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Why so we often see ghosts and other paranormal things out of the corner of your eye?

 It has become a common theme for people to always see shadows, apparitions etc. out of the corner of their eye in their peripheral vision. Once we turn our head to look at it directly, whatever it was seems to be gone. This is very frustrating and confusing for most people. It has always been one of my curiosities and now we finally may have an answer to why this happens. I recently learned something very interesting that may shed some light on this mystery. We often hear about animals being able to see ghosts and such. Animals see in a different light spectrum than we do. Take for instance your dog, a dog uses rod cells for frontal vision. Dogs and cats can see into some of the infrared and ultra violet light range also. Humans use mostly cone cells for frontal vision but we do use rod cells for peripheral vision which allows us to see wavelengths of light into the ultraviolet range. Rod cell vision is also faster and allows us to see high speed, blinking and vacillating light sources and objects that we can see see in our frontal vision. This may explain why we see apparitions, etc. out of the corner of our eye in our peripheral vision. This of course is just a theory like so many others but it does make sense to me, so I am sharing it here.


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