. You have to know" the who and the why" in order to resolve a haunting. Proving that hauntings really happen is not my motivation ,as I know that first hand from my own experience with a very bad haunting. I am more concerned with figuring out the cause behind a haunting, and helping the people involved On both sides of the veil, in the situation.

PPP uses some of the five sensitives on our team and our equipment to investigate every case. We use audio, infrared video and photography, as well as temp gauges, and motion sensors, to look for evidence. We do not use EMF meters ever. This will be explained in a separate article at this site. I use only what I know, can show evidence that might point to a spirit at the scene, and has worked for me for many, many years. I will not debate about equipment with others in the field, as everyone has their own beliefs and methods of investigating. Our evidence captures as far as evps go, speak for themselves as to our success, with our methods. Human nature is such that many people will try to discredit evidence captured by others in the field, if it is better than what they themselves are capturing. Paranormal teams do not want rivals and like to put down other teams to make themselves look like the best. I am not concerned with that, as I am not trying to compete with the ghost hunters out there, I am not even on the same page with their concerns. Knowledge and experience is something that speaks for itself and shows in one's work and one's research. Work and research is what I concern myself with, and I have no time to worry about what anyone else is doing ,on any other team. If I want to confer with someone on a case, I go to the old timers in the field, or to friends who share my same agenda and level of experience.

PPP does not solicit places to investigate, or go to famous supposedly haunted places to look for ghosts, that is not something we feel the need to do, nor want to do. We want no part of the ghost hunting craze or it's commercial events. Commercialism in the paranormal field is just morally, ethically, and spiritually wrong. We decline invitations to countless events of this kind every year. Laurie has turned down six television shows in the last three years, because she wants no part of the circus, that these shows are creating and representing as supposed "reality" in the field.The paranormal craze has allowed for a big business opportunity for many people to hawk paid events, sell useless equipment, make up ghost hunting courses to sell for money,and promote lots of media hype to the uninformed enthusiasts, coming into, the now ridiculously overcrowded field, of paranormal investigation. There is no certification for paranormal investigation, it is all nonsense and people making money. A certificate that you took a course in ghost hunting 101 means absolutely nothing. A fool and his money are indeed easily parted, and this field has become sickeningly commercial.

You will find no badges at this site claiming association with any TV show ghost hunting organizations. You can be a TAPS member by paying a fee, so in reality that does not imply certification either folks. It just gives you that badge for your website, to make people think you are somebody in the field. The majority of the teams out there now ,are novices and curiosity seekers, with no real experience whatsoever in the field. Teams with ten or more years in the field are not very common, compared to the countless novices, touting that they are the cream of the crop. My view on this does not curry me favor with many people in the field, and I am not affected, as I do not seek to hob nob with those, who operate with this agenda.

PPP is here to help anyone who is having problems with a haunting or trying to resolve one. We try to educate and open the minds of our readers, to make them question the truth behind the hype. We are sick and tired of the paranormal craze and all the commercial enterprise and childish ego mongering that came along with it. There are many others in the field who feel as we do, on this issue. We are few, but we are not alone, and we all support each other in the pursuit of real paranormal investigation, and finding some real answers. You can find links to some of these teams at this website, in our friends and associates lists. This site has a links page, where many people have exchanged links with us. Just because a group may be on that page does not mean that we endorse them or have association with them. Thank you for reading this, and we hope you enjoy the website. If you ever need us, we are a phone call away....Laurie Champion


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