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Fighting spiritual energy with spiritual energy.

This article is meant to help people understand how to use their own spiritual energy to fight back in a situation where they are trying to defend themselves, or fend off a spirit. 

Due to the length of this article, I will present it in two parts.

Part one:

Just as the school bully chooses his victims by certain things coming off the other child that serve as signals of vulnerability, so does a malevolent spirit choose their victims, to terrorize. Your energy radiates all around you and is picked up by all sentient beings that are on the airway to observe and perceive it. By sentient beings I am referring not just to living people and animals on this plane but also to the still very much alive beings on the next plane who we consider to be passed away or crossed over.

A dog can sense fear coming off a person right away, as animals are still very in tune with this sentience and use it all the time. Animals in the wild need to rely on this faculty for survival. Human beings have this same faculty but we seldom use it nowadays in our modern world of technical and scientific progress. As children we are still very much in possession of this ability or mode of sentient and spiritual perception. As we get older most people gradually lose all but a fraction of this faculty. We replace this mode of perception by more physical and mental means of observation and assessment of our surroundings, and those life forms in our surroundings. So we now tend to limit our perceptions to what we can hear, see taste, touch etc. Not to mention what we are told by elders as to what is or is not possible or normal or real in their perception of the world as we have come to view it.

In essence, we are all made old the same stuff at our base level as sentient creatures, and that stuff is spiritual energy. You can call it prana,chi, electro magnetic energy or what have you but it is the same thing. This electro vital energy runs through a grid throughout the body and powers the brain, the heart and the nervous system. It is the reason we get shocked by static electricity when we touch metal, another person or what have you, on a cold, dry, day. It is real and ever present within us all the time. When our physical body passes we return to a pure state of that energy, with a much lighter ethereal body that is malleable and can change form.

The human being is a complex organism with a big brain that demands a lot of this energy to run all of it's complex circuits. Our bodies are dense and heavy and it takes even more energy for us to react and move those heavy bodies. In fact human beings require more of this energy than some animals twice our size, simply because of the demand to feed our big, complex brains and to maintain our bodies' great range of movement. Just as a complex digital camera burns through batteries in one third the time that the old 35 millimeters do, we burn through this energy, because complexity is energy consuming.

Now when you consider the high levels of energy we as humans demand, consume and have to replace and regenerate all the time, it just makes sense that after we pass and throw off this heavy body we would need less energy to function, in that disembodied state. In this state we are no longer organic matter that needs to consume organic matter for fuel, in addition to absorbing energy from our environment. Now we just absorb pure energy from our environment. Is this why many people seem to believe that a spirit has a higher energy level and is somehow superior to us in that capacity, for spiritual energy? Is that way of thinking correct? Perhaps not, and I will explain that in part two of this article.

Part Two:

A German scientists measured the energy of a living human being and compared it pared it to the energy of a spirit. The energy of a living human being, vibrates at 450 million angstroms per second, and a spirit at 350 million angstroms per second. It seems that we are wrong in our assumption that a ghost's energy vibrates at a higher rate than ours. But it makes sense, as we would need more energy to run this physical body, so we would need our motors to rev at a higher RPM than a ghost. Basically we are more charged up than a ghost most of the time. Yet we assume that spirits outclass us in this department. We and the disembodied spirits vibrate at different levels, but we have some advantages that they do not have, as they have some we do not have.

On one hand, because they have no physical body to feed, they are able to use all of their energy psychically. But they have to expend an enormous amount of energy to move physical matter. For example, we can grab a chair and slide it across the floor easily, but for a ghost to do that the ghost would have to expend energy stores that would be akin to what we expend running a marathon race. Spirits can focus their energy to the smallest and most precise point to create a pathway to affect us. They can see and hear us but in order to interact with us, they have to move their energy through a dense barrier. It would be sort of like one of us trying to swim through thick, dense, mud.

Now we as corporeal beings, who have to use a large expenditure of energy to run our physical body, would have less energy to focus psychically, right? Maybe, but consider that we have some advantages. For example, while a ghost absorbs energy from it's surroundings and needs time to recharge it's batteries, so to speak, we in a physical body have another advantage. Not only can we absorb energy from our environment, but we store fuel from consuming organic matter as well. But the best part is that, like a car , we have the ability to keep the supply steady, as we have an alternator to keep charging our battery. That alternator is the heart itself. Our body is always recharging, our batteries. When we exert ourselves our adrenaline kicks in and we increase the charge of that energy to meet the demand. A ghost cannot do this, so once they are out of steam, they have to spend time reabsorbing a new supply of energy to meet the demand for any big expenditure.

Where do they get it? They get it from all kinds of sources, but the best kind of energy for them to process, from us directly if we allow it. The way we allow it, is to let fear kick in. Fear kicks in that old Adrenalin rush that produces some high octane fuel for a ghost to absorb from us. Fear also creates a state that weakens our defenses to such an attack whereby a spirit can drain our energy and use it against us. This is because; in this fear state we actually start throwing off that energy to our surroundings and anything there that wants to suck it up. Fear adrenaline, overloads our systems in order to provide quick responses and reflexes for fight or flight, which is why our muscles tense and we tremble and sweat. This energy is meant to increase out strength, speed, reflexes and stamina, in the fight or flight mode. If we do not expend it right away, then the body can not contain the energy overload. If this energy is not used or expended the body starts throwing it off and into the ether. The ghost, by scaring us keeps that flow coming at a steady stream, which is to their advantage.

We also are capable of producing another kind of adrenaline which is more productive for us. The kind we produce during a state of excitement or physical exertion. This is a different kind of energy than the fear energy. It is more controlled, contained and focused. This energy boots up our grid in a different way that strengthens all our faculties and still allows for the concentration needed to focus our energy in any way we need it at the time. Some people might call this getting "Psyched up" for something. We can literally psyche ourselves up for any endeavor if we choose to. So how can all of this help us in a battle of psychic energy with a ghost? I'm getting to that...

First keep this in mind. When we are almost asleep , meditating or even just zoning out and daydreaming, we go down into an alpha state, which does something quite interesting. It takes our energy vibration down to 350 million angstroms per second which is the same as that of a spirit. This kind of puts us on the same wavelength and establishes a pathway to interaction. This is why most people often say they hear , see or feel spirits during this time when they are down in that alpha state. When we are still and quiet, our bodies kick down the draw on our energy supply so we do not need to produce such a high vibration, and go down to the same level as a ghost. This is a perfect state to communicate with a spirit if you are so inclined, and the spirit is not malevolent. But it is not the state we want to use when a malevolent spirit is about, as it leaves us too open to psychic attack. When we are trying to establish a defensive state we have to kick down our vibration level but still stay alert and focused enough to concentrate our energy. When we are still and relax the body that already leaves more energy available to focus psychically as we are not expending it physically.

When we stay calm, still, quiet and focused we too can direct our energy to a precise target. It is all about control and concentration of will. But how do we accomplish that control? Well for starters we have to eliminate most distractions especially those we pick up psychically from other people around us in any situation. If we are in a room with people who are afraid, we will pick up those emotions and energy vibrations, which is counterproductive. So we have to tune out anything other than our own thoughts. Reciting any mantra over and over in our minds can help to block out distractions, as it serves to focus our thoughts in one place. This will confound a spirit as well, as they read your thoughts through psychic means and this puts up a wall for them. Closing your eyes helps also as psychic energy does emanate and reenter from the eyes. The eyes really are the windows of the soul.

From this point you have to concentrate on gathering your energy up into a sort of fireball and then throwing it at your target, which in this case would be the ghost or spirit. Keep your eyes closed until you are ready to fire that ball at your target. Your focused, concentrated energy laced with defensive aggression, will not feed a ghost but will disrupt his or her own energy in a way that actually scatters it out in a disorganized mess that disassembles their grid for a moment, and forces them to retreat and recharge. Since you can accumulate yet another ball of that energy in seconds you can keep firing it at them, and eventually they will find it a losing battle, and hopefully withdraw to a less troublesome environment. Most discarnate human spirits will get tired of the fight and stop returning to the scene.

When dealing with non human entities of many kinds, the likes of which we do not even have a clue as to their origin or species of sorts, this method above may not always work though it does work well with human ghosts. Consider in any case that fear never really helps us in these situations for the reasons I stated earlier in the article. Not being afraid is a great place to start, with any entity. Methods of dealing with these other entities are still a grey area in many ways. We do not even know yet how to differentiate between spiritual entities, that we encounter that are not human ghosts. I do believe however, that all entities both corporeal and non corporeal originated from the same source energy, which I consider to be the creator of all things and that by appealing to that creator for help, we can stand against almost anything.