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Spirit Attachments and clinging spirits...

 You may hear about a phenomenon called a spirit attachment which is usually listed on most paranormal pages as a specific kind of haunting. In all of my years of resolving hauntings I have learned a bit about this. First of all spirits do not truly attach to people in any physical way. They may continue to come around someone for some specific reason, but they do not just pick people at random to follow and interact with unless;

1.the spirit has an important personal message to relay,

2. The spirit has justified revenge to carry out

3. If the living person has allowed, or invited this attachment.

 It is even possible to invite an attachment sub-consciously or by our actions that we do not know are provoking or encouraging said attachment. Most spirits do not attach to someone for life. Usually if a spirit has a dire message to relay they may follow the person until the person catches on and seeks help from someone, that can allow that spirit to communicate that important message. Spirits will also come around people that are gifted or sensitive to them, as they know that in that case it is more likely that they will get the chance to communicate. Sometimes if desperate enough a spirit will zero in on someone who is very afraid of ghosts, knowing that they will seek help and perhaps the spirit will get their audience for communication. We all have our little guardian angel spirits and they are around a lot but even they may change during the course of your life. First let's look at how spirits may have been given the green light to cling to someone.

As I said earlier, sometimes we give them permission without even realizing it. When we dwell on thoughts of a deceased loved one and emit very high emotional energy concerning them, we can actually draw them to us. Whatever you court you bring to your door. With the new ghost hunting craze more and more people are wanting to have a paranormal experience. In that case the paranormal enthusiasts look for it, focus on it, invite or provoke it and then feed and maintain it. Another way that people wind up with habitual spirit visitation is to be very, very afraid of all things paranormal. When someone is phobic about anything it is on their mind all the time, and they send that thought out into the universe. Opportunistic spirits hear it and are attracted to that person as they know it is an easy mark for attention and the fear fix, if they are a malevolent spirit. Sometimes some people, when they do have a paranormal experience with a spirit, romanticize it and endear the spirit and thereby encourage that spirit to stick around. In reality we have more power than we realize over how spirits can and can not affect us. The problem is that most folks do not know that because TV, movies, books and some very inexperienced paranormal teams, and now the self proclaimed "demonologists" out there tend to encourage this fear and misconceptions. Our very culture tends to keep this fear and misguided notion alive and passes it on to every generation.

Another common form of spirit attachment we hear a lot about is the case of a spirit attaching itself to or inhabiting a material object. Now this whole idea gets overplayed way too much. Why would a spirit want to spend the afterlife following a material object here on earth? Doesn't that sound a little boring and pointless? A spirit is still a living entity, we do not die! That considered, how could they inhabit an inanimate object?

Most spirits by the time they get over to the other side know the pointlessness and transient value of material possessions, so the last thing they will do is follow their favorite chair or doll or what have you. Now I am sure that there are some spirits so shallow and regressive that they refuse to part with something here or there but eventually they will catch on. Usually when a haunting seems centered around an object there is more to it. Let's say that a spirit is upset because someone that they wanted to have their most prized necklace, was cheated out of it in the process of their will being executed. Now that spirit may haunt the person who took the necklace instead of giving it to who the deceased intended to have it. In this case it is not the necklace they are haunting, but revenge or their displeasure being conveyed by this action. When it comes to spirits supposedly following their possessions, there is usually a lot more to it. This phenomenon of spirits attaching to material objects usually only happens on TV programs, geared for entertainment.

  Many people come to me saying they have a spirit attachment but the majority of them don't. I think it can happen from time to time, but a true spirit attachment is a rare thing indeed. In many ways the dead are just like the living and if we put ourselves in their place and try to rationalize why we might do something, we may just achieve a greater understanding of how they think and act as well. Spirits are usually more interested in getting on with their afterlife, than staying glued to your hip to watch you live your earth life. With this subject as with all paranormal subjects, please do not jump to the first and most extreme conclusion, even if you heard it on TV, or on the internet. Learn as much as you can from as many sources as you can and then come up with your own rational conclusions, based on what makes real sense to you.


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