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By Laurie Champion

Nowadays more people than ever before are out there beating the bushes and searching for Bigfoot. Some just want to see one, some want to become famous for getting that holy grail piece of evidence or film to prove they exist, some just want to study them for their own sake or because they think they can help them conservation wise, and others want to bring home a body, so they can become rich and famous. Whatever the goal with these folks one thing remains self evident: There is a very poisonous rivalry in this field.

Everyone wants to be one step ahead of the rest and no one wants to accept or validate anyone else’s evidence finds or theories. Why because humans are ego mongering creatures who think they are smarter and ahead of everything else out there with their technology at their side. Well maybe, but I doubt it. No amount of technology and gizmos is going to outwit centuries of instinct and the evolution of an almost psychic sense that the Bigfoot seems to have. This is surely a good thing or they would be extinct by now at the hands of human beings.

In a world where every creature has learned that mankind is the enemy of all he encounters, is it any wonder that one of the most intelligent and evolved of them all successfully avoids and eludes us? Seriously? Basically it comes down to this: A Bigfoot knows when someone is hunting is them. Their advanced and highly developed instincts and senses tell them everything they need to know. Whether it is a man on foot with a camera and a gun or a plastic stealth camera in the woods the BF knows it is there and avoids it quite well. Occasionally they just destroy the game camera and whatever else offends them.

Unfortunately for the Bigfoot seekers, the Bigfoot only seems to show itself to those who are not looking. Coincidence? I think not. Like the old saying “whatever you chase too desperately always eludes you.” Now more than ever the woods are full of Bigfoot seekers and I am sure that Bigfoot knows it. Hard as it may be to swallow for the human ego, this creature outclasses us in the sentient department. He is out there all the time in some places you would never think he would be, and watching us and learning more every day.

He can smell the plastic smell of our stealth cameras, and everything else we bring out into nature that does not exist in the natural world, without our presence. He can smell gun oil from a long ways away and knows who is armed. He also picks up energy signatures and knows who is hunting for him and who is just out hiking etc. This creature prefers to avoid us at all costs unless we come into his territory and he has nowhere to run. This seldom if ever happens because he is not stupid enough to get cornered. There are very few if any cases of this creature being aggressive to us or hurting humans. This, I fear, however may change soon.

With more and more development and more of this creature’s habitat being taken away by the ever greedy human species, he is being pushed into smaller and smaller quarters. Humans have pushed many animals and other primitive human species as well into the less favorable areas for habitation for centuries. Now we are at a critical point in this greedy habit. There will soon be hardly any wild places left where man has not tread and taken over. Now we are a bigger threat than before. Once they decide that we, “the enemy” have gone too far, they may decide to fight back. It has happened in some areas already.

Perhaps it is time for us to back off? Do we really need to study and dissect everything in order to decide if it is worthy of living space or protection? There is evidence of this creature’s existence already, and it is not a new discovery. People have been seeing and reporting this creature down through the ages and still do today. To me there is no doubt because I was blessed with the opportunity to see it. Then again I was not hunting it, at the time. I have studied it however in this area. One thing I can tell you is that once an area of habitation has been designated for development this species will destroy heavy equipment and try to resist the takeover of its space. Eventually it moves out, and it leaves as another area it once lived in, is taken away.

Proving the existence of this creature is a pointless goal because the Gov. has known about it for ages. To admit it exists would cause all kinds of problems political, moral, conservation wise, religious, scientific and legal for the powers that be in this country. We would have to rewrite way too many things if this happened. Not to mention the panic of the average citizen when they are informed of giant, manlike monsters living literally all around us in wooded areas.

In some places the Bigfoot does become a problem once people begin to encounter it too often. Intervention by the Gov. is taking place in areas where the creatures have become an inconvenience to development, or residential areas.

The earth is a big place, at least to us. We would like to think we own it, know everything about it, and have more of a right to all of its resources than any other species by virtue of our own inflated ego as human beings. This creature and many others are what remains of a still mysterious and wondrous world, where man just does not know everything, which is probably for the best, as the greed humans suffer from, makes us very unworthy.

While mankind, in all of his many religions and belief systems like to deem himself as God’s chosen creatures, made in God’s image, given dominion over everything, I think they all dead wrong. If God has a favorite creature, some chosen species that he loves and deems worthy over all others, it is more likely to be the Bigfoot. I say this because out of all the animals of the earth, that creator seems to keep the Bigfoot safe, especially from us. Remember, we are a species that it never even safe from “itself.” We prey upon even our own kind, everyday, everywhere, in every way. Just my opinion of course, born of observation of my fellow man.

We don’t need more Bigfoot hunters to find and save this creature from extinction We need more nature lovers, more forest protectors, more people who are truly awake and paying attention to the devastation we ourselves are causing, to our wildlife, our water, our air etc. We need more people who care about something other than just “people.” Those who know that we are not the center of the universe, nor should we be. We need men who care more about our dying world than themselves, their own notoriety, their own success, egos, and fulfilling their own needs, wants and wishes. Maybe then the Bigfoot will survive, thrive and one day …………………perhaps even consider us worthy of social interaction.