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PinellasPascoParanormal/Hostile Haunts Specialists

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At PPP we are interested in getting scientific evidence for haunt cases, but that is not our main goal. Our main goal is to resolve hauntings and learn as much as we can along the way. We believe in spirits and in spirit communication with the living. We also know that some people are very gifted in this area and can be of great value when it comes to getting information about a case. For this reason we have 4 sensitives on our team, and five others that are located all over the world, that assist with tough cases. You can never have too many sources for information and input on a case. We pool all the impressions of all of these sensitive people and see which ones seem to be the most consistent. Then we are willing to consider those impressions. If even three people for example, all see the same thing and get the same impressions then we figure, there might be some truth there, and we investigate along those lines. We never rely on just psychic impression, as in the end it is the evp evidence that will tell the tale.

The word "sensitive" can mean many things. For instance, a psychic and a medium can be two different things. Not every psychic is a medium and not every medium is a psychic. Mediums are gifted in the way where they can see, hear, and communicate with spirits. Some psychics can do this also. Psychics also come in many forms, some are able to see the future, some are able to read people and see the past, present and future, some can find missing things and people etc.etc. Then there are empaths, empaths feel what other people are feeling. An empath sometimes can also pick up a spirit's emotions and intentions as well. Most people who see people and animals "auras" are also empaths. Some people are telepaths who can read another' s thoughts and can send their own thoughts to someone else. Some telepaths can project their energy to do this with spirits as well. Most of the people we call "sensitives" are either clairvoyant, clairaudient or clairsentient, meaning some see, some hear, and some feel energy. Some people who have more than one of these abilities are called hypersentients. On our team we have a mixed crew of people with several of these abilities. We all work together and in harmony with each other to resolve hauntings.

None of the sensitives that work with us are professional "pay for play" mediums and such. Our team's psychic staff members and associates are gifted people that use that gift to help others not to line their own pockets. Truly gifted people know instinctively, that there is a moral responsibility, that goes along with their gift, and will not exploit it for money or power. We never seek counsel with those who charge money for their help. All of the sensitives that work with us or we consult, have a track record with us, that shows their ability to be valid. There are different kinds of sensitivity and different modes of perception among sensitive people. Some are stronger than others, some have different kinds of gifts, but all of them together, can really shake things up and get to the heart of a matter, when they work together for a noble cause. Seeking with a good intent, promotes even more doors to open to a sensitive when they are trying to help with any matter, whatsoever.

Never judge all sensitives by those who hang out a shingle and seek to part you from your money. Most of them are fakes anyway. Also do not listen to any old Tom, Dick or Jane that claims to be a psychic, and volunteers information to you about your supposed "haunting." as there is no way to know, if they are truly gifted or not and even if they are, who is to say if they are on target ,with what they see at the time. Many bored people fancy themselves to be psychics, so they can seem to be more exciting or spiritual in this day and age. Most real sensitives wait, until they are asked to give their impressions, they do not offer them to you, and make claims of being a psychic etc. True sensitives are understated and less... in your face about their "special abilities" and the ego that seems to be attached to those abilities. Beware the person who starts out with the phrase, "I am a psychic and I can help you!" Usually the next phrase is "For a price of ..." Most truly gifted folks do not advertise their abilities, as they prefer to keep a rather low profile.

 When we have a very hard case, in which we have a photo of the deceased, haunting party, or evps from the spirit, then we send them out to our friends in other locations, as far away as the UK and Ireland, to get some more opinions and impressions that might help us. We leave no stone unturned especially with murder and missing person's cases. We will exhaust every method to get to the truth with our cases.  

Many of the paranormal teams today do not use sensitives to investigate paranormal activity, which is fine as most of them are just ghost hunters, who are seeking proof of the other side for their own curiosity, or to quell their own doubts. This is why they do not get a lot of evp evidence, and therefore will probably not make much progress in the field anyway. We get an enormous amount of evp responses every year, because we are on a very different mission, and we use specific people who are sensitive to spirit. Spirits also know when they are in the presence of sensitives and will make more of an effort to connect and make their thoughts and wishes known. Our staff sensitives do not do readings for people or answer questions at random that are not related to the case and the supposed haunting. Please don't ask us to do these things.


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