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Paranormal Trauma ... and coming support group

Many people who go through a bad haunting, have trauma as a result. This applies especially to kids. Just like anything else, it is hard to understand what someone is going through if you have not been through it yourself. It can be something that stays with you, causes nightmares and makes you fearful for a long time to come. Many people are always troubled by the fear that the spirit will return to hurt them again. People often interpret normal things or just their own anxiety to spirit activity or even spirit attack. Having gone through a bad haunting can leave you with a fear of the dark, or a fear of anything that you might perceive as being paranormal. If you are very troubled, you can feel like you are crazy or going crazy. You can go to the family doctor, and of course he will probably give you meds nowadays, assuming you are hysterical or depressed or prone to hallucination, but this does not help. I have seen the trauma that people go through after a bad haunting, especially one where they have been physically attacked. I went through it myself as a child as the victim of a very bad haunting.To get past it you have to learn how to summon the strength and obtain the understanding of how to conquer your fear and how not to be a victim of such a paranormal assault again. But where do you learn that? 

People who suffer from trauma from a paranormal source ,seldom have support like people who go through more mainstream problems. This is because:

A. No one believes you

B. They don't understand

C. There is no such help or support group at all.

Trauma from a haunting is just as real as trauma from any other kind of horrible life experience. I know this first hand, as I went through it. I got past it and now I help others who are going through it. Many of our team members have done the same. The best person to show you the way back from anywhere is the person who has been there and found their way back. For this reason we at PPP are going to try and start a support group for those who have been through this and have this trauma. I and my team members are going to try to offer this exact support group. If you are someone who has been through this and would like to have some help dealing with it, please contact us. If we get enough response to this we will start an online support group and even a local, live support group for this purpose. Write to us at [email protected] if you are interested in this and let us know if you are local, or you would like to participate in the online support group. There is other actual psychiatric help out there from people who will believe you and do understand this kind of trauma but these doctors are rare. There is one that we know who can help, if you want that help. If you need a psychologist that is open to treating paranormal trauma go to this website: