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The Pasco/ Hernando triangle...................

The Pasco/Hernando haunted triangle…………………..

 I have studied the paranormal in this part of Florida for 39 years now. With Pinellas/Pasco paranormal alone we have logged hundreds of cases over the years. During that time, I have noticed that there seem to be some areas that are constantly plagued by hauntings. Certain towns, sub-divisions, even certain streets, more so than others, seem to offer up a hotbed of activity. I had seen the patterns but I wanted to document this and see how pronounced this they actually were, so I set out and did this map project. I wanted to create a visual aide whereby I could look at the whole picture, and see just where the hot spots were.

Now we take cases from four counties, but the most come from Pinellas and Pasco counties. We have had some in Hillsborough and Hernando as well. About 38 percent of our cases come from Pasco County. I finally got around to logging my Pasco and Hernando cases from just the last 8 to 10 years or so onto a map. Lo and behold, I saw what I already suspected: hauntings seem to happen in clusters in certain areas. A triangle has emerged showing the most haunted area of this part of Florida, along the central coast. I will call it the Pasco/Hernando triangle.

Of all of the cases we took on in those ten years, some of the most severe hauntings also happened in Pasco County. Interesting. By looking at the red dots on the map, each of which represents a haunt case, you can see if you live in a hot zone. Certain areas of certain sub-divisions seem to be more active than others too. Beacon Woods takes the prize up north there for the most haunted sub-division. The Anclote area seems to be the southern hotspot. In between we find many cases in Sea Pines, Sea Ranch, Terrace drive, Moon Lake, Embassy Hills, and in the historic section of New Port Richey, near and around Main street and the Presidential named streets in that small area. Cases in Dade city, Wesley Chapel and other areas east of this map are not included here as they are too far and scattered from the area I wanted to focus on.

What is it that makes these places so inclined to produce paranormal activity. Well each has its own factors, for example Beacon Woods is built on an underground lime rock cave system. I am sure that lends some strange energy to the place. Anclote Village has a power plant, an interface,ley lines, several Native burial grounds, and a cemetery to boot. Ley lines are apparent alignments of places of significance in the geography or culture of an area, often including man-made structures. They are in the older sense, ancient, straight track ways in the landscape, or in the newer sense, spiritual and mystical alignments of land forms.

Speaking of Ley Lines, Florida has one that runs right through it and it is almost matching our eastern triangle border line. The red lines on the map are just showing the triangle area, the blue line represents a ley line. Do ley lines affect these things? Now the red dots on this map are just hauntings, but if we wanted to, we could include some other strange happenings in this triangle as well. Many Florida Bigfoot sighting and even UFO sightings have happened in this same triangle.

   Strange atmospheric things seem to happen here also. Light anomalies, weather anomalies, cyrptid bird sightings, bizarre sounds, you name it. People claim to have seen and experienced all kinds of things here. There have even been sightings of Sea monsters by commercial fishermen off shore from Anclote all the way to Weeki Wachee. Whatever the cause for the triangle hotspot it is fascinating. I will continue to add to this map as time goes by.