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This page will be done by Merita King for those interested in psychic development. Make sure to check in here often to see what she has posted. She is doing this as a favor for me and my site members. Thanks so much Merita! from Laurie Champion site manager.

Hi everyone, My name is Merita King and I'm a friend of Laurie's from the UK. I'll be doing this psychic development page for the benefit of all who stop by. Feel free to contact me if you have a topic you feel this page should address. Any questions regarding psychic or mediumship development can always be posted in the forum page. I will be adding more and more as time goes by, so please be patient as this page is brand new.


At some point in time you are going to want to start actually doing a reading. This can be a scary step to take for the first time and many novices worry about it needlessly. All you need is a friend you feel comfortable with, half an hour guaranteed quiet and an open mind.

It is very important to have the right sitter to practice on. It has to be someone you feel very comfortable and relaxed with. Don't attempt your first readings with a stranger as you'll be on edge and stressed and that will block you from reading well. The only problem with someone you feel comfortable with is that you will probably know them quite well. Don't worry about this, there is always stuff you don't know about even your closest friends and family. Ideally it will be someone who is relaxed and open about spiritual matters or a confirmed believer. A skeptic is hard to read because the "I don't believe" energy they give off acts like a barrier around their own auras and it is very hard to read them, even for experienced mediums like myself and Laurie. A close friend or neighbour or work colleague you are relaxed with is ideal.

It is not necessary to spend too long on your early readings, thirty minutes is more than enough. You will need to ensure you will have quiet and privacy and be free of any interruptions though, so turn off those cellphones.

One of the easiest ways to begin learning to read for people is to do a card reading. Get your sitter to shuffle some tarot cards, angel cards or even some inkblots or chinese characters or pictures of abstracts or landscapes - anything so long as there is a lot of detail in the picture. When your sitter has shuffled the cards or pictures, get them to choose one and hand it to you. This is the card that will form your reading. Now turn the card over and look at the picture.

I shall illustrate this as I go along by doing a one card reading for Laurie.

The card I picked for Laurie is from my Native American Tarot pack, the Ace of Chalices. I have chosen to do this reading on Laurie's early life. I'll try to explain things as I go along.

The very first thing about this card that I notice is the colour - it's very washed out blues and greys with no bright colours at all. What would this mean to you? Think about the symbolism of that. For me that tells me that her early life was stressful more than it was joyful. There are big dark grey clouds in the sky - this tells me she experienced turmoil. As the sky is above us, this tells me that the turmoil came from above her - ie her parents or older generations around her. In the very far background is the faint image of buildings - these symbolise home and security and being faint and far away tells me that she often didn't feel secure and safe and may even have felt rootless at times. In the foreground is an enormous rattle snake - snakes symbolise psychic abilities and bridging the spirit world and physical world. The snake in this card is on guard but it's mouth is closed, not showing fangs - this tells me that she often kept things to herself and would have felt the need to be on her guard around people. The snake is wrapped around a big jug (the chalice of the title). Chalices in tarot symbolise the emotions and this tells me that she would have kept her emotions to herself. The jug has tipped over and the water it contains is pouring out - this tells me that although she was guarded with her emotions, she was a very emotional person by nature. In the foreground there are bowls - this tells me that there would have been rules and traditions that had to be followed, family traditions that couldn't be avoided. There is also an old rotten tree stump in the foreground. Trees symbolise protection, strength and wisdom and this rotten stump shows that all three of those were a bit lacking around her in her early life and that she would have had to be her own best friend and protector. There is also a black cloud in the sky that has a slightly human shape and this tells me that there was someone above her in age that was not someone who was totally trustworthy for her to be around, not a nice person. As I look at this shape I get images and thoughts of physical punishment, threats of punishment and emotional blackmail.

As you look at each image within the card, look at it's colour, it's shape, is it high in the picture or low down, background or foreground? What does the colour mean to you? How do you feel when you look at it? What thoughts and images do you get when you look at it? Remember that the cards are symbolic, not literal. There is a big snake in my card but that doesn't mean Laurie was scared of snakes or had a pet snake or was bitten by a snake. The snake has a symbolic meaning and that is what you are reading. It's the same with colours, shapes, buildings, trees, every aspect of the picture - don't read it literally, look for what it symbolises for you. You will feel emotions as you look at the pictures, you will get thoughts and images, give all of these out to your sitter too, they are all relevant. Turn the card around and look at it from all different angles, there will be shapes and forms that you can read.

There are some symbols that are universal but 99% are unique to you. If you have books of symbols and meanings - throw them away, they only apply to the person who wrote the book. Tell 10 people to think of a flag and tell you what it means to them and you will get 10 different answers, all correct. It is the same when you read for people, most mediumship is done by symbolism and it will undoubtedly be the first way your guides will work with you because it's the easiest way for them to reach your mind. If you see green, think of what that shade means to you, not what you've read in a book. Does it feel fresh to you, does it feel ancient, does it feel bright, does it feel dark and foreboding?

Most of all, keep practicing and don't interpret the card literally. Interpret the aspects of each picture as symbols with a deeper meaning. Remember to give your thoughts, emotions and images alongside your interpretation of the symbols.

In my next blog I'll explain how to strengthen your own language of symbols so that your guides can work with you more easily.

Well this is Laurie here, and I have to say this reading is very accurate. I had many things going on in my childhood that this reading reveals very closely to me. Thanks Merita for this reading. This is an excellent blog and I hope people try doing their own first readings, after reading this one. You are very clear about not interpreting the card literally, but by the images on the card. I teach tarot classes and people always want to just look at the card and think literally about the image. You have to look deeper into the meaning of the images. Good job!  

Psychic/mediumship Development

The first thing that everyone needs to be aware of, is the difference between psychic and mediumship. They are very different ways of working and each has a valid place working with spirit.

When you work psychically, you are linking with the person you are reading and not with discarnate spirit entities. A psychic reading focusses on the sitter, their mind/problems/issues etc and how they can best proceed to overcome them and move forward in their life. When giving a ppsychic.

Not all psychics will be mediums though. Some will not take any further steps in their development through choice or circumstances.

It is very important to realise the difference between these two phrases because they are each a very different way of working. Each has its own unique qualities and each brings help in it's own unique way. Neither one is better than the other, they each have a very valid place in spiritual work.sychic reading, you will tell your sitter, about themselves and their life.

When working mediumistically, you will be linking with those entities in the spirit world. You will communicate with the spirits of your sitters' deceased loved ones and your aim is bring verifiable proof of the continuance of life after the physical death of the body. As a medium, you will also sometimes work psychically when necessary to help your sitter.

All mediums are also psychics, they have to be. Mediumship leads on from psychic work, you cannot be a medium without first being

Why work with spirit?

This is a question that people don't ask themselves enough. There are a lot of people out there nowadays claiming to be psychics/mediums and a lot of them will be taking money from their sitters. It is each persons own responsibility to make sure that their own motives for working in this field are the right ones. Too many people are not ensuring they have the best motives for working. Nowadays there are laws at least partially governing what we do and how we work and not only is it bad karma to con people, you can now be sued if your work isn't up to scratch!

Most people say the reason they work with spirit is because of a desire to help people. If this is your reason then that is great, so long as you work in a way that does actually help people first, before it helps you.

So what does it take to work with spirit? How does one become a psychic or a medium? Everyone is psychic, but many don't realise it. We all have hunches, gut feelings that come true. We meet someone for the first time and we instantly like them or instantly feel uncomfortable around them. This happens because of the energy they are giving off - their energy field or aura. We each have an energy field that reflects our personality and when someone comes into contact with it, they psychically pick up feelings about us and will have those tell tale gut feelings. Many people simply ignore them but if you want to develop your psychic senses you must learn to listen to these cues. Many people report thinking of someone a few minutes before that person calls them on the phone, or knocks on their door and this is a very similar thing. When you are planning on making contact with someone, you are thinking of them and in doing so, you are sending them some of your energy. If they are receptive, they will start thinking of you and when you call them they will say "oh I was just thinking of you". Again, many people think of this as mere coincidence but if you are wishing to develop your psychic senses, acknowledge these occurrences, write them in a journal if you wish. The first step towards developing these abilities is to become aware of their presence in your life already. You will be surprised by how often things happen like the two examples above.

When wishing to develop mediumistically, it is also worth doing the above, note down all instances when things like this happen. Sometimes things will happen which will seem a little silly but still note it down. For example, I was once walking along a street posting leaflets through doors advertising the company I work for. I hated doing this and was bored and I allowed my mind to drift. I suddenly got a thought drop into my head about finding a coin on the ground and bending to pick it up. A few yards down the road, I found a coin on the ground and picked it up. Now this doesn't immediately seem to be of any importance to working with spirit, but it is. It is an example of spirit communicating to us, to see if we are listening. The more we show them we are indeed listening, the closer they will come and the more they will work with us.

Who exactly is 'them'? When you work as a medium, you will have spirit beings working alongside you specifically to help you work as a medium. These are known as spirit guides, spirit helpers, inspirers and many other names. Some call them guardian angels but that term is not accurate and I will not use it in this instance. More of them later. In order to work as a medium you must develop a clear line of communication between our physical world and the spirit world. How is this done? Think of it a bit like tuning in a radio, you know the old style ones with a dial? Our physical world has a frequency that is quite low on the dial and we as mediums must 'tune up' our frequency a bit higher. The spirit world has a very high frequency and they will 'tune down' their frequency a bit lower. The aim is that we meet somewhere in the middle and that is where communication takes place.

In order for use to be able to communicate clearly in this rather tenuous link, we must try to ensure that we have enough control over our physical mind so that it cannot interfere with 'earthly stuff'. This means learning to control our minds chatter so that the more subtle spirit communications can be perceived. Controlling this endless chatter is a very big part of developing mediumship and is not something that is achieved overnight.

Working with your senses...

One of the most basic tenets of psychic/mediumship abilities, is that they utilise very subtle senses and it is necessary to fine tune these senses constantly in order that communication with those in spirit can take place. One of the best ways to begin this process, is to start working on the 5 physical senses that you are used to having already. This will serve 2 purposes. First it will serve as a form of meditation (another very useful habit to get into) and second, it will fine tune your basic 'foundation' senses upon which your higher, psychic/mediumistic senses are built.

We are all aware of our 5 physical senses. Touch, taste, hearing, smell and vision. It is a scientific fact that our brains filter out the vast majority of the information these senses take in. By exercising these senses to notice more than they normally do, your physical awareness will heighten and develop and upon this strongly develop foundation, your subtle higher senses will be easier to access and develop.

It is very easy to begin to exercise your senses. Let's start with vision because this is the sense we use and rely on the most. Find somewhere to sit down comfortably where you have something to look at, a view of something. A country scene, a busy city centre, something busy rather than bland. Now, look at the scene as you normally do, make notes on what you're seeing. After a few minutes look at your notes and see what you noticed about the scene in front of you. People rushing, windblown leaves, cars, birds in the sky etc.

Now look again, and this really look much deeper. If you see people rushing, what direction are they rushing in? What are they wearing? What expressions do they have on their faces? Do they look happy or sad? Are they carrying anything? What races are they? How many are in couples or groups and how many are alone? Are they all rushing, or are some strolling or sitting or standing chatting? Is anyone on a cellphone? Is anyone in a wheelchair? How many are little kids? Does anyone have ribbons in their hair? Any bald guys, fat guys, skinny gals? Anyone with purple shoes or a smiley face T shirt? Anyone with the wind in their hair, an umbrella blowing inside out, a woman crying, a man shouting at a kid? What colours are the cars? What makes/models? How many are brand new, how many are old? Are they all going in the same direction? Are the streets a one way system or is everyone driving in different directions? Are there any cars stopped at the sides of the roads, any broken down? Can you read any logos or signs on any of the vehicles? What companies do they represent? Is there any greenery around or is everything urban? Any rubbish on the ground, litter bins needing emptying, discarded coke cans and burger wrappers?

Now you can see how much more there is to actually see? This is the kind of stuff our brains filter out, as it's not strictly necessary for us to actively and consciously acknowledge it, so it slips in unnoticed. By making yourself notice this stuff, you're sharpening your sense of vision and training your brain and your mind to acknowledge even the tiniest of details. Later on, when you start to use visualisation techniques or use clairvoyance (seeing spirit) you will find it much easier to see these subtle visions and so, to understand them.

You can also use the same technique for your other senses. To work on your hearing, you can use the same location as in the example above, only this time close your eyes and use your ears. To work with touch, then simply touch things but take notice of what they really feel like, on a deep level. What does the wind feel like on your skin, the rain on your face etc? And avoid the temptation to use vague terms like "nice, great or fantastic". Be very specific. For example, I have my cellphone hear beside me. I close my eyes and handle it. It feels hard and smooth but there are differences to this smoothness. On one side I can feel an edge in the shape of a large square. Inside this square it feels very smooth and slippy, like glass. Everywhere else it also feels smooth but slightly matte. There are some bumps down at one end and little dent in the middle of the other side. It is slim and has rounded contours and feels comfortable in my hands. See what I mean? It's not rocket science, it's just a case of getting used to being more aware.

For smell, simply close your eyes and inhale. Do this wherever you go, outside, inside, wherever and analyse what your nose is picking up. I'm sitting here in my living room typing and if I close my eyes and inhale, at first it seems like there is no smell at all. After a while though, I become aware of a faint odour of what I can only describe as 'plastic'. There is also a faint odour of cooking from yesterday, maybe I need to empty the bin! A non smoker would also be able to detect ciggarette smoke in the air, the wood shavings in my hamsters cage and the lemon scented lavatory cleaner I just squirted down the pan!

You don't need to worry too much about taste but since you're working on your senses why not use this one too? You can utilise the help of a friend for this or work alone, it's up to you. Get a range of different safely edible foodstuffs in front of you. Make sure there is a very different range of foods with very different tastes. Now close your eyes and put something in your mouth but don't chew or swallow yet. Let it sit on your tongue and see what your tastebuds tell you. Work it around your mouth a bit, how is the taste developing? Chew it a few times, does that change the taste? The supply of edible and drinkable substances is almost endless and you could spend the longest time working on taste.

All of the above are designed to get you used to working with your senses individually, rather than all at the same time as we do normally. By separating them and working with them in finer detail, we develop our awareness of what is being picked up by those senses. The result of this is that we will be much more able to pick out the subtleties from the barrage of stuff our senses are taking in. Spirit communication works on very subtle wavelengths of energy and is very easy to miss or overlook or misinterpret. By strengthening our awareness of what our physical senses are taking in, we get used pinpointing finer and finer details from more and more tenuous and vague input. When you start to work with spirit communication, these skills will help enormously.

One of the most fundamental things to help you get more in touch with your intuitive/psychic self is to have a belief and an understanding of the inter connectedness of everything. Becoming more in touch with this will begin to make you use the right hand side your brain a bit more. The human brain is divided into 2 sections, a left and a right half. Although connected, the 2 halves work differently. The left half works with all things analytical, logical and rational, whilst the right half work in a more abstract and creative way. Men tend to be more left brained than right which is why they're often more skeptical than women.

Every human being on the planet, every animal, every plant, every substance be it natural or man made, is made of energy. Any scientist will tell you that energy can never be destroyed, it can only be transformed, changed and this is what happens when we die, our energies change to a different form. Our physical bodies decay and become the earth, the same earth that sustains all of us. The part of us that made us truly 'alive' is now unencumbered by the limits of the dense energies of the physical body and so it returns to it natural state, it's natural environment which we have come to call, the spirit world. We are all spirit, we are all of the same substance - spirit energy and this makes us all connected to each other, family.

When you interact with another person, your spirit is connecting with their spirit. Your interaction with them is happening at an energetic level, not just a brief physical one. The vibrant energy field that we all have around us all of the time, interacts with their energy field and both are changed a little, and the change is permanent. Your next interaction changes you both a little more, and so on, all of the time, all of your lives.

Next time you interact with someone, whether it be in a shopping mall, on a train or in a restaurant, be aware of the other people around you. Really aware. Most of the time we largely ignore other people, but make yourself become aware of them. Stand close to someone in the checkout line and imagine your energy fields interacting, reacting to each others' energies and changing. Using psychic/mediumistic abilities well, depends upon your awareness of energy fields and a belief and understanding of just how connected everyone is.