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PSYCHICS VERSES PSYCHOS ...thing to consider for knowing the difference.

Psychics and psychos?

In my lifetime I have met many truly gifted people with psychic abilities of all kinds. During that time I have noticed many things about such people. For instance, someone who is truly gifted is also truly compassionate, responsible, and discerning about what they tell people when asked for advice or insights. They do not do medical diagnosis?s right and left, as this is not the job of a psychic it is the job of a medical doctor. Not to mention that no matter how good a psychic is they are not infallible and what if they give someone the wrong information? What if a psychic tells a man that he has some dreadful disease and he believes it and commits suicide and ends his life or does other things to screw up his life as a result of it? What if the psychic was wrong?

There are people out there who consider themselves to be psychic and are all too eager to offer readings and information as to their visions to people who didn't even ask for it, just to test what they consider to be their special ability. These folks really upset people especially when they spout nothing but bad and horrible news. This recently happened to a good friend of mine. A self proclaimed psychic told him a bunch of crap about all these terrible things that were about to befall him, from illnesses to life problems to even deaths of his friends and family members. This man could not sleep for days and why? Because of some overzealous would be psychic that just wants an audience for their ravings real or imagined. This kind of thing HURTS PEOPLE!!!!!

A real psychic can be helpful to many people in many ways but there is a limit to how much even they can reveal or see for that matter. My friends here at this site know I am a believer in psychic ability, but you cannot rule your life by what a psychic says or turn to them for clearance before every move you make. Furthermore a truly gifted person knows what they can reveal and what they need to keep quiet about for the best interest of the person they are trying to help. It is called discernment and usually comes along with the gift folks. So to those of you who want to seek counsel with a psychic I give the following advice;

1. Seek someone who is not making money by their psychic ability, as gifts from God were not meant to be used for lining one's pockets with gold. Think about it. Common and spiritual sense should make this obvious to you.

2. Avoid the boastful psychic, who announces themselves as a psychic to everyone they meet. Also avoid the one who claims to have every gift imaginable. If that were true they would be canonized. So if they do not have the title of Saint before their name, they are probably exaggerating, or just plain deluded.

3. Avoid the type who tells you an endless, scary, tale of doom at every turn. This is someone who is very screwed up and obviously likes to see others in pain. Maybe because they themselves are bitter and have a big flair for drama. If they claim to be able to help you avoid said doom for a price, then walk away immediately.

4. Remember that being an occultist is not synonymous with being a psychic. Many people think anyone claiming to be a "witch" is also a psychic, and this is just not true. And being a Native American is also not synonymous with being psychic, as not everyone is a Shaman and some of the people out there who make these claims may not even be Native American for that matter. It is also popular for psychics these days to claim they have a Native American Spirit guide. Some do but a lot of them just say that because it seems to be the "in" thing right now. I am sure that Native American spirits have more important things to do than help some pay for play, psychic to do readings so they can make money.

5. Take everything with a grain of salt and remember that "You" rule your destiny. The paths you take can change your course so nothing is carved in stone.

6. Don't expect a psychic to tell you the lotto numbers or the best investment, or anything that is for you own gain either. They have more important things to do and this is not what they were given their gift for.

7. Anyone who is constantly seeking you out and offering their services even for free has issues. If someone has true knowledge of any kind they let others light their candles from it, they don't blind them with their leading torch.

8. Use common sense. If someone claims to be an actual Angel in the flesh or some other fantastic celestial celebrity, they probably are not what they claim as Angels don't advertize themselves to the public and people with this kind of power, would draw people easily simply by virtue of their LIGHT and don't need to make such claims to draw anyone in.

9. Most gifted people have either one strong gift or a few simple gifts. So if someone is claiming to be a medium, a psychic, a clairvoyant, a clairaudient, a clairsentient, a healer, a psychometrist, a telepath, and whatever else all rolled into one...chances are they are more gifted with EGO than the other things listed above. Again apply the old adage, that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

10. Beware the glad handing phony who tells you only nice things or exactly what you want to hear. they are just making sure you pay and come back to pay some more. When spirit speaks to a real psychic they tell you what you need to know not what you want to hear. The message is always what is important for you to know right now in order to progress spiritually or even in this life. Sometimes a reading may seem critical but it is for your best interest.

There are many truly gifted folks out there who help a lot of people and some of them get a bad rap because of those who either fake it or exploit it. Many people are good at throwing enough stuff at you so that some of it may apply to you, so also keep that in mind. But most importantly, what I have learned over the years is that truly gifted people tend to care about people and treat them accordingly. Truly gifted folks are also usually very spiritual people whose goal is not to make money from those they help. They never sell "love and light" for a price. They also choose their causes according to need, rather than just reading for everyone for their wants or entertainment. So seek your psychic advisers with all of this in mind.


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