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Is "Pan" just a creature of folklore, real entity? An elemental spirit? 

 The most famous of animal elementals??the Greek God ?PAN?

From Greek mythology, Pan was more or less of a demi God or nature spirit.He was a god of herds, fertility and male sexuality. They called him called "the Feeder of Flocks." Pan traditionally has the horns and legs of a goat and plays a pipe with seven reeds. The legend of Pan predates Olympus. One of the oldest Greek entities, there has been much associated with him. He has specific good or evil alignment, he was considered to be simply the embodiment of pure, basic instinct. He was said to have taught Apollo prophecy, but Pan?s dark side was a bit dangerous as he was said to cause humans and animals to suddenly go mad with terror in distant, lonely places. His name is the root word of "panic." It is also the root of the word pandemic. Pan is also claimed to be a body elemental.

Even now, some self proclaimed spiritually gifted people claim to have had experiences with Pan, mostly in his traditional form. It is said that Pan can give you a full experience of the world of nature spirits and its connection to the divine. Pan Likes the wild places and tends to hang out there from what legend tells us.

Now, I am not necessarily a believer in fairies, folklore or demi Gods, but now and then something comes along to make you do a double take and wonder. I had just such a thing happen at a case where there were other animal elemental spirits. A photo that I had a pro enhance for me seems to show what can only be described as a ?Pan like ?spirit creature. There are eyes, ears, horns and what resembles a snout. This thing had us baffled. The thing was crouching behind a metal box outside a residence. Decide for yourself????.


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