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We often think and talk about what happens after we die. It is something that we all ponder and that some of us fear death. Well I can not say exactly what the afterlife is but I have learned enough over the years by talking with spirits to draw the conclusion that we really don't know anything for sure about the world or worlds after we leave this one, when we die. We have our varied religious beliefs and ideas but in reality we simply do not know, and all is assumption or faith. The concept of Heaven and Hell seems far too simplified for me after talking to many spirits. I think there are possibly several realms for discarnate spirits and I also think that there is a fine line or veil that divides some of them. One thing I am sure of is that spirits for the most part are not trapped anywhere. They have free will just like you and I and are able to go where they please. Some might think they are trapped or decide to stay in a particular place but that is their decision. I once asked a spirit why he was here, on this plane talking to me on my recorder and he replied "Heaven!" Maybe heaven is truly a place on earth, but a place that might be different for different people? We just don't know. I had an evp from a spirit that was talking to another spirit, and she said" I paid my dead time, You....NEVER!" Now what could that mean?

The afterlife may very well be something very much like this life. In this life we do have restrictions placed upon us, when we break the laws of man, and I am sure there are restrictions for those that break the laws of God and or the next world. Many religious belief systems have very clear ideas about who goes to heaven and who goes to hell. I have seen enough evidence to question that "One or the other" theory. I truly think that the next life is also a learning process and that we work out our mistakes and our issues in the next life also.

Many belief systems claim that suicide is a sin and that people who kill themselves go to hell. I have talked to suicide spirits who are not in "hell" as we picture it. They are not usually too happy either, but they are sometimes, in the same place with some other spirits who did not commit suicide. So that makes me question the theory that all suicides go to hell. I do think that they do have to serve some pennants for throwing away the life God gave them. It is possible that they may have to stay on the earth plane, to work out some kind of lesson by having to watch others living the life they gave up, or maybe to watch the grief they caused to their loved ones. Perhaps they are given set tasks to accomplish to make up for what they did, we just don't know for sure.

I have recorded conversations between spirits that were very telling, as far as who was interacting and hanging out with who, on the next plane. I have witnessed troubled spirits and benevolent peaceful spirits interacting together. I have dealt with many a malevolent and angry spirit and many hostile spirits but strangely enough I have never run across the spirits of serial killers or truly monstrously evil types. Now you and I may have a different definition of what is monstrously evil. I have seen malevolent types who are angry or out for revenge and I have seen some very disturbed and crazy spirits who are still experiencing the desires and the issues they had in life, sometimes in a very aggressive way. But I have not seen spirits that want to kill people. Is this because those spirits really do get carted off to another place where they can not trouble the upright and really do get banished to the type pf hell we picture? Is there a sort of jail in the afterlife, that is far worse than any on this earth? I think that may be the case. If not, then the wicked souls who caused so much pain and trouble in this life would be doing the same from the other side, haunting and torturing the living as ghosts.

From my experience with hauntings, these extreme types just do not seem to be running amok. The average bad haunting is being done by very angry and maybe even malevolent spirits, but not by some Adolf Hitler type. Hauntings by these extreme evil souls seem to only be prevalent in the movies. The average haunting spirit seems to be some regular Joe, even if he or she may have not been the nicest person or had committed some sins, I don't see much of the "Ted Bundy" types of spirits running around.

I have not had contact with some people that I knew in life, and have not received contact from some others. Does this mean they went to different places? Perhaps. Some spirits come around once in a great while, like my grandmother has. Others are around much more often like my friend who passed away at a young age. My grandmother led a good, long life and was more spiritually at peace when she passed than my friend. She knew a lot more about life and the things that mattered and was a very moral and God loving person. My friend loved God, but had many issues with certain ideas and things that led him to his early demise. Is it possible that my grandmother went to a higher plane and only comes around for special occasions and at times when I need support, because she is more adjusted to her new world and has a higher station kind of job than my friend? Maybe she does not have as much to work out before going to some other level, where she does not feel the need to keep one foot constantly in this world? Perhaps. But I don't know for sure. We don't know "anything" for sure about the afterlife at this point.

I think that depending on where we were in our spiritual development, when we passed governs to a degree where we go and what our choices are, as to where we dwell in the afterlife. I think there is a plane where certain spirits go to finish up their spiritual evolution in order to go to the next stage, whatever that may be. Certain people think that we need to tell spirits who seem to be still hanging around here, to go to the light. This light, is a concept that we hold about the afterlife and how it works. There is no proof whatsoever that this light leads to Heaven, but possibly it is just a door or a transition to the next step. That next step may vary from person to person ,as I said before. I think that just like in this life spirits are given some choices as to what they do next. Some spirits may be close to this plane, still observing what goes on here, in order to learn the things that they missed along the way in their life here on earth, and to gain understanding about why these things were important. There are so many possibilities. Again, we don't really know do we?

You hear much talk about "spirit guides", which are supposed to be spirits that guide and watch over the living and that everyone has one of them. I think it is possible that some spirits take on this job, as a way of making brownie points and gaining advancement , by doing something they did not do enough in life, such as helping others? If spirit guides exist then I have two of them, as I have two spirits that guide me all the time to make better choices and to understand that which confuses me. One of them is someone I knew in life, and was very close to and the other I never met at all in this life. I think many spirits do influence and guide us at different times in our lifetimes through different trials. Maybe these are our Guardian angels that we muse about from time to time. There have been many reported incidents with spiritual intervention that saved people's lives, that might lend validation to the idea that our guardian angels are spirits of deceased human beings, sometimes loved ones that passed before us.

So many possibilities, in God's world, a world, that we still know very little about. Until God comes down here personally and answers these questions for us we will not know. All of our religious texts were written by living men, claiming to have been told many supposed truths by God. These religious doctrines are where we get our ideas about the afterlife as well. There are many religions in the world and each one of them, lays claim to having the only valid" truth." The following statements are not meant to discredit anyone's religious beliefs but only to convey my opinion on these matters.

  It is my personal opinion, that there is no one religion that contains all of the truth about everything. I believe that the creator and the world he created, is much more complex than we could ever fathom in this life. I think it is beyond our scope of comprehension to know and understand it all. I think life itself is a learning and growing process that does not end here with this life. I think that all living things have a soul or a spirit, and that they all are in constant spiritual evolution on some level. There may be many steps after this one, many new levels of incarnation on many different planes to follow. We just don't know , and to make concrete assumptions, may lead us to many surprises both pleasant and unpleasant when we cross into the next world. Until then, we are left to wonder, and try to get a piece of the puzzle here and there, to draw some possible, but not necessarily definite conclusions, about the afterlife. The only thing I can say, is that I have had more than enough evidence shown to me to know there is an "afterlife." We do live on beyond this life on earth.


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