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Spirits and sexual attacks and or assaults, both on

 Spirits and sexual assault…….

 For centuries we have heard of ghosts allegedly sexually assaulting people. We even came up with names for such spirits such as incubus and succubus. This is 2016 and we have come a long way from our superstitious beginnings. In our modern world now this does not seem to be a common occurrence, as it was in days gone by, but people do occasionally report such things now and again, even now. I get reports of this kind a few times a year and mostly they are just people that are misinterpreting dreams as ghost activity or people who have medical conditions that produce confusing sensations they can mistake for a spirit attack. So does this claim of spirit sexual attack truly happen? 

Can spirits rape or molest living people? Well since spirits do not have a physical body that might prove to be hard for them to pull off. Spirits have to use energy to produce any sensation towards a living being. Energy for spirits is expensive in the fact that it takes a lot of it, to accomplish even subtle affects in our physical world. Yes spirits can hit you, push you, even burn you but can they have sex with you? In my opinion after 38 years of spirit study I say “no.” It would take far too much energy to complete a sex act with no physical body, and manage to produce such a heavy and prolonged sensation on a living person. Being in this field for 38 years now I am a firm believer in spirits but I am also a rational and avid follower of science. Since I have an understanding of energy, verses physical matter and mass, and how each manifest on the physical plane, I would have to say the odds are slim to none that a spirit can have physical sex.

Many people, who make claims of spirit sexual assault, from what I have observed, also seem to have mental or emotional disorders and some are even on medication already for those disorders. Many of them have suffered some extreme "real" physical or emotional trauma. Real sexual abuse is the most common trauma that produces delusions of spirit sexual attacks. This applies especially to children that make these claims. Toddlers in particular and kids up to the age of 7 or 8 seem to exhibit similar behaviors in the wake of real sexual abuse. They will often create imaginary friends, for different reasons. Usually, the real abuser makes threats and gives warnings about bad things that will happen, if the child tells anyone what the abuser did to them. The child needs to talk about the trauma but cannot talk to their parents or another authority figure because the abuser warned them NOT to, with threats of dire consequences if they do. So they create an imaginary friend to talk to about it and sometimes they also even create a boogey man type entity or ghost, to represent or replace the abuser. This way it helps them to deal with it through a safe fantasy rather than a scary reality.

Children project the identity of their abusers on imaginary scapegoats to avoid having to deal with the fact that someone they love is hurting them. They create imaginary people to talk to about their trauma as well. These are red flags to the trained eye of the psychology field, as more often than not, sexual abuse is real and not being inflicted by any ghost or spirit entity. This same rule can apply to other forms of abuse also. If a toddler who is let’s say 2 or 3, claims a spirit touched them in a bad place and when questioned can tell you about body parts and which ones touched them etc, then there is a good chance their molester is a live person and not a ghost. Most spirit interactions are transferred energy and not tactile like physical touch and most spirits cannot produce a physical body that can be touched and felt. Instead they produce sensation but the child will not be able to tell the source of that energy sensation as they would with a flesh and blood person. If you ask the child what the ghost used to touch them, and they say they don’t know, then a paranormal situation might be worth investigating. On the other hand, if the child is able to answer the question with say words like” he or her used his finger, or penis or mouth”, chances are their molester was a flesh and blood person. Adults in these situations sometimes rather than wanting to face the horror of a loved one molesting their child, will also buy into the ghost story and even develop a sympathetic delusion to support that theory rather than face reality that someone they love is doing this. Where children are concerned, any kind of claim of sexual abuse, improper touches etc. should be investigated to rule out a “real” live abuser. Children, especially toddlers know very little about sex or sex acts and so them being able to describe such usually means they have been introduced to it by an adult. Look deeper into the situation.

Adults, who have suffered sexual molestation or rape as children or even as adults, can and often do retain sexual abuse as their biggest fear or “Boogey man” so to speak. When paranormal activity takes place it scares them and also kicks in previous fear memories and issues, which can result in dreams of sexual assault or even false hallucinations of what they fear most. There are also adults who are given to nymphomania and other sexual disorders who, desire being father to the thought or hallucination will actually cause false experiences of sexual interaction with the alleged spirit.

 Since sexual assault is not a common claim with hauntings, it is still somewhat of a mystery to most researchers but I personally can only record what I have seen to be most evident from the research and findings in my own cases. Therefore it has become my personal opinion that most cases where sexual abuse or assault is claimed to be taking place in connection with a spirit haunt, are usually not a spirit attack at all but can be traced to other real present or past trauma. For these reasons I seldom buy into claims of spirit sexual attack. When it comes to these things, no stone should be left unturned and every rational, physical possibility should be exhausted before looking to a spirit rapist or predator. As the saying goes, “it is not the evil dead people that you need to be scared of, it’s the live ones.”


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