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PinellasPascoParanormal/Hostile Haunts Specialists

Haunted? Call ...727-938-1305

Paranormal activity waves.......

We try to provide up to date information on paranormal happenings in the Tampabay area, and post them here;

Do you live in a haunted zone? Read down this page and find out.


Paranormal activity waves current in local areas, are something we always try to keep tabs on to learn more about these waves of intense activity and what may be the cause of the spikes in certain areas. If an area is listed below in these announcements it is because we have received more than three reports from three separate individuals, and or have already had cases there. For example in the Anclote area listed below we have had 57 reports in the last 20 years and 20 cases in the last ten years. We now consider this to be an active area for paranormal activity and try to keep tracking and logging this information, and the time of year that it seems to spike the most.

Below are the areas we are currently very interested in and continue to monitor, in order to research these activity waves. If you live in any of these areas, and you have reports to add to these please let us know.

We are currently studying connections between several residential haunts in Hudson Florida. We are particularly interested in activity in the following locations:

Embassy Hills, Beacon woods, Moon Lake, Seapines,Terrace drive, Bass Lake. These areas seem to have several residential haunts that may be connected, to others in each area. We are always researching to find out why. So, if you are haunted in any of these areas, please let us know.

We would also like to hear from folks who live in Colony Lakes sub-division in New Port Richey. We have had some every strange cases out there, and multiple haunts seem to take place there. 


If you live in the Embassy Hills sub-division in Port Richey Florida and are experiencing paranormal activity please contact us. We are working there this month with a hostile haunt and have discovered in our research some unsettling facts that may be contributing to the hauntings in the area. This applies especially to those who live on Ledgestone Lane, Stirling, and Cutty Sark drive and the area in between these streets. If you live in this area and are experiencing problems please call us directly at the contact number listed on this page, 727-938-1305. Write to us at [email protected]


We have worked several cases on or near Terrace drive in Hudson. We are keeping track of hauntings in that area. if you are experiencing paranormal activity and you live in that haunted zone please let us know. You are not alone, believe me. 


We are also seeking any reports of paranormal activity in:

The Anclote area between Tarpon Springs thru to New Port Richey, from Anclote boulevard to Bailey's Bluff. We are currently keeping a running log of paranormal activity in this area. It seems to be one of the most active areas for activity of all kinds. If you are having spirit activity or crypto activity and have sighted anything unusual,please let us know. This applies especially to those who live in Key Vista community, in Gulf view heights near Cemetary road, the new Gulf Winds sub-division and on Anclote road near the power plant.


We have had many reports also, of an apparition of a young woman, seen on Anclote road near the power plant. She is described as blond, about 20 years old and wears 80's clothing. She may appear normal or may appear very mangled and with her hair cut short on one side of her head. She usually wears a pink tube like top and jeans, and has been seen by several people over the past ten years. Again contact number is 727-938-1305.

Attention all Anclote Off road fourwheelers who frequent the old Anclote ranch to go mudding:

NEW SIGHTINGS OF THIS SPIRIT/ posted January 22nd 2010

We have an update on this spirit. She has been sighted again and again over the last five weeks at a local mud hole where many people go to fourwheel. This is in the same area where she has always been sighted, but now she seems to be running around in the woods there as well. Reports have come in saying that she actually spoke to two girls there, saying that she had been raped in those woods by four men. Some men out four wheeling also saw a naked girl running through the woods that fits her description but as they approached she vanished into thin air. If you see this apparition please let us know.

UPDATES: July 2nd 2017: This spirit is still active and has been sighted and reported every year and even now in 2017 to date. The latest sighting was two weeks ago, in broad daylight by a man on his bicycle going down Bailey's Bluff road. The woman walked towards the woods but vanished before she got to the wood line.