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Rationalizing with paranormal activity...

Rationalization of paranormal experiences

The most haunted place in the world is the human mind.

Anyone, when dealing with a haunting that upsets their household and their emotional peace of mind can become very distraught. They tend to dwell on the situation, and on the activity that takes place. By doing just that, they are keeping a constant open channel for a spirit, to not only maintain that emotional and mental link to them, but also to use that energy provided to manifest more disturbing, physical activity.

When a haunting is evident in a home, everyone is on edge. Even when nothing has happened for awhile, it is easy to lay awake at night watching that closet door, or listening for those unsettling footsteps on the stairs. This is human nature,but it sets the scene to keep the haunting going on. The more attention paid to the ghost, and the more intense reaction you give the ghost’s antics, the more it will act up.

Some bothersome spirits are truly malevolent but most are not. Most are just out to get your attention or the kick they get from scaring you, if they are so inclined. Some are territorial and consider your home to be their space, even though they have passed on. Some are even just relatives or friends that want to get some message across or let you know they are still around.

The best way to lessen activity is to try to focus your thoughts and your mind away from the haunting, and when activity does happen, limit your reaction to it. I know this is not easy most of the time, but a ghost that does not get your fear to feed on, runs out of steam very quickly. In reality, we are all spirits and we all have the same underlying energy that makes up what we are. You have to use your presence and your energy to face off with another spirit who is challenging you for your space, or trying to intimidate you, just as you would with a living antagonist. Calm, confident projection of strength and fearlessness will get you further in a haunting situation just as it would in any other situation where you are faced with an antagonist.

You know we see so many movies where ghosts are depicted as having all this power, to throw things around and manifest nightly in ways that are really spectacular and very frightening, but the average ghost just does not have that kind of energy to expend. Most hauntings, except for the most severe, usually are not quite as theatrical. Most times when real serious manifestations are occurring, involving physical activity, there are more than one spirit, pooling their energy, or some very scared person feeding that energy to the ghost. How do they give the spirit that energy? Through fear! When we are afraid our adrenalin pumps and out heart speeds up and our body gears up for a fight. This action also boots up our electrovital grid which has us putting off the exact kind of energy that is like high octane gas to a ghost. Another thing that people do, which I was mentioning earlier, is to give constant recognition to an entity by making it the topic of conversation all the time and giving it the press that it thrives on.

Many paranormal investigators, myself included use tape recorders to contact spirits.

This is done in a controlled environment, usually by folks who know what they are doing, for research and resolution purposes. For example when I start an evp session I give the spirit a line to talk to me and connect with me, not my client. I set myself up as the conduit. Now, when you take it upon yourself to set up that recorder and talk to your ghost, in your home, you are opening a door and extending a personal invitation to more activity and interaction. This is why you should not do this unless you are sure that you can handle the increase in activity that may follow. Sometimes spirits fixate on one person whom they want to establish an attachment to, and when you go out of your way to contact the spirit, you strengthen that fixation. This is why it is always good to get someone with experience to do this kind of investigation rather than trying to wing it on your own.

Recently, we had a case that had an infestation of spirits and we spent our time clearing the home and getting rid of the bad and aggressive spirits that were there causing trouble. One spirit remained, but it was a relative of the family. After we left the client decided to set up a recorder and talk to this spirit, as they had seen us do in the investigation. By doing this they opened the door again and unwittingly extended an open invitation to every ghost that happened by. Since this home is located atop a cemetery this was not a good idea. By doing this they could have undone everything we had just accomplished with the cleansing. Of course the voices they got on tape were not the relative but more, less desirable opportunistic spirits.

People see stuff on TV or see what a team does on an investigation and are tempted to try their hand at it themselves. It all seems easy and harmless but sometimes it does create more problems. Sometimes folks take tape recorders and go to a place where they suspect a ghost is or to a graveyard and then after establishing a line of contact, the spirit follows them home and now they have a problem. Because the paranormal is getting so much press these days and everyone wants to be a “ghosthunter”,this trend is actually partially responsible for the increase in hauntings that we have been seeing for a few years now. Spirits are not hard to find, they are everywhere, and many are more than happy to seize an opportunity to reconnect with this world and the people in it, and not always for good purposes.

So, before anyone enters into this field, you have to ask yourself some important questions. Here are a few that I think are worth consideration before you jump in with both feet:

Do you have any fear of the thing you are seeking? If so then you might want to rethink getting involved with it.

Do you actually know anything about the field, beyond what you see on TV?

Are you equipped to handle a spirit that follows you home or attaches itself to you?

What is your agenda? 

Are you just thrill seeking? Doing it because you think it might be fun or it might be fun to get scared or scare your buddies? Have you ever even experienced anything paranormal, where you know what to expect or how you may react?

Do you know a good spirit from a bad one? Do you have a strong faith or tried and true system to protect yourself from what you may encounter? 

Perhaps if more people considered their reasons for pursuing spirits, they might be able to better understand what they are getting into. Some people just want confirmation of life after death, some just want a thrilling experience, some want to expand scientific research into the phenomenon, and some want to attempt to contact a loved one that has passed. More often than not the people who have the most intense experience with the paranormal are the ones who never went looking for it, never asked for it and just happened for whatever reason to come into the path of an opportunistic spirit or a spirit who, for whatever reason singled them out to establish contact. This is how I myself got into this field, as a result of a serious haunting that spanned years of my childhood. I have learned a lot since then, as I made some mistakes along the way, that I see many people doing now. I always say there are no experts in this field, and I do not think you need a degree in parapsychology to pursue this field, but I do think a rational attitude and a good dose of common sense is required, in order to avoid problems for yourself and for others whom may be involved with your explorations into the unknown. Just remember, that which you court, you bring to your door eventually. So if you want to explore this phenomenon, learn all you can about it and then consider that everything we know or think we know, is still all based on supposition and theory. The entrance to the spirit world is the blankest of all blank walls right now, and we in reality do not know the parameters of what lies on the other side. Also before deciding to ghost hunt please make sure to also read this article:


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