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The Aftermath of a hostile haunting...

This section is here for our clients and other folks who have gone through a hostile haunting or any scary haunt experience. This page is here to explain some things and also to provide some reassurance for folks after a cleansing or spirit investigation and resolution has been done. We have found many of the things we will talk about on this page to be the usual aftermath of a haunting, even one that has been successfully cleared out. Now, a haunting is a very traumatic event for a family or an individual to go through sometimes. Like many other life traumas it leaves it's scars and it's imprint on the once peaceful canvas of our everyday lives. Most hauntings can be resolved and are resolved after a cleansing or a negotiation takes place, but we often find that clients tend to experience typical things even after the haunting is over. For example:

Many people will call me after a case has been resolved and say to me" I think the spirit is still here because I can feel it." Now, after a traumatic experience like a bad haunt, a person is still on edge and still afraid that the entity will return, or never left. In that case, they may be imagining that they feel the entity's presence, when in reality they are feeling the remnants of their own fear. Also, keep in mind that spirits are all around us and that just because you might actually sense one, does not mean it is the bad one that was there before. It might even be a relative or loved one come to watch over you in the after math of the bad haunting.Usually I get a second call from the client a day later saying that they realized that everything is fine but they were just being paranoid. Some folks are so afraid that the spirit will come back, that they experience normal things in a way that might convince them of just that...their worst fear.

I can not even tell you how many calls I have received where someone says to me, "I have a demon in my house, I know it is a demon, I can feel it."

Then we arrive and investigate and find the person's friend or relative spirit there who just wanted to communicate something important. But the person felt it was a demon, or evil spirit, because they were "AFRAID!" 

The same thing happens with people in the aftermath of hauntings. The fear takes a while to get over. You can not let your imagination get the best of you and turn every shadow and noise into the "ghost come to haunt you again."

I recently got a call from a client whose home we had cleansed a while back saying that she thought the spirit was back. This was because she got a static filled phone call on her cell where she thought she heard a voice that sounded far away and kind of scary: She said" It sounds like a spirit trying to come through on the phone!" Now if she had never had been through a haunting she might have just considered the static call to be one of the many many normal mishaps associated with the cell phones and the crossed signals of such right? But now since she has been traumatized and scared by the haunting, the call must be spirit related? Wrong!

Don't fall into this syndrome folks. Put the haunting in the past until something truly impressive takes place that might actually be something to worry about.

It is very normal to feel this way after you have been through something like this. Your feelings however may not be real, but just born of fear and worry. It might also be that you do not believe that the entity has been eradicated, and that you are safe because the cleansing was not like the things you see on TV. The things you see on TV are usually just not valid folks. Stop watching TV if you are going to believe everything you hear and then base your life on it. Also if you are someone with an interest in the paranormal , always delving into that stuff , give it a rest after a bad haunting. If you continue to seek out that stuff ,you may invite another response from the spirit world, which will put you right back where you started.

There is an old saying that applies quite well here with this situation: it goes like this...

" A cat bitten once by a snake, now fears even rope." This is so true in the case of someone that as been through anything scary or traumatic, such that now anything and everything is suspect, and reawakens that fear and that thought pattern. So take a deep breath and really consider whatever you are experiencing and rationalize it before you convince yourself that a haunting has resumed.


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