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SPIRIT ATTACK......when do you know it is real?

One thing people ask me all the time is if spirits can actually hurt you. Well even though I am always the first to down play fear, I have to be honest and say "Yes" spirits can hurt you if they truly desire to. This does not happen often at all though. Most spirits just do not have the desire nor the strength to pull this off. Usually when they do it is because they have pooled energy with other spirits to get the force to do so. Many people come to me all the time asking about mysterious scratches that appeared on their skin overnight, that they discovered upon waking in the morning. First of all we all scratch ourselves all the time in our sleep. That is exactly how I myself, managed to spread poison ivy all over my body a few years back. I was scratching in my sleep and then transferring the urishoil to other areas of my body. We all scratch in our sleep and we do it pretty much every night at some point. Now if we do it hard enough or we have a jagged nail etc. we will leave marks on our skin which seem unexplainable in the morning, but we did it to ourselves. People often say they could not have reached the spot where the scratches were. Again this is not true. Most people can reach every part of their body to scratch. When you have an itch you find a way, even in bed at night. You may not remember the next day. The same thing applies to bruises that show up in the morning as we sometimes also hurt ourselves in bed or even on the day before but the bruise does not show up til the next day.

Almost 90 percent of the time, scratches and bruises that show up in the morning are done by the person themselves or some object in the bed, a pet, an insect, a sand spur, a toenail, or an injury that happened earlier, etc. etc. This also happens because of some very strange medical conditions in some cases where welts, scratches and other skin anomalies just crop up. see this article for more on that:

Spirits that hurt people usually do it for the fear fix they get out of it.That fear energy is high octane fuel for a ghost. If a spirit wants to hurt you, they obviously also want you to make no mistake about what happened, so they will do it when you are wide awake and able to experience it to the fullest. I have witnessed and been the target of a spirit attack but I must say that scratches have never seemed to be a part of these attacks. The only time I see scratches being touted as spirit attack, is in movies, on overly dramatic paranormal TV shows, and of course I have heard it from many less than knowledgeable people who are scared and jumping to extreme conclusions. Now I will detail what I have seen and experienced as far as spirit attacks:

 1. Being hit as if by an invisible fist. Yes, this can happen and I have seen his happen to two people. This is a very rare thing and does not happen often and usually only: 1. with a spirit with a big issue with the victim, 2. a spirit that has been summoned by some ritualistic means, 3. is extremely angry 4. has been provoked.

2. Being pushed, pulled or tripped down the stairs.This is more common and I have experienced this myself more than once. I have also had several clients who claimed to have suffered this same type of thing. If you are having paranormal activity that seems hostile, never stand on a staircase unsupported or on the landing. Another thing to remember in a place where a bad spirit is known to attack is to never stand underneath anything that can come down on top of you, such as chandeliers, fixtures, etc.

3. Being hit or slapped. Most spirit attacks that take place with a direct touch injury such as these show very specific signs. For example the area will be red, raised and usually have small blisters much like a second degree burn. There are photos of this at this website in the latest case updates, as one of my team members suffered such an attack. This is something that you feel when it happens and not just marks that show up later with no explanation or experience to back them up. In other words if you get hit, you will feel it when it happens. It may feel like a hot match on your skin also. Often you will see the marks immediately when it happens. One of my team members at one of our cases, also received a puncture wound from a spirit attack one time. There was some kind of object used. The wound was severe. He felt it when it happened and saw the spirit that did it, right after the injury occurred.

4. Hair pulling is another common thing but you can not overlook natural possibilities such as getting hair caught on something such as a clothing item, a nearby object etc.

5. The bone chill. This is not so much an attack ,but often takes place when a spirit moves through someone or comes into contact with them physically for an extended few moments. The bone chill feels like you have 103 fever and produces violent shivering and teeth chatter and usually lasts for 5 to ten minutes.

6. The freeze touch: this is a touch on one part of your body that feels like someone opened the freezer door and directed that cold blast on your skin. This may be done accidentally but usually it is a direct unfriendly interaction.

For the most part spirit attack is very rare and most people who think they have been attacked truly were not. With the advent of many movies and TV shows people have gotten all kinds of ideas and had many fears instilled which make them tend to think they have been attacked by a spirit. Always look for a logical explanation first before assuming the worst. You stand about as much chance of spirit attack as you do of getting hit by lightning. Of course if you have done something really bad and have some avenging spirit after you then your chances increase for spirit attack. No evil deed truly goes unpunished and spirits often participate in dealing out such Karmic events.

Occasionally a truly angry and malevolent spirit will target an innocent and vulnerable person and attack that person. If you feel this is happening to you, do some research and find someone in the know to help you. In that case you need to find someone who does haunts resolution not just a ghost hunter. Ghost hunters are often attacked because spirits do not appreciate being harassed in any location by the thrill seeking ghost hunting types.