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This article is for those who are experiencing what they believe to be paranormal activity. In this article it is my hope to provide some good advice and hopefully some real information to help those who are involved in any kind of a haunting. The information herein is based on not only my own experiences but those of countless people I have encountered in my 35 years of resolving hauntings. Anyone who is having a spirit visitation in their home is subject to many different emotions, the most common is "fear." Some people feel a thrilling sense of curiosity, and see it as something they want to explore because it seems exciting. Whatever a person's reaction may be while in this situation there are several things that many people do, that only serve to make the whole thing even more dramatic than it is.

Anyone, when dealing with a haunting that upsets their household and their emotional peace of mind can become very distraught. They tend to dwell on the situation, and on the activity that takes place. By doing just that, they are keeping a constant open channel for a spirit, to not only maintain that emotional and mental link to them, but also to use that energy provided to manifest more disturbing, physical activity.

Whether a haunting is evident or even suspected in a home, everyone is on edge. Even when nothing has happened for awhile, it is easy to lay awake at night watching that closet door, or listening for those unsettling footsteps on the stairs. This is human nature,but it sets the scene to keep the haunting going on. The more attention paid to the ghost, and the more intense reaction you give the ghost’s antics, the more it will act up.

Some bothersome spirits are truly malevolent but most are not. Most are just out to get your attention or the kick they get from scaring you, if they are so inclined. Some are territorial and consider your home to be their space, even though they have passed on. Some are even just relatives or friends that want to get some message across or let you know they are still around.

The best way to lessen activity is to try to focus your thoughts and your mind away from the haunting, and when activity does happen, limit your reaction to it. I know this is not easy most of the time, but a ghost that does not get your fear to feed on, runs out of steam very quickly. In reality, we are all spirits and we all have the same underlying energy that makes up what we are. You have to use your presence and your energy to face off with another spirit who is challenging you for your space, or trying to intimidate you, just as you would with a living antagonist. Calm, confident projection of strength and fearlessness will get you further in a haunting situation just as it would in any other situation where you are faced with an aggressor.

You know we see so many movies where ghosts are depicted as having all this power, to throw things around and manifest nightly in ways that are really spectacular and very frightening, but the average ghost just does not have that kind of energy to expend. Most hauntings, except for the most severe, usually are not quite as theatrical. Most times when real serious manifestations are occurring, involving physical activity, there are more than one spirit, pooling their energy, or some very scared person feeding that energy to the ghost. Another thing that people do, which I was mentioning earlier, is to give constant recognition to an entity by making it the topic of conversation all the time and giving it the press that it thrives on.

When a person is convinced that there might be a spirit in their home, they tend to look for it and find things to attribute to the activity of said spirit. Some of those things may be real paranormal events and others are the thought form creations of the living people involved. We are all human and we all are subject to the same misconceptions, creations of the psyche, and matrixing by the mind. As a rule with every haunting there are several real paranormal events and several events perceived as paranormal events that are not real. Fear plays into this very heavily.

1. Fear: fear makes us see things even when they may not really be there. It makes us attribute random sounds as being scary and obscure. Before a person knows there might be a spirit in the house they might not think twice about some random sound in the home but once they have the "ghost" idea in their head, every noise becomes suspect. If a person sees an apparition once, then they may see faces in just about anything from the glass window to the drapes and in any other pattern or object in the home. Some people have even claimed to see faces in patterns on their own skin. This is called matrixing and people do it all the time. If we share our thoughts with others in the house then it also becomes contagious and pretty soon everyone is prone to start seeing things also, and matrixing on their own. Our brains are geared to do this. Not everything we matrix is real in fact most of it isn't real. The most important thing when it comes to a real spirit haunting is not to lose your head and become your own worst enemy. You have to keep a rational mind and practice discernment when it comes to what you think you are experiencing. You have to be able to admit that you could be fallible and that quite possibly you might be letting your imagination add to your real paranormal troubles.

2. Curiosity: Like the old saying goes "Curiosity killed the cat" and when it comes to a real haunting it can lead you to real trouble also. People who are fascinated with paranormal activity that they experience and encourage a spirit to act out even more are asking for trouble. NEVER play ghost hunter in your own home, as it is one of the most dangerous things to do, especially if you already have a true spirit haunting. This kind of paranormal enthusiasm can also create false experiences because people are wanting to experience the activity again and they start to credit everything to the spirit as well. In this case people are seeing what they want to see and not necessarily what is truly there. People who are excited by the idea of being haunted also tend to embellish said haunting through the over-zealousness of their desire to have another encounter with the spirit. I see this all the time with people who think orbs in their photos are evidence of their ghost. This is simply NOT TRUE.

Many paranormal investigators, myself included use tape recorders to contact spirits.

This is done in a controlled environment, usually by folks who know what they are doing, for research and resolution purposes. For example when I start an evp session I give the spirit a line to talk to me and connect with me, not my client. I set myself up as the conduit. Now, when you take it upon yourself to set up that recorder and talk to your ghost, you are opening a door and extending a personal invitation to more activity and interaction. This is why you should not do this unless you are sure that you can handle the increase in activity that may follow. Sometimes spirits fixate on one person whom they want to establish an attachment to, and when you go out of your way to contact the spirit, you strengthen that fixation. This is why it is always good to get someone with experience to do this kind of investigation rather than trying to wing it on your own.

People often come to a paranormal investigator for help when they think they are haunted. They turn to an experienced person to help them find out what is going on and to understand it, maybe even to resolve it. If the client is not willing to consider the advice or the explanations of certain things that the investigators offer than why bring them in at all? Yet people do this all the time. They get upset if the investigator questions something they claimed to see or experience and offers an explanation that is not paranormal for that event. Just because the investigator does not validate one thing the client is experiencing does not mean they do not believe the client is not experiencing something paranormal at all. A good para researcher will debunk some things and offer real information, [based on real experience] to try and educate their clients about these kinds of things. A good researcher will focus on what they know is paranormal and disregard what they know is not, because they want to get to the bottom of the haunting and what is actually happening. They will ask lots of questions in order to get a real picture of what might be taking place in your home. When I go into a case, I will ask questions based on certain things that I know are usually experienced with a true haunting after 35 years of working these cases. The answers to those questions will tell me what I need to know in order to figure out what I may be dealing with and how to proceed to resolve it.

Some clients get very upset when I tell them that what is in their photo that they believe is paranormal is not valid evidence for me to go by. They are so convinced that this photo is their ghost that they resent being told it is just camera artifact or that they are matrixing faces in random patterns. They assume that because I will not validate that picture that I don't believe them, when they say there is something strange going on in their home. Just because I debunk a photo does not mean I don't believe what they are telling me about their experience. It only means that I will not base any of my theories on "That Photo." People have the wrong idea about photos because of all the misinformation on TV shows and the things that these shows present as being paranormal. You have to realize that these are TV shows geared for entertainment and NOT actual paranormal evidence. Some of these shows will use contrived evidence and false anomaly to present because they have nothing real or impressive to show. They bank on people's naivety and lack of real knowledge about the field of paranormal study. A seasoned investigator knows the camera artifacts and all the ins and out of digital photography. They have seen a lot more than the layman and will use that knowledge to debunk the things that are not valid. Too often clients get upset when the investigator does not validate the things that they are convinced of. If you call in someone with real experience to help you with paranormal activity then at least be open to what they may be able to tell you and don't get upset when they don't tell you what you want to hear.

Please read this article as well...


How does a ghost become a demon?

You know there is so much hype right now about demons but in reality they are a rare find indeed. Angry, trouble making ghosts on the other hand are quite plentiful. Then there is another class of haunting that is not just a ghost and certainly not a demon. It is a haunting caused by paranormal hysteria. How does a ghost become a demon? At least in the eyes of the people being haunted? This is how...

One person experiences some low scale paranormal activity in the house, and is very afraid of such things. They mention it to their kids. Kids are very impressionable and very fearful normally of such things. So now everyone is thinking about "the ghost". Every shadow and sound becomes suspect, and pretty soon every one of the kids is experiencing activity, whether real or imagined and the adrenalin starts to pump as the fear kicks in with every sound and shadow.

If there is a spirit present, now everyone is feeding the ghost, high octane fuel to produce more activity. As the one person who originally experienced the activity lies in bed, they are thinking about it and waiting for another event.They are now setting up a link on the airway to the ghost. The ghost, if it is a predatory opportunist, or even a just a prankster, picks up on that link and that energy and comes out to play.When this happens the fear kicks in again and the high octane gas is fed to the ghost again. Now the ghost has even more energy to burn to create even more impressive activity.

Pretty soon everyone is scared and sleeping in the same room for safety and comfort. The ghost has brought the family together, how nice. Everyone is thinking about the ghost and waiting nervously for the next sign of activity, now everyone is reinforcing the link to the ghost on the airway.The ghost has even more of a conduit to draw it to the people. So it shows up and does something else, that instills fear ,now it has three people or whatever to scare and get energy from, and gets even more fuel, which is exactly what it thrives on. Now it has a good thing going.

Then the family starts talking about the ghost to people and maybe friends come by to experience the ghost, now the ghost is a celebrity, with more people tuning in and feeding it. Friends come to spend the night to see the ghost, and they feed the ghost their fear. Pretty soon, this ghost is a powerhouse, so it can produce even more impressive activity.

This becomes an endless cycle which strengthens the power of the ghost. Now the one person who first experienced the ghost and some of the other family members are so traumatized, that all they can think or worry about, is the next dreaded night in the house, with the dreaded ghost who, is now doing more and more serious activity, maybe now the ghost is touching them or moving objects etc.

Just like some living people form a relationship with their physical abusers, maybe someone in the house has now personified and attempted to communicate with the ghost. Now the ghost has it made, as the person is setting up a real line of communication with it, and feeding it even more thought form energy than ever before. Other spirits tune in to the power source and the energy and they show up to feed and add to the melee. Now there are more than one ghost who can pool their energies to create even more impressive displays to scare the pants off everyone.Now you have an infestation. Great!

By now the ghost who started out as a shadow or a bump in the night, is with a life of it's own that is maintained and fed by the very people who created it. This does happen.

Another alternative is a transient spirit who is looking for a fix, stops by and sees the opportunity and now they actually do have a problem. There are so many ways that a ghost can be raised up to become a formidable entity, akin to a demon by people themselves. I am writing this article, because I have seen these cases and worked these kinds of cases, and there is no resolving them, as the family themselves have to starve out and destroy the thing they have either created, attracted, or fed to the point where it is colossal.

Some food for thought, is what this article is, and here is some good advice for anyone who suspects a spirit haunting their home. DO NOT follow this pattern. Do not tell your kids about the ghost you saw or heard, and put them on the airway too. Do not feed the ghost your fear, and give it rise to celebrity by making it the topic of conversation every day with everyone. Realize that you have to fight spiritual energy with spiritual energy and no matter what your faith, if you take the path of actions described above, you are adding to the problem, maybe even creating it. Malevolent hauntings rely on paranormal hysteria, so don't buy into the hysteria.

There are those in the paranormal field who are followers of the Roman catholic faith who are extremists and consider everything and anything that haunts and causes impressive activity to be a demon. This is because their particular faith teaches this concept. Demons are a popular theme with this faith and also a very real fear. If demons were so common, the world would be over run with them and be in a very bad way. I do not advise anyone to jump to the worst possible conclusion with a haunting, in assuming it is a demon. Thinking about demons and dwelling on thoughts of them is not a good idea. In fact anything you dwell on you can attract, so why would anyone want to do that. Remember, that no one faith has all the answers and no one in this field or any other, knows for sure what the rules are in the next world, or this one for that matter. Get some rational help if you are haunted. Don't join in the hysteria, keep calm and stay rational.

If you have a ghost that is causing problems get real help from a reputable person. Do not attempt communication yourself, with tape recorders seances, ouija boards, etc. Do not romanticize the ghost by giving it a name and talking to it, and trying to "help" the ghost, it may not need your help just your fuel. Do not spread your fear to your kids, and to others. Don't live for two years with activity mounting and then call someone for help after you have created a monster, that you are actually fostering. You would be surprised how many people call me and then say, "Oh we don't want to get rid of the ghost, just make him stop hurting us, or scaring us." The ghost has become part of their reality to the point where it serves to feed some excitement into their lives, yet they are now having their lives turned upside down by it.

Those reading this who think they are haunted ,please also read the article "When should you panic?' It is in the drop down menu under the article heading in the header.

" If you change the way you look at things...the things you look at will change." Quote By Wayne Dyer


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