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Spirits and projection...............

Spirits and Projection

In decades of research I have learned many things. Some of them are quite bizarre. Truth be told, most people do not know just how many things spirits can create and the special effects they can cause you to experience. If you consider that most spirit interaction both with each other and with us, is on a purely telepathic or psychic level, then a whole new set of possibilities opens up for paranormal activity and interaction with the living. I am going to talk about some of the sensory experiences that spirits create for the living in this article. Let’s start with projection.

What is projection? It is when a spirit projects a memory of a smell or a sound or a voice or what have you directly to the minds of witnesses present. This phenomenon becomes readily observable when a tape recorder is running because the voice, sound, or whatever auditory experience that all the people present experienced does not come out on the tape. The comments made by the witnesses are there but the actual sound phenomenon is absent. This happens rarely but it does happen and when it does it leaves us scratching our heads in disbelief. How can a sound, that three or even five people heard, that was loud enough to startle everyone, not come out on the tape recorder?

Digital tape recorders are super sensitive and will pick up sounds from far away and at many different levels of hertz and decibels. But first let’s look at how digital recording works:

 In digital recording, audio signals picked up by a microphone or other transducer are converted into a stream numbers, representing the changes over time in air pressure for audio, then recorded to a storage device. To play back a digital sound recording, the numbers are retrieved and converted back into their original analog waveforms so that they can be heard through a speaker. All sound is caused by vibration. Certain sounds such as evps come in at a very strange rate of vibration. Several people may hear the evp and hear totally different things because of either their preconceived expectations, or with sounds above 2kHz, where the head and outer ear differences in people influence the response of the listener as well. Some sound is beyond our scope of hearing altogether. The recorder however can hear some things that even we cannot hear. Yet in certain paranormal research situations digital recorders can and do miss loud sounds that all the people present heard or think they heard with their own ears. This has to be happening one of two ways, either the recorder is being jammed by another high frequency which is masking the sound that is missing or the sound is being psychically projected to the people present, and therefore produced no sound vibration for the recorder to capture.

 I know spirits do this and I have even had evps that said things leading up to these experiences that made it clear they were about to do something to mess with us. I was with five of my team members coming out of a wooded area where we had gone in to record for a cryptozoological investigation. We had recorders running at all times. We were all startled by a loud growl, the sounds of something crashing through the brush and more growls, grunts and sounds that were loud enough that we felt the creature, whatever it was within about 30 feet of us. We vacated the area rapidly assuming maybe it was a bear, boar or the thing we came to study that was now angry and becoming territorial. The sounds did not come out on the digital recorders, none of them. Our reactions and comments were there but not the sounds we heard.

On another occasion we were outdoors in a rural area and we all heard a male voice that spoke clearly to us. That voice was not on the tape. Recently on another crypto trek we heard a large animal crash through the brush extremely close to us but were not able to catch a glimpse of it. It was as if it vanished into thin air after the ruckus. Again the sounds of this event, the brush crashing, were NOT on the tape. Our comments were and also there were evps that said things that led us to believe we were being set up and tricked by some spirit entities. There was even an evp that said “Watch this” right before the incident happened. So what is happening here when these loud sounds do not come out on the super sensitive recorders? One of my theories is that spirits do this the same way they create smells for us to experience. Since they can telepathically send things to us, I think all they have to do is experience the memory of this physical smell or sound and they can project it to us. Then we experience it as well. This is how so many people who are in haunting situations experience strange smells such as cigarette smoke, perfume flowers, sulfur etc. The sensory memory of the odor is projected to us for a time. They are not creating the scent; they are projecting it, from memory stores of past physical sensory experience. Or are they picking it out from our own memory stores? The phenomenon is common and easy it seems for entities to create. We are always learning and always being left with new questions in this work.